If you are greedy for three things, you will be busy in vain.

If you are greedy for three things, you will be busy in vain.

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reasonable desire is pursuit;

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excessive desire is greed!


once desire is excessive and greed becomes natural,

will lose character and do wrong things.


doesn't want to see the scenery above?


doesn't want a better future?

the road is all done by oneself,

all things are done by oneself,

instead of covetous others, means;

nor does it rely on speculation and tricks.

Don't be greedy for these three things in your whole life!


be greedy for bargains, deceive your conscience for profit

envy what others have,

calculate what is in the hands of others.

there is always a kind of person in this world,

do everything for money,

have no bottom line, lose character,

regard sincerity as a child's play,

use emotion as a tool!

excessive greed, insatiable greed;

bite the hand that feeds you, and there is no bottom line.

such people, who only have money in their hearts, always want to take advantage, and will be isolated and alienated sooner or later!

greedy for fame, eager for quick success

some people like rest and hate work,

do things for quick success and quick profit.

greed for a good name, no good goods,

impetuous things, false human beings.

people value face,

boast in the mouth,

have no ability in practice.

bluff, exaggerate,

to seek fame, there is no bottom line.

such people,

grandiose is not true, impetuous is not practical,

it is difficult to succeed in anything!

lust for comfort, be afraid of hardship and tiredness and refuse to pay

who doesn't want to stay in the comfort zone?

who doesn't like an easy life?

but the reality is that

does not know how to work, there is no fruit;

does not give, no harvest.

the more you are afraid of suffering and tiredness, the more you suffer!

people like

become more and more decadent and have no good future.

people like

do not want to make progress and are gluttonous and lazy. People like

will regret it one day.



this life is the cycle of cause and effect.

when you give, you will be rewarded.

if you have a good heart, you will be blessed.


No matter when, the result will not accompany you to act!

A good relationship, set up a stage for each other, not greed for money;

A good future, pave your own way, there are no shortcuts.

learn to cultivate yourself deeply,

everything comes naturally,

do not take advantage, life will not treat you badly;

is not afraid of hardship, there will always be good luck in the future!