If you are tired, live in a different way

If you are tired, live in a different way

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in life, we often hear people complain about the unfairness of fate and the tiredness of life.

alive, really tired, with all kinds of troubles.

but most of the time, complaining is pointless.

there is a saying: "Thirty years in a flash, sixty autumn recall a moment."

Life is only a few decades, fleeting, what is worth wasting time to hurt spring and autumn?

as the saying goes, circumstances change with your heart, and your state of mind determines your state.

if you are tired, live in a different way.


one road, if you can't get through, turn

the road of life is not unimpeded, and there will always be insurmountable ups and downs that hinder you from moving forward.

most of the time, not hitting the wall and not looking back will only make your head bleed.

when you encounter an impassable road, why not turn around and give it a try?

I have read a short story:

once upon a time, there was a farmer whose family lived at the foot of a mountain and depended on herding cattle for a living. He often went to the market to sell beef and milk.

where their home is located, there are two roads to the market: one is right in front of the house, which gives you direct access to the market, which takes less time, but there is a boulder in the middle of the road, hindering the passage;

the other rear of the home, from this road to the market, it takes a lot of detour, which takes more than ten hours.

the farmer always goes to the market behind his home, but every day, he wastes too much time on the way.

so the farmer decided to move the boulder with his son.

one day my son was tired and complained, "Why are we moving this stone?"

the farmer said helplessly, "what can I do if I don't remove it?"

the son said, "wouldn't it be better for us to move to the boulder? it's much easier than moving the stone here."

when the farmer heard this, he suddenly woke up and moved his family to a place close to the bazaar and lived a convenient life ever since.

there is a good saying:

you should know that there are thousands of roads in life, and there will always be one you can walk through, and there is no need for one to go black.

when you come to the end of the road, you might as well learn to turn a corner and there may be another village.

turning is not to give up, but to find a way that is more suitable for you and better to move forward.


if you can't stay in a relationship, just follow the fate

in this world, no one can stay with you all your life.

as the saying goes:

Life is a train, there are many intersections on the road, some people get on the bus, some people get off, and no one can accompany you through the whole journey.

people gather and break up in this life, some people come, some people will leave, although there will be reluctant to give up, but it is inevitable. Once, I saw a conversation like this.

A mother and daughter are walking by the seaside. The daughter is unhappy that her friend is about to transfer to another school and is leaving her.

the mother comforted her daughter and said, "Don't be too sad, you will meet new friends in the future."

my daughter said, "but I can't help but feel sad when I think of losing a friend."

Mother said: "the relationship between people is actually like sand in your hand."

she guides her daughter to grab a handful of sand and hold it in the palm of her hand. The more she tries to hold on to the sand, the more sand will be lost in her fingers.

and when the daughter opens her palm, the sand stays firmly in the palm of her hand instead of slipping away.

the mother explained to her confused daughter:

"there will be countless encounters in this life." Your relationship with those people is like this mass of sand in your hand.

the tighter you hold it, the faster it loses, and if you spread it out, it will always stop there. "

it is useless to insist on fate.

you know, God has a plan for who you will meet and who you will miss in your life.

all we can do is to do our best to obey our destiny.

those who are predestined can not be separated even if they are thousands of miles apart, and those who are not predestined can not stay close at hand.

when a relationship comes to a fork in the road, when you can't stay, choose to let go, go with the fate, and believe that everything is the best arrangement.

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one thing, if you can't figure it out, forget

there are often a lot of things in life that you can't see through and can't figure out.

since you can't figure it out, you might as well learn to put it down and forget it.

most of the time, if you care too much about the results and struggle with things you can't figure out, you will only get yourself into pain in the end.

Life is too short. Don't waste your good time on things that cannot be changed.

Why not forget all the things that bother you and make life easier?

such a short story is recorded in Zhuangzi.

my shoulder asked Sun Shuao, "you have served Yin three times, but you have not shown a look of joy." Later, you were dismissed three times, also did not show a sad look, always so comfortable. What exactly do you think in your heart? "

Sun Shuao replied, "I think the official and the salary will come, and there is no need to refuse; let it go, and there is no need to stop it." The gains and losses of officials and salaries do not come from my own. I don't have to worry about it even if I lose it. Why rest assured? "

I quite agree with what Wong Kar-wai said:

"the biggest annoyance of people is that they have a good memory.

if you can forget everything, in the futureEvery day is a new beginning, how happy it should be. "

A lot of things, you really don't have to worry too much, just let bygones be bygones.

whether you gain or lose, it will eventually become a thing of the past.

entanglement is just a struggle with yourself, adding to your troubles and worries, so you might as well forget it.

only when we look down on everything and forget the past, can we really take the tiredness off our shoulders and feel at ease. I like a sentence very much:

although there are many unsatisfactory things in life, life still has to go on.

when you feel very tired, you might as well face it from a different angle and from a different state of mind.

those who can't get through, turn a corner;

those who can't stay, let nature take its course;

forget those things that don't make sense.

although the journey of life is full of ups and downs, there is no difficulty in this world. If you go all the way forward, you will eventually encounter a better scenery.

May you not fear the future, forget the past, and calmly spend the rest of your life.