If you don't agree with each other, you will never be the same person.

If you don't agree with each other, you will never be the same person.

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people often say that the values are different and there is no need to go together.

people with different values, suffering and suffering, do not understand, do not support, not on the same channel, your sadness he scoffs, your joy he disdain;

and get along with people with the same values, feel at ease, chat without too much attention, and do things without too much restraint.

the ancients said: different ways do not conspire with each other.

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Life is short and energy is limited. To see whether the three values agree with each other, it depends on whether we can talk for a long time, get along with each other, and make concessions to each other.


We never get tired of talking for a long time

people will be reunited and separated. Separation and reunion is common, and it is fate to be able to come together, but it is rare to be able to come to the end.

people are the best when they first get to know each other, hypocritical and warm, fresh and romantic.

and those who can stay with us for a long time are often those who know you and tolerate you, and they will not be estranged because they are too tired one day.

when you complain to him, he will not take it as a complaint;

when you talk about the wind and moon, he will not be sour;  he is diligent and frugal, and you will not be his iron rooster;

you are always on the same frequency. You can understand what he says, and he can give you the warmth you want.

everything is not deliberate, naturally, naturally, people who can really talk to each other do not need a thousand words, often with only one look, they can understand each other.

as the saying goes, "it is less than a thousand glasses for a bosom friend, but more than a word without speculation."

Life is long. Whether you are a friend or a lover, find a suitable person to accompany you.


not tired of getting along

in life, many families are full of quarrels, often with different values.

couples with different values will only bring harm to both sides.

wife is a typical desperate Saburo personality. She strives for the first place no matter what. When she is married, she still insists on studying and travels around for a long time, resulting in less and less time at home.

and the husband likes to be comfortable. He thinks that nothing needs to be taken too seriously, and complains that the wife does not care enough about the family.

the wife thinks that she can give all her love to her children, but the husband feels that the policy has been liberalized. I'm going to have a boy and a girl.

the husband doesn't like to go shopping with his wife, and the wife doesn't like staying at home.

at the beginning, the wife still defended a few words, for a long time, after listening to too many complaints, then silent.

at last, they separated.

what kind of husband and wife are the most tired?

people with different values are really tired, do not understand, do not support, if they are not willing to compromise, they are totally consuming each other.

and couples with the same values, even if they are sparse in clothing and food, and watch and help each other, they can go to a well-off society together. Matching values will make couples more and more in tune with each other.

when you meet the right person, the husband is the gentle man who takes care of the family, and the wife is the bright and hot wife.

unfortunately, the differences in the three values not only make them tired from each other, but also greatly reduce their character in each other's eyes.

and the emotion that is not tired for a long time is that when two people are together, they can recover into the most indifferent themselves, and they agree with each other without guessing uneasiness.

they get along, feel free, cry when they are sad, laugh when they are happy, not submissive, not secretive, and can face all the ups and downs together.


give way to each other

family affection, love or even friendship, compromise with each other, is the true feeling.

there is a poem in the Tang Dynasty:

put green seedlings all over the field, bow your head and see the sky in the water.

the pure mind is the Tao, and retrogression is forward.

Peasants transplant rice seedlings and retreat at the same time. When there is no way to return, the seedlings are also planted.

the same is true of people and doing things.

appropriate retrogression, seemingly retrogression, but actually retreat into progress.

those who know how to compromise leave love to tolerance and change.

it's like two hedgehogs snuggling together, too close, painful, too far away, and very cold. Only when both of them pull out some thorns, it won't hurt or cold.

there are thousands of reasons to leave, but there is only one reason to stay, that is, "love".

A step back is also a way to make way for love.

to get along with each other, we need to make concessions in order to go further; feelings need to be tolerant of each other in order to bear beautiful fruit.


three thousand friends is not as good as a bosom friend; ten thousand people walk together, it is not as good as one to love you.

Haihai life, find someone who knows you are warm and cold, understands your joys and sorrows, and works together for the rest of your life to share your white head with affection.

the same path can work together, bosom friends can trust each other, and different values will never be the same person.