If you don't want to raise a white-eyed wolf, you must let the child endure these six kinds of suffering.

If you don't want to raise a white-eyed wolf, you must let the child endure these six kinds of suffering.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Rousseau once said:

do you know how to make your child an unfortunate person?

that means being obedient to him. "

it is true.

the child is reluctant to bear hardships now, but he will suffer for the rest of his life in the future.

True love is not to give him a protective shield, but to teach him to be prepared for the storm.

parents with foresight will certainly let their children suffer these six kinds of hardships.


the bitterness of reading

background readers ask:

in my opinion, the hardship of reading is temporary, but the bitterness of life is life-long.

Don't bear hardships at the age when you can bear hardships, but when you get old, you have to bear the double punishment of life.

when I was a student, at four or five o'clock in the morning, I saw a classmate in the class memorizing history under the dim street lamp at the door of the canteen. I also saw several students in Internet cafes who stepped on the bell all night before entering the classroom.

the older generation often says that there is a fixed number of hardships and blessings in one's life.

when he is young, he is ignorant and ignorant, but he is already a party when he knows it.

Reading may not be the only way out in life, but hard work is the fairest and most spacious way.

maybe now there are endless words to memorize, endless exercises to brush, three shifts and five shifts, and study hard day and night.

but what is this so-called pain compared to the stress of life?

the starry sky does not ask the passers-by, time does not fail those who set their minds to it.

all you can do is take steady steps and move forward step by step.

you raise your feet now, and the whole mountain will be under your feet in the future.

parents who really have a pattern are willing to let their children suffer from school.

as a writer once said:

tell children that when they are not talented enough to support their ambitions, study hard first.

the sweat that has flowed through the struggle will eventually become the ladder for you to step onto the natural cutting.


the pain of labor

there is a farmer who makes his children work hard on the farm every day.

A friend said to him:

the farmer said to his friend:

but it is undeniable that few parents have such consciousness.

they always say to their children, don't worry about anything at home, just study hard.

as a result, when the children grow up, they can't even tell the difference between oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea, and even don't bother to help when they see the oil bottle pour.

No one knows that only by experiencing the difficulty of life can one really know how to cherish life.

many people grow up to look like they don't like because they are broken from their roots when they are young.

people are destined to taste all kinds of things in the world from the moment they come to the world in the sound of crying.

those who know how to bear hardships will know what contentment is; those who know how to give will know what growth is.

whether you want to be bitter before sweet or sweet before bitter, it all depends on your current choice.

only through one's own efforts can one gain dignity and realize the value of life.


the bitterness of self-reliance

Last year, a video entitled "the world is bigger than a plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes" went viral on moments.

A son studying abroad wants to make scrambled eggs with tomatoes for his friends. Wechat asked his mother how to do it. The parents immediately got up to demonstrate step by step when they received help.

many netizens cried after watching it, but some people said that they would not check Baidu for a bowl of scrambled eggs with tomatoes to wake up their jet lag parents halfway around the world.

now think about it, isn't it the excessive indulgence of parents that causes the situation today?

when a child is around, he is not taught to be independent. In the future, when he goes into society, he will have to suffer more from "not being independent".

parents should understand one truth: it is better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish.

Let go and let them run on their own, instead of blocking all the wind and rain for their children.

know that once a person loses his independence, he will lose his mind, attach himself to others, and lose himself.

when I was a child, I could not stand on my own feet, and when I was an adult, I could not bear the burden of family and society.

only by letting them learn to be responsible for themselves early can they have the capital to settle down and their parents can grow old at ease.



two days ago, two bear children rushed into a hot search because of a "feat"-breaking the labels of 14 luxury cars in the community.

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when the father heard the news, he immediately criticized the child, asked the two brothers to kneel, sent the photo to the owner group to apologize, and said that they would pay compensation one by one.

I can't help but like the father. Children should never protect themselves when they have made mistakes. They should be criticized and disciplined without ambiguity.

but there are some parents who, knowing that their children are in trouble, say that their children are young and ignorant, so what do they care about with their children?

such parents seem to love their children, but in fact they are harming him.

as the old saying goes, if there is more than a little evil, a great evil will come; a great evil will come to a great disaster.

everyone is born with a blank sheet of paper, and their parents are both painters. They can tell right from wrong when they are young, and are willing to let them suffer from criticism. When they grow up, they will hand over a satisfactory painting.

but as a means of family education, the purpose of criticism is not to suppress children's nature, but to urge them to grow up.

Children have made mistakes in principle. Don't muddle along. Parents should lead by example.

questions at the momentSolve the problem now, never let bygones be bygones;

make children feel loved in the process of criticism, rather than the catharsis of parents' bad feelings.

just like the crops in the field, they should not only enjoy the sunshine and rain of nature, but also be tested by wind, rain and lightning, so as to be fruitful.


the suffering of failure

nine times out of ten, winning or losing is a common occurrence, and winning or losing is even more normal in life.

students will fail in exams and failures in promotion after work. The taste of failure is bitter, but the life that can't get up is even more bitter.

I have seen a piece of news before about a fourth-grade pupil who went on a hunger strike because he lost the election for monitor.

anxious parents and schools go to a psychiatrist to untie the knot.

it is not a bad thing for children to have too much self-esteem, but it is good to grasp the "degree".

how long the road of life is, if a little setback is so fragile, how can it be based on the society in the future?

parents with patterns do not blindly teach their children how to succeed, but how to deal with failure.

when a child encounters a setback, he might as well give him a psychological hint:

only by letting the child face every small hurdle in life will he rise abruptly based on his accumulated strength and fight back.

along the way, there are many people ahead of you, but the real winner is the one who comes to the end.

when it looks like it's hard, it's already going uphill.


the bitterness of separation

have you ever found that people grow up in separation again and again all their lives?

when you go out to study, it's hard to stay away from your parents; it's hard to learn something, but it's hard to leave campus; it's also hard to lose love when you feel frustrated.

each separate "bitterness" is a heartbreaking pain.

but it is these pains that make today's indestructible armor.

on the road of life, no one can always accompany us. We always have to face the ups and downs along the way.

the so-called father and daughter mother and son, but time and again watched him walk away, he silently told you with his back: no need to chase.

separate, but also for a better encounter next time.

the beloved son of parents is far-reaching.

only when he is taught to reconcile with the unpleasantness of life can he really grow up.

Life is all about working for happiness, but to get true happiness, you must be able to bear hardships, dare to endure hardships, and not afraid of hardships.

there is no smooth road ahead.

as a parent, if he is "cruel" to his child today, his life will be more complete tomorrow.