If you don't want to work, please settle three accounts for the rest of your life.

If you don't want to work, please settle three accounts for the rest of your life.

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recently, a word called "philosophy of touching fish" is very popular on the Internet.

as the name implies, if you don't work well, you always want to be lazy, or you don't work hard in group activities.

and this "philosophy" is so popular that many people always want to touch the fish, don't go to work well, and often want to quit their jobs.

but do you really have the capital not to go to work?

when you don't want to work, you might as well calculate these three accounts first to see if you have the capital not to work.


the account for raising a child

ask you a question: have you calculated how much it will cost to raise a child?

two days ago, I was surprised to see a picture on the Internet.

according to statistics, the cost of raising a child is 623000 to 1.978 million.

many people who have never raised children may wonder why they need so much money.

but in real life, the cost of raising children may be higher than this statistic.

as far as my friends and colleagues are concerned, they spend much more on educating their children.

I have a friend who spends about 100000 yuan a year on tutoring classes and interest classes alone.

once the child wanted to attend a summer camp, which cost 20,000 yuan. Although he was a little unhappy, he finally gritted his teeth and asked the child to attend.

the reason is extremely simple. Friends said that when they came back from the summer camp, students would definitely talk about the summer camp for a while. When their children did not attend, they could not get a word in and could only keep silent as if they had done something wrong.

it is not so much what the child has done wrong as the incompetence of the parent.

maybe you will accuse your friend of making his face swollen and fat, but vice versa, isn't it true?

parents will give as much as they need in their children's education, even if they stay up late and work overtime for a month.

nothing can be poor in education, no matter how much money can be spent on education.

everyone is familiar with the article "I still can't afford a summer vacation with a monthly salary of 30,000 yuan".

the article is about a mother who is an executive with a monthly salary of 30,000 yuan, which is not enough for her child to spend a summer vacation.

before, I also thought that it was not necessary for parents to keep up with the comparisons in educating their children. They should make more efforts as much as they could.

but then I found out that this is not the case. When other children are struggling to run forward, and your children are far behind others, I will inevitably panic.

if the child is left behind at the beginning, it may be useless no matter how hard to catch up in the future.

moreover, whether the child has been nurtured by art or seen the outside world, the vision and pattern are really completely different.

you think that education is fighting for children, but actually it is fighting for parents.

the future of children is not only the struggle of individuals, but also the efforts of parents.

the harder parents work, the more resources they can accumulate, so that their children can get better resources to see the wider world.

when you don't want to work, you might as well think about your current savings, whether you can give your children a high-quality education, support them to go to a farther world and stand on a bigger stage.

if you can't, you'd better work honestly to make money. The less you work, the more hopeless your child will be.


Health account

just this morning, I got up and opened Wechat moments and saw several students forwarding the same crowdfunding link.

the sponsor is a familiar and unfamiliar name. It took me a long time to remember that he was a classmate of mine in high school.

the cause is that his father has a very serious illness, which has cost more than 300,000 yuan before and after treatment and is heavily in debt.

in the face of the cost of later treatment, there is really nothing I can do, so I have no choice but to ask for 150000 crowdfunding.

although I haven't been in touch for many years, I have donated some money and have done my best to hope that he can tide over this difficulty.

the moment I finished donating money, I was a little silent and suddenly a little scared.

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I can't imagine how he will face the rest of his life, and I'm afraid that such misfortune will befall me at any time.

some people say:

just one disease is enough to destroy our efforts over the years, making an ordinary family ravaged and shaky at any time in the wind and rain.

anyone who has been to the hospital knows that as long as you do a few tests casually, you will lose your salary for several days.

the speed of spending money in the hospital is much faster than the average person's rate of making money.

if it is a serious illness, the cost is unimaginable to ordinary people.

Yan Hongwei, a university teacher in the documentary "the World", graduated with a doctorate, fell in love with her husband for 10 years, got married, bought a house, had children, and the good life is slowly unfolding.

but at the age of 33, she was accidentally diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.

in order to treat her illness, she went to Hong Kong to buy "targeted drugs" that were more expensive than gold.

in order to fight for a treatment plan, she and her husband went to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in the United States to see a doctor.

but failed to save life in the end.

how much money Yan Hongwei spent before and after treatment can be seen at a glance from her crowdfunding.

Water drop raised more than 1 million yuan, sold the house, and spent 4 million on follow-up treatment alone.

to be honest, the cost of this treatment is far from what the average person can afford.

when faced with such an expensive treatment, ordinary people may only be able toThere is no other way to wash one's face with tears.

there is a hot topic on Zhihu: how many days do you have enough money to stay in the ICU ward?

Wang Hao, an intensive care physician at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, gave a professional answer:

generally speaking, if the average level of illness is serious, 10, 000 a day;

is very serious, 20, 000 a day;

the condition is extremely serious, and he is admitted to an ICU that can provide the highest level of treatment, 30, 000 a day. "

even if it is a general illness, the cost of just one day is enough to cover the average office worker's salary for several months.

when you don't want to go to work, you might as well calculate how many days your savings will last if your family gets sick.

as long as you earn enough money, you will have the ultimate sense of security so that your family can lead a down-to-earth life.


Pension account

in the early years, the vice president of a technology company in Beijing wrote an article entitled "Old-age Slave, giving out of ammunition" hit the moments, which is still shocking after reading it.

when the author chose a nursing home for his mother, he was shocked to see the cost.

"when I started looking up information about nursing homes on the Internet, I found that in first-tier cities, public beds are limited, and private fees may not be expensive to queue up for several years. Bed fee + meal fee + nursing fee, starting at 6000 yuan. Medical expenses are calculated separately.

A pension apartment with an international cooperation background is as high as 10,000 yuan, which is 10 times that of my mother's pension. "

this is not alarmism.

A private nursing home in Shanghai that only accepts disabled and semi-disabled elderly costs between 8000 yuan and 10,000 yuan per person per month, but this has exceeded the pension or pension of the vast majority of the elderly.

as the saying goes, the problem that can be solved with money is not a problem, but what most of us lack is money.

Ant Financial Services Group and Fidelity International jointly released the Survey report on the Prospect of providing for the aged in China in 2019. According to the

report, 50050 respondents believe that each person needs at least 1.54 million of his or her pension cash savings to live a comfortable retirement life.

the target savings of the younger generation is slightly higher, thinking that it needs 1.57 million.

if a person does not save enough pension funds before retirement, he will suffer a lot in his old age.

it's okay to have a little bitterness when you are young. After all, you still have a strong body and the bitterness of old age. That is the real bitterness.

A long time ago, I read a book called "bankruptcy after Old Age", which focused on the elderly group and made people very frightened.

A housewife in her 50s takes care of her father-in-law and mother-in-law, but when she is old, she has no children to take care of her, nor does she save up for the elderly. She is particularly afraid that she can only die alone at home.

A housewife in her 50s takes care of her father-in-law and mother-in-law, but when she is old, she has no children to take care of her, nor does she have any savings in an elderly home.

the owner of the pet shop closed the shop and concentrated on caring for her seriously ill old mother. after her mother died, she could no longer go out to work, so she had to sell her house to make ends meet.

when he was supposed to enjoy his twilight years, he was still working hard with silver hair, just to survive.

I have heard such a saying:

"people have two ways to go: one must go, the other wants to go.

you must take the road you must go beautifully before you can take the road you want to go. "

if you don't work hard to make money when you are young, when you are old, you have to work hard to make money for your old age. This is really sad.

when one is old, one is still suffering for a living. There is no dignity in such an old age.

at that time, the word longevity will change from a lucky thing to a heavy burden.

there is a good saying: "your parents' happiness in their old age is hidden in the way you work hard."

similarly, if you suffer enough when you are young, you may be able to avoid suffering when you are old.

Don't be hypocritical and make more money while you are young. Retirement is really expensive.


Oscar Wilde said a classic saying:

when he was a teenager, he thought it was vulgar to talk about money, but when he became an adult, he found that it was fatal to have no money.

money may not bring laughter, but lack of money must bring a lot of pain.

every adult has a moment when he wants to roar and scold and go to work.

but in fact, the heart is also very clear that 80% of the pain in life comes from work, but if you don't go to work, 100% of the pain comes from lack of money.

trying to make money is a mess, but behind every penny you earn lies the future of your children, the health of your family, and the happiness of your old age.

work hard and make more money when you have time, for your own sake and for your family.