If you have a good heart, your life will be smooth.

If you have a good heart, your life will be smooth.

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what are the signs before Shi Lai Yun Zhun (Lucky Dumplings)?

likes an answer very much: "if you want to change your life, you must first change your mind."

Destiny is not a function word. Good or bad fate depends on how you face life every day.

to live a good life, not by mouth, but also by a heart soaked in smoke and fire in the world.

when you raise a heart, life goes well.


if the heart is gone, people will be abandoned

not complacent, not proud, even if complacent, also have to keep a low profile.

it sounds like a clich é, but it is not afraid of jealousy, but if the heart is gone, people will be useless.

three years ago, Alipay made a lucky draw. Among the 3 million people, the prize was worth 100 million.

for a time, countless people called her "koi" and thought she could bring good luck.

Xinxiao also posts on Weibo: "do I not have to work for the rest of my life?"

it's not just words. She really quit her job and went to play all over the world.

but what she has is a bunch of discount coupons, and she has to pay out of her own pocket for air tickets and hotels that are not covered by the free list.

even though she knows very well, she is still obsessed with this good luck and goes to various countries to play.

when he reappeared, he spent more than 200,000 yuan, couldn't find a job, and suffered from depression. The lucky ones have become victims.

Schopenhauer once said: "the happiness we usually get is not as exciting as we expect, on the contrary, the pain we suffer is deeper than we expected."

Happiness is not as good as imagination, not only because the mood has changed, but also because the heart is too floating.

anyone may have some luck, luck depends on God, want to catch on their own, but also rely on the heart that can sink.

what will be the result if another person wins the lottery?

some people say that it is still the same step on the pit, in fact, steady heart, down-to-earth efforts, with those who have more, do some minor adjustments, it will not be better and better.

is just a good thing. When you lose your head, it becomes a bad thing.

keep your feet on the ground and don't go with the wind, or you'll be out of luck.


if your heart is cold, you can't walk

, either because of the outside world, or because of yourself, there will always be a dilemma, enthusiasm will last forever, and no one can do it.

A classmate in high school did a good job on the assembly line, and the class manager appreciated him, until one day he heard that he had a chance to go to the office.

he has a college degree and has an easy job on the assembly line, but he also knows that the future is not great.

it was not easy to come to the Wechat of the leaders of other departments. After all the chat, the shift manager refused to let him go. Again, the painting cake said that he could take the position of manager in the future, and it was a tough order, which killed him.

since then, his work has become more and more depressed, he has never mentioned leaving, and he does not have the strength to do his job.

the manager talked to him several times, but it was still the same.

confusion is common, dilemma is inevitable, when you get to a fork in the road, you have to make a choice.

when our career comes to a bottleneck, we hit a brick wall with people, and a lot of daily chores wear away our enthusiasm for life again and again.

whether you stand where you are or blaze a new path, don't let your heart get cold.

Wang Xiaobo has a saying: "for things that cannot be avoided, it is better to like than not to like."

you can't change it, you might as well love it.

if you can't love it, find a new goal, change a new direction, and move on.

confused for two days, complaining is not a big deal, but don't let your heart get cold all the time. Your body will become more and more tired and your heart will become more and more tired. When your heart freezes, it will be hard to melt again.

when you have a temperature in your heart, you will have an attitude towards doing things.


the heart is unwilling, is the greatest internal drive

is also ordinary people, also have to fight, some people struggle, but there is always an inexhaustible source of motivation.

it is only when I am unwilling that I try my best.

Internet celebrity Xu Xiaomi was born in the countryside. Her family used to live in a small bungalow halfway up the mountain. She has not experienced much affluence and her academic qualifications are not high.

but she has a spirit and feels that her whole life should not only be in this mountain.

she pooled the money to go out and start a live broadcast.

at first, she was busy all year long and posted money upside down, and she relied on this spirit to carry on.

after trial and error again and again, she finally found her own style. now in a live broadcast, she can buy more than 100 kinds of clothes, and her savings are slowly increasing.

not everyone is willing to lie flat, when you are not reconciled, don't blame yourself, maybe you just get tired of living.

try your best to get enough, stand on tiptoe, is a new self.

Zhou Mason used to be a miner and has only read for four years.

Balzac is fascinated by his books. He weaves his own dream as a writer, but he doesn't have the skills to read more and write more.

rejected manuscripts saved a lot of baskets, squeezed out into packages, and came back intact, the postman called him "useless manuscript."

but he just didn't give up and wrote for years until manuscripts were published one after another. later, his "the name of the people" became popular and went viral.

the stone wall does not constitute a prison, nor does the fence constitute a cage, all obstacles, but limit themselves.

the people we envy, there are few born strong people, like us, are small potatoes who are unwilling to be ordinary.

No matter how desperate it is, tomorrow will still come and the sun will still rise.

keep the point unwilling, as the strength to move forward.


calm, is the greatest endurance

Chin Kun Zen Master loves orchids best, and has planted many valuable varieties in the Zen Academy. In addition to lectures, he usually takes care of orchids.

before he went out for a trip, he specially told his disciples to take good care of the orchids in the temple.

unexpectedly, when the disciple was watering, he tripped over the orchid rack, the flowerpot was broken and the orchid was scattered all over the ground.

watching the disciple trembling, he immediately knelt down, but he just smiled: "I don't raise orchids to be angry."

it is always easier to control your state of mind than to control your destiny. Life will inevitably have its ups and downs.

No matter what you encounter, you are calm and keep your happiness.

Classical culture expert Ye Jiaying, 97, always has a peaceful smile on her face and extraordinary temperament.

in fact, she has been wandering for half her life, far exceeding the hardship of ordinary people.

lost his father at the age of 13 and his mother at the age of 17. After marriage, the daughter was less than one year old, and the husband was taken to prison.

the husband who was released from prison changed greatly and committed domestic violence. Ye Jiaying endured it every day and went to teach to subsidize her family.

when her daughter and son-in-law had a car accident, a white-haired man sent a black-haired man to a black-haired man. she has experienced almost everything.

but she never blamed anyone, lived her own life calmly, comforted her soul with poetry and used it as a gentle weapon.

dragging her luggage to pass on the culture, she gradually became an admirable scholar and became popular on the Internet as a "goddess of poetry".

when she mentioned the injured marriage, she only smiled and said, "as soon as you hold the resentment, the sky and the moon will be clean and dusty." she relieved the pain and let go of herself.

once the suffering, now the praise, and she, do not have to worry about.

Bob Dylan said, "some people can feel the rain, while others can only get wet."

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when the rain falls on your head, keep calm. When difficulties come, keep calm.

complacency and frustration is bitterness or joy, and it is better to laugh it off.

when you become strong and cannot destroy you, it becomes your strength.

the times have changed, all the troubles have gone away, and all that is left is perfection.


there is a lotus pond, which opens only a small part on the first day, opens twice as fast on the second day, and does not fill the whole pond until the 30th day.

has been open for half the time, not 15 days, but the 29th day.

hold on to the end before you get what you want.

not necessarily how hard it is or how tired it is, but one thing is certain-raise a heart first.

Zhao Puchu wrote a reassuring ballad: "when the sun rises in the East China Sea and sets in the west mountain, there is a day of sorrow and a day of joy." If you don't get into a corner when something happens, you will feel comfortable and your heart will be at ease. "

Life is a passer-by, there is no need for thousands of knots, with a little unwilling, calm, leisurely walk, slowly, life will always improve.