If your wife is good, home is good; be kind to your wife and live a happy life.

If your wife is good, home is good; be kind to your wife and live a happy life.

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some people say:

an emotionally stable mother is the cornerstone of a family.

and the mother's emotions are actually hidden in the other half's different attitudes.

all mothers who know how to control their emotions will have a good husband who is considerate and cares about his wife.

give your wife a guardian, never say hurtful things to her, don't say mean things in life, and don't complain about her to everyone.

only good love interaction can make the relationship between husband and wife more intimate and lasting.

in a healthy family, the relationship between husband and wife must come first.

Please be kind to your wife, she is the one who loves you all her life.


live up to each other's intentions

when Huang Lei fell in love with Sun Li, Huang Lei was under 24 years old and in full bloom, while Sun Li was 18 years old and graceful.

he said:

"in marriage, love must be the foundation, and it must always be the foundation.

I am very opposed to husband and wife becoming relatives. My parents are relatives and my daughter is relatives.

but my wife will always be my lover, my wife and I are still lovers, and we should be lovers all our lives. "

although now one of them has reached the age of 40, the other has retreated to the second line and become a family-oriented woman.

but for more than 20 years, their feelings have not diminished. Huang Lei affectionately expressed his love in the letter:

many people envy them, but envious people always forget one thing:

No kind of relationship can be Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) for no reason, and good relationships are made through hard work.

but there are too many experiences in our lives:

when you first met, your husband was polite to you, waiting for a long time, but he treated you like a servant.

because we have lived together for a long time, we are too lazy to pay attention to details; because we are familiar with each other, we show our worst side without caring.

this is how feelings tend to go from being full of passion to being light.

Life needs to be managed. If you want your wife to be emotionally stable and the family full of temperature, it is very important for a man to treat the maturity of his marriage.


magnify the advantages and narrow the disadvantages

remember that a friend once said that marriage is like a piece of paper.

suddenly one day, one of the couple found a small black spot on the paper and stared hard at it.

so the black spot became bigger and bigger, became more and more eye-catching, and began to quarrel with each other, with constant contradictions.

however, he ignored that most of the paper was white and spotless.

as the saying goes, the blemish outweigh the excess. We can't ignore the value of a piece of jade just because there is a flaw in it.

however, in real life, we often put the cart before the horse and only see defects but not "beautiful jade".

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in fact, when two people are together, they should not put their lover's shortcomings above their strengths.

even if things change, you can still appreciate her beauty and tolerate her withering and fading.

Marriage requires tolerance. We should learn to appreciate each other's strengths as well as each other's weaknesses.

what is a good relationship?

probably in the trivialities of life, in the caress of the years, we will still find out some bright spots of each other to appreciate.


know how to give and be grateful

Zhang Jin and Cai Shaofen have always been models of loving couples in the entertainment industry. They are always grateful to each other from time to time, one doting wife and the other showing off their husband.

when Zhang Jin won the male match of the Academy Award that year, he mentioned in his acceptance speech:

their 12-year marriage, the love is still the same, is a deep love.

husband and wife are in love with both grace and love.

from never knowing each other to knowing and loving each other, it is not easy for two people to become the closest relatives in life, and it is even more difficult to stay together for the rest of their lives.

in a good relationship, both people learn to give and cherish each other's efforts.

learn to be grateful, so that the relationship between husband and wife becomes deeper and deeper, and the marriage becomes happier and happier.


in a marriage, if one party gives blindly, but does not get a response from the other, the relationship will gradually run out in indifference.

A good marriage requires the joint efforts of two people and the dedication and response of each other.

We always say that we should know how to be grateful to others, but we don't know how to be grateful to the person next to us.

the best relationship between husband and wife must be responsive to giving and being loved and grateful.

May you and I have both an outlet and a place for our love, and an affectionate response to the tender devotion of this life.