I'm not the best, but I'm the one you'll never see again!

I'm not the best, but I'm the one you'll never see again!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there is one me in the vast sea of people.

there is only one me in the world.

I know that I am not perfect.

I know that I am not outstanding.

but I am irreplaceable.

only this one, there is no second one in this world! 01

I'm not smart, but I'm not stupid

I don't have superhuman IQ, and I don't have superhuman wisdom.

I'm not smart, but I'm not stupid.

I know in my heart who is good to me.

I know exactly who is true to me.

it doesn't mean I don't understand.

I don't ask, it doesn't mean I'm stupid.

get along with people,

I don't care about a lot of things,

a lot of things I don't want to say.

I am kind to the people around me, not playing with my heart.

I cherish the people around me and don't hurt them.

I just want to make sincere friends and talk about sincere feelings.

what is good to me, I double take care of it.

cherish mine, and I will live up to it.


although I am ordinary, I am also unique

I am ordinary, such as vegetation,

I am ordinary, like dust.

standing in the crowd, inconspicuous,

walking in the street, without halo.

although not outstanding, but I am confident that

although not good, but I work hard,

does not belong to me, I do not fight,

does not suit my circle, I do not blend.

this kind of me,

some people like it, some people hate it, and

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is ostracized and popular.

No matter how others treat me,

kindness is my standard of being a man, and

sincerity is my attitude towards others.

I will not please those who hate me, and I will not snub those who like me.

in a limited life,

to be a real ordinary person,

has a unique personality, which is actually quite good. 03

I am not the best, but this

is the only one in the world.

there are many people who are better and better than me.

I know that I am not the best.

but it is unique.

cannot be copied or replaced.

once lost, it's hard to get it back.

once it's gone, it must be forever.


whether it's friendship or love,

whether it's lover or friend,

Please listen:

I'm not the best, but

it's something you'll never meet again.

if you don't cherish me and treat me well,

if you've saved enough disappointment, I'll leave.

from now on, I'll never meet again.


in our lives,

is a short and impermanent life, and

is a life that cannot be repeated.

Don't waste your time, energy, and feelings

all on people who are not worth it.

We will be good to those who are good to us, and we will cherish those who cherish us.

forget about the wrong person in the past.

in the past, just love the wrong person.

for the rest of your life, open your eyes,

give affection to those who know how to cherish,

leave your heart to the most worthy person!