I'm tired, but I have no way out.

I'm tired, but I have no way out.

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Luo Zhenyu once said, "you like the quiet years, but in fact, the reality is that the river is flowing."

in this bizarre world, no one can live a smooth life.

Adult life is normal when there are stormy waves in front of us and no one behind us.

in many difficult times, you can only hide the bitterness in your heart and carry the responsibility on your shoulders, even if you stumble.

because of myself, it is the last barrier for the family.


in the adult world, there is no easy word

Zhihu has such a question: "Why do so many people sit in the car for a while before going home?"

one of the highly praised answers is: "tired, need a short rest."

in front of the car, it is a stormy workplace; behind the car, it is a daily life.

only in the car is the reward they leave to themselves for their hard work.

A netizen in his 30s described his experience.

at nearly ten o'clock that night, he returned to the neighborhood and parked his car. Instead of going home directly, he sat quietly in the car and wept. Half an hour later, I dried my tears and calmed down.

this month, he changed a new company. He is more than 30 kilometers away from home. He basically arrives at home at more than 9 p.m., and has not eaten at home for more than 10 days.

more than ten hours a day, between home and the office, tired.

he is a young father of two, with the older one with him and the younger daughter with her parents.

yesterday, his father called and said that the youngest daughter was running out of milk powder and it was time to buy it. At the end of the day, the wife left a message saying that the training fee for the eldest daughter would be renewed.

after a month, after paying off the mortgage, his salary is basically left.

Today, it's the repetition of daily life. It doesn't seem to be any different, but I can't help crying.

in such a scene, many people empathized with the feeling and left messages saying:

"I understand his mood especially, because I have experienced the same moment."

"the car in front of the house, the night after sleeping and squatting in the toilet are the three great moments of freedom for modern people."

the joy of ordinary people is the sweetness of porridge and rice and the warmth of family reunion after hard work. But for many people, the journey from work to home requires cushioning, energy storage, and relay.

they need this kind of space, whether they cry, listen to music, or do nothing, just let it go.

be alone quietly, let them get temporary comfort, draw energy in the gap of time, and then come back to life full of blood, ready for the next battle with life.

in the adult world, there is never the word simple.

where you can't see it, everyone has their own problems and difficulties.

No one doesn't work hard, but few people cry about pain.


No one is born strong, but my classmate

my classmate Dawei, whose son was diagnosed with autism when he was two years old.

the moment he got the diagnosis, he felt that he had been beaten. He knew that the rest of his life would have to be replanned.

Children cannot communicate with others normally, turn a deaf ear to the sound, turn a blind eye to the surroundings, and seem to be separated by an invisible wall with their relatives.

and the couple also feel that from then on, there is a wall between the real society and the vast sea of people, and they can only try their best to save themselves in their own world.

my wife resigned from public office to accompany her children in treatment and training at an autism rehabilitation center in Qingdao, while Dawei stayed in his hometown to start a business, supporting the family's expenses.

it never rains but it pours. Wei's father is in poor health, and his mother is hospitalized with depression. In order to facilitate care, he took his father to rent a room near the hospital, made time to go to the hospital to accompany his mother, and then walked back to the rental house, which seemed endless again and again. At that time he was so bitter and tired that he hardly had a chance to catch his breath. Every day in a hurry, covered with fatigue, like a humanoid machine.

fortunately, the mother's condition improved after treatment. After years of training, children can basically take care of themselves.

his wife returned home with her son, and his career gradually stabilized. The couple ended nearly a decade of separation, and the family finally had a rare reunion.

the repeated blows of fate made him exhausted and made him calm.

his mind was in chaos and his face was calm.

many years later, at a classmate reunion, the big man drank a glass of wine. He couldn't help getting wet in his eyes and confided in his heart:

there is no natural strength, but he just carries it again and again.

is to stand up little by little and learn to be independent;

is to grit your teeth and support again and again when there is no one to rely on.

Life is one thorn after another, and finally becomes a bright garland.


I am tired, but I have no way out.

not long ago, the "carrying queen" Via was hospitalized for meniscus surgery and disappeared in the studio.

her friend Li Jing left a message on her Weibo: "take advantage of the opportunity to sleep more."

in a word, the glamorous Viya is carrying a burden that ordinary people can't bear:

365 days a year, Weiya live for more than 350 days.

on New year's Eve and the first day of the new year, without rest, she will pay New year's greetings to fans and draw gifts.

24 hours a day, her schedule is so dense that it is divided into minutes: selection, trial, meetings, docking business, and Ray.A live broadcast that can't be played. Sometimes for two or three days in a row, there are only three or four hours of sleep.

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some people say that she earns 2 billion yuan a year, and that tiredness is hypocritical.

she said helplessly, "I have a whole team, and there are 40 factories behind me." If I stop for one day, the factory will stop; if I stop for half a month, the production chain will stop. "

my good friend Lin Yilun went to visit Weiya. As a result, he saw a "female soldier" who was physically ill and had a strong mind. She chose something from the hospital bed, which made him admire.

she said: "there is nothing'I have to do', but this is my life."

there is too much responsibility behind Weiya, who can't stop even though she wants to.

more and more people need you. Countless pairs of expectant eyes look at you. The stronger you are, the more you will carry.

not only Weiya, every adult, is bearing the weight of life.

in the hit drama Thirty, there is a pancake seller in every episode, which is so touching without a dialogue.

most people's life is not afternoon tea or cruise dinner, but the hard work of the family of three.

Mom spreads pancakes, Dad delivers express delivery, a small mobile cart and a humble rental house are all they have.

the family goes out before dawn. When going to and from school, the mother will pick up the children, prepare the pancakes one by one, set the payment code, and let the customers pick them up. The rest of the time, I work non-stop.

parents are old and children are young. It all depends on their racing against the clock to earn a few taels of silver.

A debater said, "Life is no better than a middle-aged man who can fight." We carry so many burdens that we dare not get sick or 'die' ourselves, so we can only run forward desperately. "

very tired, but there is no way out.

many times, we really have no choice but to rise to the challenge.


Life of wind and rain, holding an umbrella

in the TV series "settling down", Fang Xianjin said:

look around, who is not covered with wind and rain all the way, all the way forward bravely?

there is a long road in life, and sorrow can only be experienced by oneself.

No matter how bitter it is, you have to bear it by yourself; no matter how tired you are, you have to face it calmly.

all kinds of life are created by human beings. No matter how hard it is, how many people are enduring it in silence. No matter how happy there are, how many people are struggling to arrive.

the really strong is not without tears and sweat, but runs with sweat and smiles with tears.

maybe you are still working and running around at the moment, and life is still a bit awkward, but please don't give up the sweetness of life.

it takes a long time to see the rainbow without fear of wind and rain.