In 2020, the incisive social quotation of choking people is full of human nature.

In 2020, the incisive social quotation of choking people is full of human nature.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

first, the so-called threshold, ability is enough is the door, ability is not enough is the threshold. The trenches and ridges of life are mostly caused by lack of ability.

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second, don't always compare yourself to others. You envy others for being thin, others envy you for having a good stomach, you envy others for having money, and others envy that no one borrows money from you.

third, they are also gluttonous and lazy, but their fates are completely different because of their different faces. Such as pandas and pigs: one is spoiled and the other is stabbed! The reason why you are useless is that you are ugly.

fourth, where there is no phobia of choice, it is not because of poverty; it is not because of indecision.

Children ask you why you ignore me and if you don't like me. Adults are tacitly estranged from each other.

VI. Men like women's pretty faces and women like men's sweet words, so women learn to wear makeup and men learn to lie.

7. Concessions basically bring about an inch of progress, don't expect to get any respect and heartache.

eight. True love is like a ghost. Many people hear but few people meet. In this world, the only people who will not betray you are their parents and the money in their pockets.

9. If you want something, either try your best to chase it or simply give up. Don't always chatter about your determination or grief to everyone, and be the laughing point of others after dinner.

10. Tough life, no need to explain. As long as you reach your destination on time, few people care whether you drive a Mercedes-Benz or a tractor.

Eleven, your good to others is like a candy, eat it and disappear, on the contrary, your bad, to others, is like a scar, left forever, this is human nature.

12. Never show your weakness to others, never tell others about your embarrassment. Because no one will feel sorry for you at all, but will only think that you are useless.

XIII. Trust is like a piece of paper, wrinkled, even if it is smoothed, it cannot be restored! Never deceive others, because the people you can deceive are those who believe in you.

14. If you are not good enough, contacts are worthless. They are not sought after, but attracted. Only with an equal exchange can you get reasonable help-cold as it sounds, but it's true.

money, like underwear, you have to have it, but you don't have to prove it to everyone. Doing a career is like getting pregnant. If you get enough months, you will easily have a miscarriage if you are anxious. If you succeed, it makes sense to fart, and if you fail, it makes sense to fart.

Sixteen, if you succeed, eating green vegetables is called keeping healthy; if you fail, eating green vegetables is called shabby.

Seventeen. One day your arrogance and arrogance will be broken by an inch, put on a plate and put on a pleasing look. the reality is probably the hammer.

18. When you experience difficult money, emotional setbacks, wasted careers, the pain of production, and the pain of parting, you will understand that no one will be blessed by fate. When you find it easy, someone must be bearing your share of the difficulty for you.

XIX. Lies are like lines, they are often memorized before they are spoken; truths are like coughs, and most of them gush out when they can't be suppressed.

Twenty. People who like to make up stories behind your back have only three reasons: they don't reach your level; they don't have what you have; and they try to imitate your way of life. 21, don't be sad, this is always the case in the world. No matter where we go, there is always something disappointing. Once we encounter it, we are apt to be overly pessimistic and take things too seriously. Don't worry, close your eyes and get some sleep. Maybe something new will happen tomorrow.

22, the so-called going to work: we trade our souls for money, and then use the money to redeem our souls. The so-called life: nothing more than health for money in the first half of life and money for health in the second half of life!

23, be a very simple person, easy to get along with, not easy to get along with. Don't be wishful thinking to cater to others, the way you try to fit in is not beautiful, you don't have to be nice to everyone, and they don't transfer money to you.

24, when you lose face and make money, you are sensible. When you use your money to save face, it means you have succeeded. When you can make money with face, it shows that you are already a person. When you still stay there drinking, bragging, do not know anything and pretend to know, only love the so-called face, it means that this is your life.