In a relationship, if a man doesn't give you these three things, don't love him!

In a relationship, if a man doesn't give you these three things, don't love him!

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I have heard such a sentence:

I think so deeply.

when you really fall in love with someone, it will become an open secret sooner or later.

because those inadvertent preferences, caring details between raising hands and feet, and even a spoiled look will betray you thoroughly.

all actions can be distinguished between love and dislove.

if a man has never given you these three things, don't love any more.


status and the future

TV series "just Thirty" not long ago have made countless viewers call it too realistic.

all the love and dislove are reflected incisively and vividly in the protagonist of the play.

Wang Manni, a salesman in a luxury store, accidentally met the fashionable and rich Liang Zhengxian on a luxury cruise ship, and the two quickly "fell in love".

Liang Zhengxian will take Wang Manni to various high-end occasions, will deliver cars to her, and will help her achieve all kinds of small wishes.

but when Marnie asked what the relationship was, he hesitated to change the subject and refused to give the relationship a definition of a lover.

he made a lot of excuses, but it was because he already had a girlfriend.

even brazenly saying that two girlfriends "one south and one north do not interfere with each other", no wonder they are called the model of "Sea King".

Liang Zhengxian is obviously just a momentary novelty to Wang Manni, but he doesn't love his girlfriend very much.

it's not that he doesn't understand that the identity of Mrs. Liang is reassuring, but she is always unwilling to promise a woman a future.

the person who really loves you is willing to declare his love to the world in a formal capacity, because this is the most important promise he can give you.

giving you a future is the most moving confession he can do.

he will look forward to preparing a meal around the pot table with you, and the small kitchen is full of fireworks, thus letting firewood, rice, oil and salt flow through the four seasons;

he will fantasize that holding hands with you in the sunset by the river, walking in the street under the dim street lamp, slowly wasting life like this.

he will look forward to waking up every morning with warm sunshine and gentle you, thus wasting his whole life.

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he may not be involved in your past, but he has you every day in his plans for the future.


respect and understanding

some time ago, singer Li Ronghao went viral on Weibo for one sentence.

in The Voice of China, a contestant sang a song "Love in the Rain", which is one of Rainie's masterpieces.

while Li Ronghao, Rainie's husband, is sitting in the tutor group.

when he heard this, Nicholas Tse, who was next to him, could not help joking: "this song is well chosen. It is the song of my sister-in-law."

unexpectedly, Li Ronghao responded very seriously: "it's not my sister-in-law's, it's the singer Rainie's song."

for a while, many netizens were caught off guard by eating a handful of dog food:

"respect is more rare than doting."

"respect for each other is the best love to die."

"it's so happy that a girl has her own career, and her husband appreciates and respects her own career."

for Li Ronghao, Rainie's achievements as a professional singer can not be denied, which has never changed as a result of marrying him.

mixed with respectful love, it is more touching than spoiling itself.

the so-called doting is probably standing in front of you to protect you from the wind and rain, but respectful love is holding your hand against the storm.

support each other and snuggle up to each other in order to walk more steadily and further along the long road of life.

everyone is an independent individual. If you love someone, you never want her to become your own accessory.

throughout our lives, we are looking for a soul that can match us, not a shadow that silently follows without a soul.

being able to respect and understand each other, recognize and appreciate each other is the best appearance of a love.

he is willing to support every decision you make, and all his uncertain ideas want to ask for your opinion.

everything is discussed, not because he can't make a decision alone, but because--

your opinion is important!


time and company

once saw a Korean documentary, "Darling, Don't cross the River", which lasted only 86 minutes, but condensed the simple and strong love of two centenarians all their lives.

even after more than 70 years have passed, Grandpa and Grandma often wear that blue couple suit and go shopping hand in hand, which seems to have become a lifelong habit and can't quit.

the toilet at home is in the yard. Grandma is afraid of the dark every time she goes out in the middle of the night. Grandma keeps telling Grandpa not to go away at the door, so Grandpa sings loudly and tells Grandma that he has been there all the time.

the fallen leaves in autumn covered the whole yard. It was not easy for two people to sweep the fallen leaves into a pile, but Grandpa suddenly threw them at Grandma, and Grandma immediately fought back, like two children having a lot of fun.

when it first snows, make a snowman together to see whose is more beautiful.

after making a snowman, Grandma held a newly pinched snowball and said to Grandpa, "I heard that you can hear more clearly when you eat the first snow."

Grandpa bowed his head and ate a few times.He said seriously, "I think I can hear the sound from the other side of the mountain."

it's not hard to live like this, but it's hard to live like this all the time.

Grandpa's sincerest love for Grandma is to accompany her through every day of her life until death do us part.

the lifelong partner in the wedding vows is not just a casual statement, it carries each other's best expectations and wishes for this marriage.

until the octogenarian, it is the greatest romance to be able to watch the sunset and enjoy the beauty of the four seasons with the original person.

some people just accompany you, break into your world, and then leave in a hurry after staying for a while. After all, they are just passers-by.

while some people have been stationed in your life since they came to your world and have never left, these are the people who deserve to be cherished the most.

time will tell about the long friendship for him, and the daily fuel and salt is the solidity and peace of mind he can give you.


because he loves you, he would like to believe in you and promise you a couple in his whole life.

because he loves you, he would like to see you spread your wings and soar freely and grow up with each other.

because he loves you, he is willing to snuggle up with you all his life and never be absent and separated.

Love and dislove can be felt in the heart.

May you meet such a person in this life.

he will be the theme song in your life, stay with you all your life, and write the best ending with you.

will also become your safe haven in the wind and rain, love you until you grow old, and create the most gentle memories.