In a word, you won't be angry all your life!

In a word, you won't be angry all your life!

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the two most useless things in the world, one is to complain, the other is to be angry.

complaining about the transmission of negative energy is offensive, while anger is harmful to health and self-harm.

everyone will encounter some unpleasant things in life.

if you get angry about it, you will not be happy.

Life is so short that instead of being angry and wasting time, you might as well be happy and happy is the greatest victory!


anger is equal to chronic suicide

when people are angry, their blood pressure increases rapidly, causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

anger will also lead to a decline in resistance, skin pigmentation, the accumulation of toxins in the body, which is undoubtedly to increase the probability of illness.

more times of anger, a long time, qi knot in the body, spleen and liver injury, the body will appear a variety of conditions, the person who hurts the most is not others, but yourself.


anger affects the relationship

the relationship between people

people get along with each other, pleasant face, can improve feelings, angry anger, the most affect the relationship.

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angry with family, family becomes deserted, friends become angry, friendship gradually fades away, anger with colleagues, work becomes tricky, anger with loved ones, marital conflicts occur.

once you are angry, you will lose your mind and say hurtful words in anger. Your feelings will fade away, your relationship will be deadlocked, and gradually you will have less contact.


instead of being angry, it is better to ignore

this world, there are many things you can do nothing about, no matter how entangled you are, how angry you are, you can't get satisfactory results.

instead of being angry, hurting your body and affecting your feelings, you might as well learn not to care.

Let it go early, put it down decisively, and treat it with an attitude of letting nature take its course.

if there is no resentment, you will not be angry, and if your heart is relaxed, you will not care. People in this life, but just a few decades, love yourself, happy to live to the end, is the ultimate goal.

Don't be angry with others, don't be angry all the time, care less and be more tolerant.

treat everything optimistically, often smile, do not get angry, do not get sick, do not get sick, is the winner!