In your whole life, there will always be someone to cross you.

In your whole life, there will always be someone to cross you.

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the people you meet

Zhang ailing said:

the people you meet

Zhang ailing said:

the people you meet are the people you have met among thousands of people. "Oh, are you here, too?"

if there is no debt, how can you meet? everyone who passes by will always teach you something. They are all dignitaries in your life.

I have read such a story about past life and this life.

it is said that there is a spider weaving a web on the eaves of Lingyin Temple.

suddenly one day, a gust of wind blew a dewdrop onto the spider web, and the spider was happy to see the dewdrop glittering and translucent.

stare at dewdrops all day long.

but a few days later a gust of wind blew the dew away and the spider was heartbroken.

when Buddha saw this, he arranged for the spider to go to earth to meet the dewdrop again.

the spider was reincarnated to an official family and became a rich lady, whose name was Pearl.

and the dewdrop that fell into the spider's web was also transformed into human form and became the number one scholar of the Dangchao family, named Mannan.

16 years later, the No. 1 student in Mannan High School, the emperor sang poems and wrote poems at the celebration banquet, showing off his talents, and the girls present were all fascinated by them.

but Pearl was calm, for he knew that their meeting was arranged by heaven, and that nectar was destined to be hers.

but when Pearl couldn't help asking Mannan, "do you remember the spider in Lingyin Temple 16 years ago?" .

the nectar is cold, and there is no love between the words.

Pearl wondered why God had arranged this marriage, but he did not remember himself.

soon after, the emperor married, betrothed Pearl to Prince Zhi Cao, and made nectar the horse of Princess Changfeng.

after listening, Pearl became more and more desperate, did not think about food and tea, grew weaker and weaker, and was bent on death.

Prince Zhicao, when he heard this, ran to Pearl's bed and said, "I fell in love with you at first sight at the victory banquet that day. I begged my father to get married. If you die, I can't live." and then he had to draw his sword and kill himself.

then the Buddha appeared again and said to Pearl, "you met the dewdrop that day. Have you ever wondered what brought the dewdrop to you?"

in fact, dewdrop is just an episode in your life. The wind brings him to you and takes him away, indicating that nectar belongs to Princess Changfeng.

and Zhi Cao is the grass that grew in front of Lingyin Temple three thousand years ago. It has looked at you for three thousand years and adored you for three thousand years. "

Pearl suddenly realized, put aside her obsession with nectar, and hugged the sesame grass tightly.

between people, the fate is shallow and deep, some people just pass by, some people accompany this life.

but no matter who it is, we should be grateful, because their appearance makes the river of our lives gush out different waves.

those who pass you by teach you how to love; those who have been with you for decades teach you how to cherish.

those who love you give you courage and strength, and those who hurt you learn to be independent and strong.

all the past is experience, and every encounter has meaning.


what you experience is to cross the sea of your

life, there are many common things, no matter where you go, what experiences you have experienced, what stories have happened, everything is supposed to happen.

that's your predestined plot, the scenery you should pass, and the distance you should reach.

this trip, the twists and turns, surprises and surprises, are reshaping the latest you all the time.

so in the face of setbacks, there is no need to grieve or complain, always remember:

those sufferings are not to suppress you, but to make you rise better;

those accidents are not to hurt you, but to help you hold up a protective umbrella;

those deceit, not to bully you, but to help you better understand the world.

I have seen such a profound fable:

once upon a time there was a king who was bitten off a finger by a lion while hunting.

when he came back, the national teacher said, "it doesn't matter, everything is the best arrangement."

after hearing this, the king naturally flew into a rage and ordered the national teacher to be put in prison.

later, the king went out hunting again and ran into cannibals. The cannibals ate everyone except the king, leaving only the king, unexpectedly because the cannibals did not eat people with physical disabilities.

when the king came back, he remembered the words of the national teacher and released the national teacher.

the national teacher said, "you were bitten off by a lion and not eaten by cannibals, but I was locked up by you because of what I said to you earlier, and I didn't go hunting with you, so I wasn't eaten by cannibals. Look, everything is the best arrangement."

misfortune is where good fortune depends, and good fortune lies where misfortune lies.

there are four Zen sayings in India:

No matter who you meet, he is the right person; no matter what happens, it is the only thing that will happen; no matter when it starts, it is the right moment; it is over. It is over.

there is no accident in this world, all the past will become a thing of the past.

since this is the case, it is better to have a calm heart and face what is about to happen.

cherish it when you have it;

say goodbye with dignity when you lose it.

meet difficulties when suffering comes;

be calm when glory is added to the body;

know that love and hatred have passed, good things and bad things have become a thing of the past.

on the way of life, there is not only the romance of looking up at the starry sky, but also the first heart of being down-to-earth, the wind and rain experienced will turn into a rainbow, and the happiness and pain experienced are all wealth.


the sky does not cross people, people need to cross the dignitaries they meet

, help us;

through the wind and rain, shape us.

but there is no banquet that never ends, and no one can walk with us all the time. In this life, the biggest ferryman is actually himself.

I have seen such a short story.

A man was hiding from the rain under the eaves when he happened to meet the Quan Yin Bodhisattva passing by with an umbrella.

the man stopped Guanyin and said, "it is said that the Bodhisattva is universal to all sentient beings. Why don't you take me for a while today?"

Bodhisattva replied: "I am in the rain, you are under the eaves, and there is no rain under the eaves, you do not need me to degree."

after listening, the man immediately jumped out of the eaves and stood in the rain: "now that I'm in the rain, isn't it time for me?"

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva said:

"you are in the rain, I am also in the rain, I am not caught in the rain because I have an umbrella; you are caught in the rain because there is no umbrella." So it's not me, it's me.

if you want to think about it, you don't have to find me, please find your own umbrella! " With that, he left.

the next day, the man encountered difficulties again and went to the temple to pray.

when I walked into the temple, I found that there was also a man praying in front of the bronze statue of the Quan Yin Bodhisattva.

what is even weirder is that the Bodhisattva and the bronze statue look exactly alike.

so he asked, "are you Guanyin?"

"I am Guanyin."

the man asked: then why do you still worship yourself?

the Quan Yin Bodhisattva said with a smile, "I have encountered difficulties, too, but I know that it is better to ask for help than to ask for yourself."

the story is short and the truth is deep.

how lucky it is to meet an honorable person to help you on the way of life.

but if you can't meet an honorable person, don't be discouraged. When the wind comes, it's better to chase the wind, rely on the mountains to fall, rely on everyone to run, only when you are strong, can you cope with the wind and rain calmly.

I like what Sanmao said very much:

"what is the heart like? it is like a myth, which spans thousands of miles, and there is no boat to cross. Apart from self-crossing, there is nothing others can do to help. "

when the sky does not cross people, people need to cross on their own.

if you are in full bloom, the breeze will come.


Haruki Murakami said:

you should remember the people who hold umbrellas for you in the heavy rain and help you block out foreign things.

the one who hugs you silently in the dark, the one who makes you laugh, the one who talks with you all night.

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the people who come to see you by car, the people who have cried with you.

the people who accompany you in the hospital always put you first.

it is these people who make up 1.1 drops of warmth in your life.

it is the warmth that keeps you away from the haze, it is the warmth that makes you a kind person.

but you should also remember:

the one who lives hard, gives hard, and grows tenaciously.

it is you who live to be your own eaves on stormy days;

you who live steaming in the days when no one is interested;

it is you who persist in countless times when you want to give up.

May you cherish every encounter, accept every experience, be grateful for yourself for the rest of your life.

encourage it.