Instead of worrying about yourself, it's better to look down on it.

Instead of worrying about yourself, it's better to look down on it.

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some people often sigh that living is really tiring! Tired, usually refers to physical and mental exhaustion, especially mental stress, psychological burden. In fact, the best way to live is to be indifferent and happy to live your life.

tired and not tired is relatively speaking. If you want not to be tired, you must learn to relax. If your heart is tired, it will make you depressed, so you must loosen your mind, let it free from the fetters, and let it fly freely; if you are tired, it will make it difficult for you to move forward, so you must loosen your body and let it lighten its burden and live a chic and unrestrained life.

there are many hurdles in one's life. Step through the hurdle of money, the hurdle of love, the hurdle of resentment, the hurdle of survival, and every hurdle set by time.

the most basic skill that a person must have is to learn to make a living. Only when we learn to make a living, can we have the guarantee of life, the quality of life, and the prospect of life.

people often say "stay half sober and half drunk", which is not without reason. If you are not awake, you will be confused all day long, and it is difficult to create a valuable life; if you live too awake, you will be physically and mentally exhausted every day, worry and worry, and it is difficult to be happy. Only by being foolish and smart, can we embrace a happy and beautiful life.

Life needs precipitation, tranquility can be far away; life needs reflection and often looking back in order to sublimate in the taste of gains and losses and joys and sorrows; life needs incentives, which will enhance the self-confidence of frustrated and frustrated people; life needs to be bearish, light and reasonable, in order to move forward lightly.

Life looks forward, with dreams and goals ahead; life looks backward, followed by corrections and tests; life looks at the present, and the struggle and struggle of the present is your most important starting point.

keep calm and calm at all times. Do not Ai, do not complain, the heart is calm; endure hardship, endure hard work, have no regrets; enjoy, enjoy, do not live in vain; have ups and downs, let it go. Learn to solve worries, physically and mentally relaxed; learn to wave sleeves calmly, warm smile without death.

to do well yourself, you need to have good practice, to get along with others equally, and not to be snobbish because of your status and status. The people who are most despised are those who tend to be obsequious, flattering, with high eyes and a sunken nose; those who are most respected are open and aboveboard, magnanimous and upright.

always adhere to integrity, "talk to the villagers without humility, and walk with the princes without showing flattery."

all over the world, we need an indifferent state of mind: hold a cup of tea, watch the ups and downs of life, hold a meditation, smile to see the cool world.

Feng Zikai said: if you love, life is lovely everywhere. If you hate, life is hateful everywhere. If you are grateful, you can be grateful everywhere. If you grow, everything can grow. Since there is nowhere to hide, it is better to be foolish. Since there is nowhere to run, it is better to rejoice. Since there is no pure land, it is better to meditate. Since you didn't get what you wanted, you might as well be relieved.

learn to jump out of the noisy world, return to the truth of life from the hustle and bustle, find a pure land for your impetuous heart, and let your sincerity, kindness and great love blossom.

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Life, everyone has their own wonderful, do not look up to envy others, that will add unnecessary troubles to themselves. In fact, you stand on the bridge to see the scenery, the people watching the scenery are upstairs to see you, you are the most beautiful scenery in the eyes of others!