Is it reliable to be alone? look at these six details.

Is it reliable to be alone? look at these six details.

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keep your word

there is a saying: "if you make friends, you will keep your word."

in life, there are too many people who seem to be sincere, sincere and good-sounding, but it is difficult to take concrete actions.

turn around and forget what you promised.

what is promised is always hard to keep.

what is agreed upon is broken countless times.

in fact, people are all mutual.

Don't give hope and affirmation to others if you can't. If you give them a clear reply, do it no matter how difficult it is.

over and over again, to consume other people's trust in you will only lead to dislike or even opposition to you.



in life, there are many people who never break the means in order to achieve their own ends.

in order to borrow money from you, I always find all kinds of excuses and excuses to describe myself as pathetic, just to win your sympathy.

in order to cover up one's own mistakes, he always puts all the blame on others and leaves the responsibility clean.

in fact, the most important thing in doing things is to be honest and trustworthy.

Don't deceive or harm others. Say what you say and do what you do.

No one is willing to listen to fraudsters who keep their words watertight. No matter how perfect the lie is, no one really believes it.


be honest

in the face of gains and losses, it is always difficult for many people to stand the test.

always think of benefits, people who are greedy for bargains, it is often difficult to get others, real appreciation and recognition.

it's not yours, so you can't take a penny or a penny.

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you don't want anything that you shouldn't have.

A person's attitude reflects his true character.

if you steal a small amount of work and do too much, you will only lift a stone and drop it on your own feet.

thinking too much about cheating and cheating will only ruin your future and way out in the end.


do things in a down-to-earth manner

I don't know if you find it reassuring and a great talent.

some people, even if they are told something very important, he is only perfunctory.

some people will take it very seriously even if they tell him trivial things.

in fact, if a person does not have a sense of responsibility, no matter what he does, it is difficult to do well, and it is even more difficult to win the appreciation and trust of others.

Don't think about being lazy or perfunctory. Try to be careful and considerate. A little more work and effort will eventually bring you unexpected luck and opportunities.


receive a reply

I wonder if there are such people around you:

whether it is a message at work or an emergency in life, they either receive no reply or deliberately procrastinate.

every time you have to wait for you to call in person, or ask separately to make sure they know.

in fact, people who do not reply are not only wasting other people's time, but also showing disrespect for others, or even failing to abide by the rules and principles they should have.

received, it seems to be just two simple words.

some people, no matter how busy they are, can reply in time.

some people, even if they see it, do not cooperate, let alone let you worry.


think of others

there is a saying: "the more trivial you are, the more you can see a person's character and behavior."

in life, some people would rather take screenshots than lose numbers directly to you, forcing you to take a few minutes to transcribe.

some people only care about their own voice, but do not want to type a few more words, so they always let you spend a lot of time listening to them one by one.

there are other people who only say a little bit of questions each time, so that you can run countless times to clarify things, rather than telling you what to do at once.

being considerate of others is a kind of high self-cultivation.

maybe you have no obligation to help others save time, reduce stress, and reduce workload.

but if you can think about it from the point of view of others, you can often get the greatest recognition and appreciation from others.