It is a kind of grace to appreciate others

It is a kind of grace to appreciate others

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

all over the world, you, me, and he are all individuals with all kinds of independent thoughts. I have my interests, hobbies, characteristics and thoughts; he has his experience, years, life and colors.

like trees growing up in different lands, they look at each other, but each has its own grace; just like flowers blooming in different seasons, they never meet, miss each other, each has its own florescence, each has its own color, but it is a common fragrance in the same world.

there is no need to ask for their differences. It is precisely because of their differences that they have achieved the vastness of heaven and earth and the richness of the world.

everyone has the value and meaning of self-existence. It is unique that can not be copied and surpassed each other. As the saying goes, benevolent people enjoy mountains, and wise people enjoy water. We cannot say that the mountains are more majestic and the waters are wider. Because the mountains and rivers depend on each other, we can achieve the breadth and diversity of the world.

Voltaire said, "I don't agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." This is a maximum appreciation of others.

maybe you and I have opposing views and opposing ideas, but these objective factors, such as differences in environment and experience, do not mean that we are not good. I admit that you still have the strength of your pride, and you agree that I still have the capital that I am proud of.

We are parallel or opposite to each other, but we can still appreciate each other and sincerely say: I admire you very much. It has nothing to do with the position, the principle, but the yearning for beauty from the bottom of my heart and the respect for the excellent!

Lin Xiangru's wit lived up to his mission and won the appreciation of the King of Zhao; his tolerance and putting the overall situation first and national affairs first finally won the honest and honest appreciation of him, who was once critical of him, and was willing to take the blame. Cao Cao's appreciation of Guan Yu is not only his courage and invincibility, but also his righteousness.

although it cannot be used for exercise, Chen Shou, the author of the Chronicles of the three Kingdoms, should also praise Guan Yunchang: "ten thousand people are enemies, he is a tiger minister of the world, and he has the style of a national scholar."

all those who put aside their personal grudges and really appreciate others should be as broad-minded as the sea and as thick as mountains. You can accept a hundred rivers, you can set up a thousand traps.

in life, you can become excellent only if you truly appreciate others.

appreciation is like a warm sun on the road of growing up. It warms and shines on our hearts and fills our hearts with joy and brightness. Let us feel the scenery of life everywhere.

in this feeling, we will love life more, and the circle and pattern of life will become wider and wider, forming our virtuous circle.

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people who do not know how to appreciate others are often a kind of pride and blind confidence. Self-centered, always feel that others are inferior to themselves. Or anyone can pick out faults and flaws. In such a state of mind, the circle is getting smaller and smaller, the field of vision is getting narrower and narrower, and finally, it can only accommodate their own habitat.

sincerely accept others and discover the gap between yourself and others, so that you can adjust yourself in time in action and narrow the gap gradually. Appreciate a person at the same time, in fact, you have found a way forward for yourself.

it is a good accomplishment to truly appreciate others.

everyone is an independent individual, between people, like different celestial bodies in the universe, have their own walking orbit, we are opposed to each other, but also unified, not only walk alone, but also tolerate each other.

you have your wonderful, I admire you, is my good self-cultivation; I am not as good as you, but does not hinder my appreciation of you, I am kind-hearted.

not because they are not fellow travelers is full of picky, or even malicious slander, it is a bottom line, but also a kind of elegant demeanor.

all kinds of things are the world and all kinds of sentient beings. In this colorful world, each of us is walking scenery, everyone has their own desolation or wind and fire.

walk all the way, show goodwill, appreciate each other, and achieve the pattern!