It is better to be silent than to talk much (depth)

It is better to be silent than to talk much (depth)

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pretending to know is ignorance;

pretending to be stupid is wise;

talking nonsense on any occasion is ridiculed by others;

it is low-key not to expose it after seeing through it.

A wise man would rather be silent than say much, not let himself be brave, not embarrass others.

keeping silent at the right time is not only a kind of spiritual practice, but also a kind of wisdom.


if you can't speak, don't say

if you speak, one mouth will be laughed at, don't say it casually;

if you speak, it's embarrassing to say a few words, so it's better to listen more and speak less.

sometimes if you talk too much, you will expose yourself completely, boast about the field of ignorance, and make people feel shallow.

sometimes you complain too much, chattering and talking over and over again about trifles, which will only give people the impression that you are verbose and have too much negative energy.

to be a man, you would rather not talk than talk too much.

sometimes you think you are speaking bluntly, but you don't realize that to others, it is to hurt and offend others because you talk too much.

there is a good saying in the Book of Rites:

to be upright, to be cautious in words and deeds, not to be afraid of other people's comments, not to talk about others, is what a gentleman does!


I know in my heart that don't say much about

psychologist Adler has said:

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some people don't talk too much, some people don't get tired of talking, and some people don't get tired of speaking their minds.

talking to the right person, there is no trouble; arguing with the wrong person is exhausting.

A truly mature person never does things quickly, nor does he show his ability to speak.

see through a person, see through a person, forget it, that's all, there's no need to argue with him.

those who care about you always care about you, and those who don't care about you won't feel sorry for you because of your grievances.

some people just know it in their hearts, and there is no need to argue with him, be unhappy with each other, provoke others, and worry themselves.

people, after all, we must learn not to go heart-to-heart with nodding acquaintances, not to fight with bad people and bad things.

some words, one word less, less trouble; some things, less dispute, life is smooth.

in this world, no matter how much you say, you might as well try to do it.

those who cherish you, cherish them doubly and be kind to them; if you don't cherish you, we laugh it off and don't think about it.


look for a solution when something goes wrong, don't take catharsis as the only breakthrough, and don't solve the problem by scolding others.

whatever it is, you have to calm down before you can find ways to improve the environment and change yourself.

Don't panic when something happens, don't be crazy in front of people, don't be crazy in front of people, instead of talking with great fanfare in front of people, it's better to accumulate strength in silence.

people, see clearly that others are the ability, see clearly that you are the ability.

learn to recognize yourself, control your heart, control your mouth, keep ploughing yourself, when you dress up yourself, you can have a wonderful life!