It is not the great truth, but the small habits that change life.

It is not the great truth, but the small habits that change life.

Good morning, accompany you to read.

there is a saying in the Shurangama Sutra: "reason can lead to epiphany, and things must be improved gradually."

the truth may be understood, but the unity of knowledge and action requires gradual and orderly progress.

after all, no matter how much you know, it is futile not to put it into practice bit by bit.

what can really change your life is never the big truth you've heard, but the little habits you cultivate.


No matter how many reasons you listen to, you can't live a good life.

there is a saying in Shangshu: "it is difficult to know, it is difficult to practice."

it is easier to know than to do. It is easy to know the truth, but difficult to follow it.

that's why, no matter how much we listen to, we still can't live a good life.

in life, most people are like this. Their thoughts are full and their actions are bony.

Reading can improve yourself, but when I buy a bunch of books, I always read the first few pages and come to nothing.

exercise is good for your health. I applied for a fitness card and didn't go there many times until the card expired.

traveling broadens your horizons, but you plan again and again and back down before you leave.

in the end, he is nothing but a giant in thought and a dwarf in action.

people often hope that if they understand a truth, they will be able to change their destiny.

but in fact, no matter how much you know and don't take action, there will be no change after all.


it's not that reason is useless, but that it's bad habit

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Wang Yangming said: "We learn for people, and when we follow the heart, we will naturally be solid and brilliant."

it's not that the big truth is useless, but that you don't form the good habit of combining knowledge with practice in the details of your life. Only by being reasonable and then doing can you regain the initiative in life.

because real life is often accumulated bit by bit, which is determined by your habits.

No one can get better at will, and no one can get stronger easily.

when you can stick to a certain behavior all the time, and get used to it, it will become a great force that affects your destiny. Before

, Dong Qing shone brilliantly in the Reader and the Chinese Poetry Conference, and became a "national goddess."

We can see that she is knowledgeable and knowledgeable, and her literary background is not inferior to that of college mentors.

but no achievement falls from the sky. Dong Qing said, "it has become a habit for me to keep reading for an hour before I go to bed."

so today, Dong Qing stood there with her own light and really answered the sentence: "temperament is as beautiful as orchid, talent Forbes."

all know that reading can change appearance, temperament and enrich inner thoughts, but very few people can really form habits.

because only when you internalize the truth into your own habits can you bring unexpected surprises to life.

as the saying goes, "there is no road in vain in life, every step counts."

every good habit has the effect of compound interest, and it is a surprise on the road in the future.

in short, people with good habits will not have too bad luck.


small habits have amazing power

in the first 30 years, people cultivate habits; in the next 30 years, habits make people.

looking back on the past, it is precisely those daily habits that affect the trajectory of fate.

fortunately, habits are not about talent, they have nothing to do with birth, and can be cultivated.

Zeng Guofan was born as a mountain man in Hunan, but he became a key figure influencing the trend of modern China, and was praised by the world as "the most perfect man through the ages."

his achievements are inextricably linked with the three little habits he cultivated after he made up his mind.

the first habit is to keep a diary in regular script.

record the books he reads, the people he sees, the things he experiences, what he thinks and thinks every day.

even the day before his death, his habit persisted.

by keeping a diary, he constantly reflects on himself, recognizes himself, changes himself, and finally achieves himself.

the second habit is to read ten pages of history every day.

learn the wisdom, self-cultivation, wisdom and wisdom of our predecessors in history books.

the quintessence of Zeng Guofan's thought in his life roughly comes from his deep thinking and mastery of history books.

the third habit is to write down "talk after tea" every day.

pay attention to learning everywhere, and casually sort out the essence of your own thinking. Over time, it has become a systematic exercise.

these three habits, Zeng Guofan did not break for a day, and eventually became a generation of saints.

as the saying goes, "gather sand into towers, gather armpits into fur".

Life is a collection of habits, and a good habit is worth a thousand truths.

persist in reading, love sports, keep smiling, go to bed early and get up early.

good habits, with the power of dripping water wears away the stone, imperceptibly corrects the direction of life.