It is self-cultivation to say less, but wisdom to shut up.

It is self-cultivation to say less, but wisdom to shut up.

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it takes a year to learn to speak and a lifetime to learn to shut up.

some people suffer from talking too much, while others fail because of arrogance.

the true wise men are silent.

they see through it or not, they see through it or not.


replace excuse with silence and eliminate trouble with silence.

A few words is a realm, but it is wise to shut up.

in many cases, instead of arguing with others and causing contradictions and conflicts, it is better to keep silent and laugh it off.

people have emotions and anger.

when angry, some people do not choose their words, blurt out harsh words, blurt out, scold others, create greater contradictions, and make themselves regret for the rest of their lives.

being a man, being too smart makes you tired, and sometimes it's better to pretend to be stupid.

some things, understand in the heart, do not say in the mouth, some people, see through in the heart, but do not expose.

said, may not be useful, do not say, certainly useful, at least can avoid the occurrence of contradictions.

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less words, not cowardice, but an attitude.

shut up, it is not incompetence, but a kind of spiritual practice.

Don't say, it's not stupid, it's a heart.

A true wise man is always silent, worried that too much words will lead to loss, disaster comes out of the mouth, and brings unnecessary trouble to himself and others.


as a human being, some people know how to make concessions, some people like to be silent, and some people will be tolerant.

concession is not fear, silence, stupidity, tolerance, lack, but an expression of kindness, but proof of sincerity.

for the rest of your life, be a quiet person, watch your mouth, don't make rude remarks, hurt people's hearts, don't be open-mouthed and annoying.

A few words is self-cultivation, but to shut up is wisdom. As long as you are moral and magnanimous, you are not afraid to talk behind your back, let alone gossip.

remember: those who are kind-hearted will be kind to others.

those who speak few words are mature and stable, and people must respect them.

people live a lifetime, accumulate morality, be silent, and bring disaster far away!