It really matters who you're with.

It really matters who you're with.

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people will meet a lot of people in this life:

some people are virtuous, some people are adulterous;

some people are full of positive energy, some people are negative energy constantly;

some people are like a light, illuminating our way forward, worthy of our sincerity and honesty;

but some people are maggots in the sewer, which make people frown as soon as they come into contact with him, but they can only be far away as soon as possible.

Zeng Guofan once said:

it is true. You will have what kind of life you choose to be with.

who you are with determines the height of your life.

as someone said:

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in the second half of life, if you meet these three kinds of people, please remember to make deep acquaintances.


choose friends, character first

Cai Gentan has a saying: "the king of virtue is the king of talent, and the slave of virtue."

the most precious wealth in a person's life is not gold, silver, jewelry, houses, stores, or stock funds, but a good character.

choose friends, character comes first.

I have heard such a story:

A girl fell out with her parents and called her friend, hoping to stay with her for a while.

my friend was confused and asked the girl why.

the girl said it was her boyfriend.

friends are even more confused: the girl's boyfriend is handsome, sunny, long-sleeved and good at dancing, and has a high EQ. With a car and a house, he has become the financial manager of an Internet company at a young age, and his future is limitless.

what are her parents not satisfied with such a person?

it turns out that a few days ago, the girl took her boyfriend home to meet her parents.

at first, her parents were quite satisfied. She asked a few questions, and her boyfriend answered them fluently.

but while chatting later, her boyfriend's mother called to say that his grandfather was not feeling well and asked him to accompany him to the hospital.

her boyfriend was very impatient and said, "just take a taxi. I'll stay with him, and he won't be all right."

her father looks a little pale.

her boyfriend continued, "I have work to do. I have to go."

after hearing this, her parents looked very ugly at that time.

then let the girl break with her boyfriend. Her father said:

at this point, the girl continued with a cry:

finally she asked, "what on earth am I supposed to do?"

my friend thought about it and sent a message to the girl:

"liking a person begins with appearance, falls into talent, and is loyal to character."

when two people are together, they are close to each other and share the same interests, and for a long time they rely on first-class character.

in this cold and changeable era, a good character is the best to rely on.

Life is not long, and it is important to be with a person of good character. "

Lee Kaifu once said:

the same is true in a relationship. If there is something wrong with a person's character, that person is not worthy of love.

you know, in the end, feelings are all about character.

people with good character are worthy of deep acquaintance for a lifetime.


people who get close to positive energy

Li Kaifu says:

there is an energy magnetic field between people:

with negative energy people, what haunts your ears all day long is a long sigh, and what appears in front of you all day is a sad face, and gradually, you will unconsciously become depressed and decadent.

when you are with a positive person, his energy, enthusiasm, and drive will continue to affect you, and his positivity, optimism and enterprising spirit will continue to infect you, and slowly, you will become a better person.

only those who are close to the positive energy can reap the happiness and beauty of life.

there is such a short story:

A scholar came to Beijing to take the exam and lived in a shop.

one night before the exam, he had three dreams in succession:

the first dream was that he was growing cabbages on the wall, the second dream was that he wore a bamboo hat and held an umbrella on a rainy day, and the third dream was that he took off his clothes and lay with his beloved cousin on his back.

the scholar did not know the moral of these three dreams and hurriedly went to find a fortune-teller to interpret the dream the next day.

on hearing this, the fortune-teller sighed:

the scholar was discouraged and went back to the store to pack his bags and prepare to go home.

the shopkeeper was very strange and asked, "Don't you take the exam for a few days?" Why are you going back to your hometown today? "

the scholar relayed the fortune-teller's words to the shopkeeper.

hearing what the scholar said, the shopkeeper was delighted:

I think you must stay this time. Think about it:

when the scholar heard this, he thought it was quite reasonable, so he took part in the exam in high spirits, and as a result, he won a flower exploration.

in the story, the shopkeeper is undoubtedly a person with positive energy and passes on the positive energy to the scholar; the fortune-teller is on the contrary.

and the scholar chose to believe that the positive energy of the shopkeeper, continue to take the exam, so that they can explore the flowers in high school.

if he had listened to the fortune-teller and given up before he started, would he still be able to explore the flowers?

as the old saying goes:

"if you enter the room of Zhilan and do not hear its fragrance, you will become with it;

and poor human settlements, such as entering the restaurant of abalone, if you do not smell its stench for a long time, it will also change with it."

you become the person you choose to be with.

the most unfortunate thing in life is to let yourself because of the lack of positive energy around you.Live a mediocre life.

get close to positive people, and by being with them, you will love life and discover the beauty of life.


make progress with excellent people

Zhihu has a question: what is the best way to make yourself good?

there is a highly praised answer: walk with good people.

it is true.

when you are with good people, you will also become good:

when you are alone, loneliness, helplessness and anxiety come together, and there is always a time when you can't hold on.

but it's not the same with good people-- good people are good because they are more self-disciplined than ordinary people. When it was almost impossible to hold on, I saw that the excellent person around me was still working hard. As soon as he clenched his teeth and stamped his foot, the ridge passed.

if you walk with excellent people, you can go more steadily and further.

there is such a story:

Li Ka-shing's driver has worked for him for decades.

later, I was ready to resign and leave.

before he left, Li Ka-shing was very grateful for his conscientious work attitude over the past few decades and prepared 2 million yuan for him to spend his twilight years in peace.

but the driver refused, saying, "after being with you for such a long time, I can still take out 10 to 20 million."

this surprised Li Ka-shing and asked, "Why have you saved so much money?"

the driver replied:

A popular saying in Hollywood: "whether a person can succeed or not depends not on what you know, but on who you know."

how far a person can go depends on who he is traveling with.

some people say: your level is actually the average of the five people you have most frequent contact with.

so, if you want to be good and successful, get close to the good people!

make progress with excellent people and try to make the best of yourself.


Xunzi said:

it is true. The height of our lives is determined by what kind of people we are with and what kind of environment we come into contact with:

with people with good character, we will become warm;

with people with positive energy, you can shine;

when you are with excellent people, you will grow up.

once heard a very interesting saying:

who you are can only determine your starting point. Who you are with determines your destination.

Life is not long, so it's really important to choose who to be with.

May you choose to be with people who are good, positive and outstanding for the rest of your life, and then become warm, optimistic and excellent.