It turns out that this is the "law of chickens" (incisive)

It turns out that this is the "law of chickens" (incisive)

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Zhao Yuping, the keynote speaker at the forum, once asked a question:

"if a crane stands among a flock of chickens, is it more uncomfortable for the crane or the flock of chickens?"

some people say that cranes entering the flock of chickens is like a reduced-dimensional blow, so that it will not feel bad, and that flock of chickens will feel inferior in front of it.

but teacher Zhao Yuping said:

"if a crane has to socialize with chickens, then the final result is only two: either forced to death by the flock, or can only be assimilated by the flock."

this also confirms a law: the circle you are in determines your destiny.

in a low-level circle, no matter how good you are, you will eventually become mediocre and devoid of others.


not long ago, I saw a blogger on the Internet, saying that he was in a small company and did not get along well with his colleagues and was not appreciated by the leaders:

my colleagues only know how to play games every day. Apart from work, I will read books in my spare time and recharge myself.

I look down on them, and they look down on me and think I'm faking.

people around me are muddling through their lives. Although I stay in the same circle with them and do similar things, I always feel different from them.

for a long time, the blogger felt tired and anxious.

he feels very different from his colleagues, but he doesn't seem to have made any breakthrough. A few years later, he is still in his original position.

there is no shortage of such people around us, who complain that none of the people around us are good, and at the same time take pride in their own maverick.

like a crane standing out in a flock, it stands out in the flock at a glance.

but in fact, real cranes don't stand in the flock all the time, nor should they stand in the flock.

being the best in a small circle will only paralyze us with a momentary sense of superiority and prevent us from seeing the bigger sky.

getting along with mediocre people for a long time will also erode our morale and make us lose the motivation to move forward.

Super orator champion Liu Yuanyuan once shared a story in her book.

she knows a friend who graduated from a well-known university in Beijing. If she stays in Beijing according to her education and seniority, she can choose a good job and have a bright future.

but after graduation, the other party chose to leave Beijing and became a choreographer at the local TV station in his hometown.

my friend explained:

"it is easier to stand out where there are few talents. I would rather be a big brother in a place with shallow water than a younger brother in a place with deep water."

would rather be a chicken head than a chicken tail. "

it wasn't long before my friend regretted his decision.

he found that most of the people around him were content with the status quo and had no pursuit.

he looked at those people who went to work from nine to five to fish and dawdled every day. He felt like a frog in warm water, slowly losing his passion for struggle.

and those who stay in Beijing have made great progress in dealing with all kinds of excellent people.

some people say that a person's life is a process of jumping steps.

if you look down, you can be complacent, after all, so many people are still at your feet;

but if you look up, you will find yourself small. after all, there is still a long way to go.

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the wood is better than the forest, just because the forest is not big; the line is higher than man, just because everyone is mediocre.

in many cases, it is not necessarily your ability and IQ that limits your development, but the small circle in which you belong.


the famous social psychologist Robert put forward a concept of "social identity tendency" in "influence".

to put it simply, people unconsciously imitate the people around them to think and act.

in a low-level circle, you will be embarrassed and even afraid to show a positive side.

the result of "social identity" is that you will become more and more like the people around you.

have seen such a true story.

26-year-old Yang Chao is a veteran.

during his service, he was commended and commended many times, and has always been a role model for his comrades-in-arms.

later, after he was discharged from the army, he came to Anhai, Jiangsu Province to work alone.

shortly after Yang Chao came to Anhai, he made a friend A Hai in an Internet bar.

A Hai is a native of Anhai. He is idle and lazy all day. He occasionally goes to the construction site to earn some pocket money, all of which is spent on booze.

because he could not make ends meet, A Hai engaged in theft in order to make a living.

soon after Yang Chao got acquainted with A Hai, the two of them began to be brothers, and in the days to come, they often hang out in various places of entertainment.

gradually, Yang Chao also became unprofessional, lost his original job and indulged in pleasure all day long.

after he had no money, he was also "assimilated" by A Hai and embarked on the road of theft.

when he was finally captured, the cold handcuffs made Yang Chao repent that he had unwittingly become the person he hated most.

I have heard a saying:

"living with mice, you can only learn to plough food in the sewer."