It was a photo taken by Jing Hong.

It was a photo taken by Jing Hong.

I'll see you again.

there was a question on Zhihu-- is there any word, a word is a story?

one of the answers is "I'm alone and miss the three of us."

2016 after all, many people were taken away in the first half of the year, including Alan Rickman, Griffrey, and recently Mr. Mei Baojiu. Every once in a while, there seemed to be a wave of waves on the social platform, followed by the so-called curiosity and anti-grotesque of "I know XX very well" and "objection that I know XX very well." Motive speculation is meaningless, but it is undeniable that in this popular world, we are really not good at farewell.

I learned that I was just coming out of the dorm door when Mr. Yang Jiang died, and the push from the client clanked. Today in Beijing, it is cloudy, with a lowest temperature of 17 degrees Celsius and a maximum temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, and the air is fine, like any ordinary early summer day. After seeing the push, I sighed. What I saw in front of me was the rare watery sky in Beijing. Looking at the direction of the Union Hospital, the first word I thought of was reunion.

I think most people understand the meaning behind this word. In the lives of Mr. Yang Jiang and Mr. Qian Zhongshu, what most people are most interested in talking about is their long-lasting relationship. When we first met in Tsinghua Garden, from the current point of view, advertisements such as "I don't have a fiancee" and "I don't have a boyfriend" are still hot and direct, and they go to Oxford to live in a foreign country. I can't help but sigh that "the love life of senior intellectuals is really different."

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so it seems that within our line of sight, there is little discord in their marriage life. But it is undeniable that the cruelty of life itself and the ups and downs of the times are more challenging than the trivialities of marriage.

before there was a war, and then there was a political movement. In an era of chaos or madness, when people easily lost touch with their loved ones as soon as they turned around in the chaos of war, when people voluntarily or were forced to draw a clear line with their loved ones, what kind of demeanor should they face? This is almost the ultimate torture in the face of humanity. A professor at the college said in class that there are no political ideas that can guide love life. So what? Fu and his wife, who died generously and took care of all their affairs without a hint of trouble, were one kind, and so was the Qian couple, who walked leisurely through the storm.

there are reports or materials to play up Mr. Yang Jiang's personal sacrifice in these years-- the so-called willingness to become a "maidservant under the stove"-- but this is not the primary reason for giving her the highest praise. We are really keen to discuss her emotional life, but I think her charisma is not just about how many male students admire her in Tsinghua Garden. More importantly, her independent personality, full of talent and graceful demeanor, sorting out manuscripts, translating literature, screenwriting, or fragmentary life, can not hide her true talent and magnanimity, whether in the life in the six stories of the cadre School, in the "three of us" after the death of Mr. Qian Zhongshu and Ms. Qian Jun, or in her exclusive interview with Nandu a few years ago. Has never dissipated.

just like this, Mr. Qian was able to support each other and laugh and scold each other in that turbulent era, not clearly turning a love siege that Mr. Qian Zhongshu's young people avoided into a golden age that belonged to them together.

the news that Mr. Yang Jiang was seriously ill came a few days ago, and then there was a corresponding refutation of the rumor. But in any case, the life is long or short, death leads to the recollection and discussion of life, and Mr. Yang Jiang's life is mentioned again on various websites and enters the public's field of vision. A hundred years may only be a summary of a few words. I have no intention of repeating a topic that we are all familiar with. Now I want to do the opposite, starting with the trivialities of life and talking about death itself.

the reason why I want to mention such a difficult time before what I really talk about is to talk about how to choose life and death, and it is completely understandable to choose death at that moment, and to choose life is commendable courage, and when the really powerless death comes, the attitude it faces is precipitated wisdom. If you count this time, Mr. Yang Jiang should have faced three deaths.

because he has many things in love in life, he should remember each other after death.

I am too young to speculate on how hard it can be to lose the love of my life. There is a song that sings

to "step bricks will not refuse to wear away, window grilles cannot be forbidden to set the glow". I think the author must have read the phrase "good things in the world are not firm, colorful clouds are easy to disperse and glass is brittle". Birth, old age, sickness and death is the most powerless thing we can do, and in many cases, we rely on nostalgia for life itself to eliminate the fear and sorrow that death itself brings. "the three of us" is like this, but it's not just like that.

Mr. Yang Jiang said in "the three of us" that we are really separated this time. I can't find them anymore. Sad but astringent in the eyes, after resisting all the life to leave, finally ushered in the death, what kind of feeling? But she used the word "lost", not "farewell to death" or "eternal formula". The word leaves infinite possibilities and seems to indicate that life is temporary and death is temporary. During these twenty years of calm, she must have believed that those who left you would one day come back to you.

when I write here, I suddenly think of the "Strange Theory" in the previous issue. In that discussion on life and death, I burst into tears almost from the first debater to speak. Maybe we always regret and refuse to talk about death and avoid it over and over again, even if we regret that we still have a lot to say, but forget that at the last moment of my life, the most meaningful thing is to tell someone that I met you in this life. It's a wonderful thing for you to meet me in this life.

the dream about Ma Ji described by host Ma Dong is the same-"this time I really left. I'm glad to see you father and son for life. Goodbye."


S Jun, a high school roommate who has always regarded her husband as a goddess, said on Wechat after hearing the news: "I think she must have left very calmly. Mr. Zhong Shu has been waiting for her for a long time."

the most difficult thing is to stay in the world, Zhu Yan said the flowers in the mirror and the tree. I don't know which scene Mr. Yang Jiang will recall in the last hundred years, but I think she will smile calmly no matter which scene. The world has experienced ups and downs for more than a hundred years, watching the rise and fall of honor and disgrace, and the precipitation of twenty years. Once was a startling photo, because you have been serious in this world, death has become the greatest reconciliation with the world, it is not to leave, so there is no need to say goodbye.