It's expensive for the rest of your life. Don't bet on your body.

It's expensive for the rest of your life. Don't bet on your body.

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tomorrow or accident, you never know which will come first

A few days ago, the famous writer @ Parrot Shihang announced a sad news on Weibo.

his good friend, Lai Bao, the screenwriter of Tonight's Post-80s, left the world in a hurry because of a sudden heart attack.

when the news came out, there was an uproar among the four.

the name Lai Bao may be unfamiliar to many people.

but anyone familiar with talk shows knows that Lai Bao is a writer for the post-80s generation tonight. he wrote a lot of creative jokes with Li Shu, Wang Zijian and Jianguo, and at one time contracted the jokes of many people.

but it's hard to imagine that the man who created a lot of laughter for the world is not actually happy.

he once said at an appointment in Luyu:

some people say that everyone's adult world is the afterlife.

this is really the case. Looking at Lai Bao's Weibo makes people feel even more saddened.

he is a pure and kind-hearted man who can send umbrellas to strangers and pick them up at the Capital Airport on a rainy night with a cold and fever.

he is also a man who is afraid of death. during the epidemic, he declined the invitation to get together with his friends, just to live for the sake of his family.

at the beginning of the year, he also told everyone to take care of their health.

half a month ago, he planned to get together with his old friends.

A few days ago, he joked with his friends and said, "I may be dying. Bye-bye";

I didn't expect that my life was impermanent.

he still did not follow the "normal game of birth, aging, sickness and death" and left suddenly at the age of 40, leaving behind his white-haired parents and his grieving wife.

Lai Bao said in his last Weibo:

to live, a dream has become a desire.

now it is full of desolation.

Yes, life is so hard and the reality is so cruel.

how many dreams haven't come true yet, and the dreamer's life has come to a standstill today.

so, I beg you, who are reading this article now, to take care of yourself in these troubled times.

try your best to live longer and be happy.

after all, no matter how much money you have in front of health, it will come to naught, and things that are difficult to let go seem insignificant.


Health is the greatest wealth in life

there is a hot question on Zhihu: when do you really feel desperate?

most of the answers are related to health.

"29 years old, diagnosed with breast cancer, crying alone in the hallway."

"Beijing drifters, unemployed, dare not even go to the hospital without medical insurance."

"my husband stayed up late and suddenly fainted, and the child in the family suddenly fainted with a fever."

countless life mentors told us:

you have to work hard when you are young;

996 is your blessing;

saving money without 10 million, personal interests and hobbies should be to make money;

but no one told us that taking money to buy health, nine out of ten injuries, looking for healthy loans, usually usury.

people always care about whether you fly high enough, never ask if you are tired and whether your body can bear it.

some time ago, Brother Xu's wife suddenly asked him for a month's leave. Only after inquiry did she know that Brother Xu was admitted to ICU because of a heart attack.

it's really sudden.

Brother Xu used to be a bohemian man who had no idea about money, but then he met his wife.

in order to earn more money and give sense of security to his family, he came out of the state-owned enterprise and found a job with high salary and high pressure.

Last year, brother Xu, who was in his 30s and had a son in his middle age, began to plan to start a business again, saying that he would buy a school district house for his child before he grew up.

the impact of this year's epidemic has made many investors squeeze their wallets. In order to attract investment, Brother Xu is socializing at the wine table. When he is under great pressure, he can stay up from night to morning and can't sleep all night, with a lot of hair.

unexpectedly, things have just made progress, just because of heart problems into the ICU, most of the money used to start a business has to be spent on treatment and rehabilitation.

visited him in the hospital a few days ago, he said with slight regret: he may have to live with a heart stent forever in the future, and the investment he just talked about is probably going to fall through again.

I joked: it's good to be alive. We'll talk about it later.

thinking about the way he squeezed his body to the limit of his work a few months ago, he couldn't help feeling a lot of emotion.

when the healthy body fades away, when the red light of life is on, when the disease comes quietly, it grabs the throat of fate, when you wake up in the ICU ward, you see the ECG beating on the monitor, if you give him another choice.

will he choose a car, a house or a ticket?

or family, health, and the future?

I don't know if you have found that the accumulation of wealth takes years or even decades, but it is easy to fall ill and destroy a family. Maybe one illness is enough.

I have seen many families who become poor because of illness and return to poverty because of illness.

worked hard for years, and finally paid tuition fees to the body.

so I advise you to be good for your health. A vast expanse of fertile land, but three meals a day, ten thousand buildings, only three feet of bed.

living well is the most precious asset for yourself and your family.


Youth is never capital, but health is

remember the heartbreaking news I saw the other day.

Hangzhou Xixi Hospital has successively treated three post-90s cancer patients:

they are a 25-year-old Jiangxi boy who has just been married for one year, a 22-year-old Hangzhou girl who has just entered the society, and a 29-year-old young mother.

it is because of irregular diet, long-term staying up late, overtime and other unhealthy lifestyle that they are fatally hit by their bodies early in their prime.

so don't take any chances by relying on your youth.

the disease always comes with wind, frost, rain and snow without saying hello to you.

I saw a post on the Internet before: "A 27-year-old cancer patient tells himself: how do I make cancer?"

the author, Prince Lu, is from Guangzhou. He is 27 years old and suffers from acute T-lymphoblastic leukemia. The disease is very dangerous and the clinical survival rate is only more than one year.

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after his illness, he deeply reflected on the causes of his cancer:

anxiety and insomnia pressure  often put too much pressure on himself, anxious to insomnia all night;  not eating breakfast basically depends on takeout

poor sleep leads to rarely getting up for breakfast, or carelessly, basically eating takeout.

stay up late

I finally have some time at night, and I don't want to end this short happy hour easily, and I don't have time to have a good rest.



can sit, can't stand, can lie down, can't sit, can take the elevator, can't take the stairs.


it turns out that all the diseases and accidents in the world have been premeditated for a long time.

the night you have survived today, the body you have indulged, and the health you have neglected are all bayonets for your future life.

the landlord also gave all young people three pieces of advice based on his own experience:

1, don't stay up late! (almost all the little friends who get sick together have the problem of staying up late.)

2, eat on time! (please eat three meals a day, eat well, have a balanced diet, and take good care of your stomach.)

3, moderate exercise! There are at least 30 minutes of activity every day. Don't sit too long, people really need to exercise for a while every day.

finally, he concluded sadly:

"you never know how important health is when you are healthy. You don't know how expensive health is until you are sick!"

if you give me another chance to choose, I don't want anything else as long as I'm healthy. "

"death is the most accurate education for life."

Don't wait until the day your body breaks down to realize that a person's health is more important than anything else in his whole life.


Kaifu Lee, known as the "young entrepreneurial mentor", is a desperate Saburo in the industry, as if he is indefatigable. Everything slowed down until he suffered from lymphoma at the age of 52.

after the operation, he began to pay great attention to health, eating regularly and healthily, basking in the sun every day, going to bed before 11:00 every day, and climbing mountains two or three times a week.

in his book, he sighed: "stepping across the valley of death, it was the first time that I had experienced the value of health so truly."

in this world, you can lose anything: money, jobs, dreams, love.

there is only health. Once you lose a bet, you are doomed to fail.

so, I would also like to remind you here today:

Don't indulge or squander your body at any time.

because there is only one life, there will never be a chance to start over.

if you don't have a healthy body, what can you do to protect your children from the wind and rain, accompany your parents in their twilight years, and fulfill your promise to grow old with your lover?

and those places you haven't been to, unfinished ideals, undeveloped life, what do you use to achieve?

in 2020, we experienced wildfires, epidemics, floods, earthquakes, explosions.

finally understood in disasters and the impermanence of the world:

in fact, living in peace and health is the best gift in life.

Feng Tang said: "the body is given to you for nothing, but it is not for you to waste it."

I hope everyone can take good care of their bodies, sleep well, eat well, exercise well and live well.

after all, life is a trivial matter except life and death.

the best time for the rest of your life is to be free from illness and mind.