Keep a rich mouth and enjoy a rich life.

Keep a rich mouth and enjoy a rich life.

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the life in your mouth is your life. To speak well is to change your destiny. Smart people all know how to keep a rich mouth.

because, the mouth is like a piggy bank, the mouth is rich, the blessing comes; the mouth spits the lotus, the wealth will last forever.


to accumulate virtue is to accumulate blessings

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as the old saying goes: knife sores are easy to go away, but evil words are hard to go away. To be a man, you should be virtuous. Don't say what you shouldn't say, but say it well when you should speak.

the art of closing the mouth of Gui Guzi is actually the art of opening and closing the mouth. It is the rarest to know what one knows and what one can do.

as the saying goes, good fortune comes from the mouth, and evil comes out from the mouth. Mouth is the fastest to build karma, and if you act on the spur of the moment, it will offend a lot of people. On the road of life, there will be more and more enemies, and the road will become narrower and narrower.

if you want to be rich, your mouth must be rich; if a family wants to be lucky, you must have luck in your mouth.

Gui Guzi said, "those who want to be passionate are like them and use their words as herdsmen."

when you talk to others, you should have empathy and let them have a good impression. They will naturally recognize you as a person and are willing to be friends with you.

A black taxi driver picked up a white mother and son, and the child asked, "Why is the driver's uncle's skin different from ours?"

Mother replied with a smile:

when we arrived at our destination, the driver firmly refused to charge:

"when I was a child, I asked my mother the same question. My mother said that we were black and were destined to be inferior!" If it were your answer today, I might be another me. "

to utter kind words is to do good karma and cultivate good karma.

keep a rich mouth, always speak with kindness and compassion, it is easier to make friends, the family will be more harmonious, and good fortune will come naturally.


there are five taboos in the mouth of wealth, and wise people never say

Gui Guzi says, "you can eat your mouth, you can't speak, and those who speak have taboos."

in the Gui Guzi plot, Gui Guzi talked about five taboos that should be paid attention to in interpersonal communication:

1. Patient: listless speech, lack of spirit, lack of drive to do anything, no self-motivated.

2, complainers: like to complain, full of negative energy, do not have their own opinions, do not solve, negative and pessimistic.

3. Worriers: sentimental, emotional, immersed in their own world, so that others don't know what to do.

4. Angry people: emotions are out of control, joy and anger are all facial expressions, and words are excessive.

5. Happy people: get carried away, do things in a high profile, and don't choose their words. It is easy to arouse resentment from others, and great joy leads to sorrow.

A person who complains, cries about poverty and negative energy is not satisfied, and his blessings will run away. I can't do anything.

just about everything, negative life, as a result, life is getting more and more dissatisfied. If you want a prosperous family and a happy life, you should learn to be contented, and your mouth should learn to say "satisfied".

there is rain in the sky and disaster in the man. Don't be crazy when you act like a man. You should have your own fortune and misfortune.

know how to control your emotions and don't say anything in any situation. If you want to be rich, you must first raise your mouth.


the art of speaking sincerely and thinking of others

not knowing how to speak can only be evil from the mouth, while keeping a rich mouth will bring good fortune from heaven.

in Gui Guzi Quan, Gui Guzi talks about different strategies when talking to different people:

talking to wise people depends on the breadth of sight. Talk to rich people in a strategically advantageous and elegant manner.

when talking to people of low status, they are often more sensitive. Humility and courtesy will move them and lead them to be best friends. When you talk to someone who has made a mistake, you must encourage him, give him confidence and encourage him.

as Gu Guizi said, "nothing is stronger than what people do not want."

can talk, not "speak to others, speak nonsense to hell", but be sincere in heart and know how to think of others.

know the other person's true thoughts and inner desires and say words that are "beneficial" to the other person. Through the ages, the one who has exerted the art of speaking to the extreme is Gui Guzi.

the technique of lobbying initiated by him allowed disciples Zhang Yi, Su Qin, Pang Juan and Sun Bin to control the pattern of the warring States. In addition to the indestructible tongue, more importantly, they know how to think of others and proceed from the interests of the monarchs of various countries.

the importance of interacting with people lies in the word "sincerity". No matter how excellent eloquence is, it is not as moving as real feelings.

speaking sincerely, the road of life can be wider and wider and smoother.