Last week of 2021: thank you, and thank you for your desperation.

Last week of 2021: thank you, and thank you for your desperation.

Good morning, accompany you to read.

there is only one week left in 2022, which I once thought was far away.

I'm still in a trance when I think about it, as if the last New year was not long ago.

when people reach a certain age, they always feel that life goes by so quickly that it seems like a matter of fingers and fingers for ten or eight years.

time passed before we could catch up.

looking back on this year, we may still have a lot of goals to achieve, a lot of regrets, and a lot of reluctance and worry.

but along the way, we also met a lot of beautiful things.

the firm guardianship of parents, the inseparability of lovers, the support and encouragement of friends, the trust and promotion of dignitaries, and the inadvertent kindness of strangers.

We feel that experience has taught us to grow up, and we have expressed heartfelt gratitude to many people.

but don't forget, the most grateful thing is yourself.


this year, thank you

for not giving up and always working hard to live

this year, we have all experienced a lot of unknown bitterness.

maybe you try desperately to make a change, but your career has never improved, and you can only shed tears in the middle of the night.

maybe you are at the bottom of your life, you can't afford to buy a house, you can't afford to get married, and the vows you once thought would never change can't stand the test of reality.

maybe your parents are getting old and their children are crying for food, dragging their bodies forward every day, but looking around, no one can help you.

We doubt ourselves countless times, want to escape, and ask ourselves again and again, do we insist or give up?

but in the end, no matter how hard and tired life is, we gnash our teeth and survive.

in fact, we all know that a person's life may not be magnificent and exciting.

every ordinary person, such as you and me, is just making a living silently in the secular fireworks.

but there is a saying that I think is very reasonable: "Life always makes us black and blue, but later, those injured places will certainly become our strongest places."

Life is certainly not always satisfactory, but it never disappoints everyone who works hard.

when we learn to be brave when we cry, when we learn to be strong in sorrow, and when we learn to fight against everything that goes wrong, we really have the ability to resist fate.

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this year, I thank myself

no matter downstream or headwind, I am optimistic in the face of the unknown

some people say that human life is a grain of dust after all, and never produces joy.

the more we get to the end of the year, the more we feel about this sentence.

it's hard to imagine that we've been through so much this year.

epidemic situation and disaster are intertwined, and parting is with joy.

it's not easy for most of us, and we've never looked forward to it from the bottom of our hearts, hoping that "the new year will be better for me."

but have you noticed that we seem to be unconsciously becoming more optimistic than before?

gradually let go of the mistakes I have made, stop worrying about those old mistakes, say goodbye to those who are not worth it, and stop being careful to curry favor with those who are not worth it. Even if there is still a lot of want to do, but can not do anything, but also maintain their original sincerity, I believe that one day it will get better.

in fact, keeping an optimistic attitude doesn't mean we have to be happy all the time.

but even in the most difficult days, we believe that we are worthy and that we can.

every experience of life is a gift of fate.

good and bad things are a thing of the past, but these experiences also make us better and better people.

appreciate Wang Guozhen's words very much: "pessimists are defeated by themselves before they are defeated by life; optimists defeat themselves before they defeat life."

what about dust?

in the sun, there are always people who try to jump and dance with all their strength to make the dust shine.

take it easy to find the beauty of the present and the infinite possibilities of the future.


this year, thank you

No matter how things change, I still have goodness in my heart

Zhang ailing once said: "in this strange world, no one can live a smooth life."

Yes, sometimes we think we have crossed one whirlpool, but in fact we step into another.

but looking back, the world is sometimes not as bad as we thought.

once when I was making nucleic acid in the middle of the day, when there was no shade around, I quietly tilted the umbrella over the head of a girl in front of me. I forgot to pull out the key when I got home, and when I sent something to my neighbor, the takeout boy saw a knock on the door and reminded me that he was in a hurry to deliver the next order before I could say "thank you."

most of the time, we never know how much impact a simple word of concern and a small action can have on another person.

but in the end, small, random happiness and tenderness are also beginning to pass on here and come back to us in another form.

Life is really difficult sometimes, but we don't always have compassion and reflection on life.

remember the warm words: "the world is sometimes not very friendly, and it is the best reward to come to the world if it can light the way for others while shining." We are all lost stars, but we still try to light up the darkness. "

the goodness and goodness of this world are always intertwined.

We warm others and are being softened by others.Waiting is the best reward in the world.


this year, thank myself

through wind and rain, master Nhat Hanh wrote

in his book living in the present moment

when we are deeply integrated into the present and wholeheartedly deal with calm and ordinary moments, we can touch the past and the future; when we know how to properly grasp the present, we can heal the past and change the present.

many people have actually made the same mistake:

always feel that they are not good enough, always look forward to the future, and wait until it is too late to regret it.

but time is an endless river that seems to cycle over and over again, but never looks back.

and we are all people who cross the river, going on a journey of no return.

the only thing you can do is to live in the present and cherish what you have in front of you.

cherish is actually a very rare attitude towards life.

this year, we have all learned to cherish our predecessors, to be more tolerant and accommodating to the families around us, and to take it for granted.

this year, we all realized once again the value of life and health, and learned to cherish our bodies instead of taking chances.

this year, we all strive to cherish every moment, do not worry, do not deny ourselves, and do not be lazy when we should work hard.

what tomorrow will be like, no one knows. The only thing we can do is to grasp the present, cherish the present, and wait for certain happiness in the insipid fleeting years.


this year, thank you

I hope all the trips are meaningful

this year, it is not easy for us.

but just answer that sentence: there is only one kind of heroism in the world, that is, you still love life after seeing the truth of life.

No matter how many storms or troughs there have been in the past, after a whole year of hard work, you can finally say to yourself:

"Thank you, dear yourself."

Thank you for not crying before loneliness, never retreating in front of thorns, never giving up, facing life fearlessly; thank yourself, never forgetting the original ideals and aspirations always cherish beauty, adults do not believe in fairy tales, but we still look forward to the future; thank ourselves for being kind all the time, even though the night engulfs everything, a little goodwill is the light that warms each other. Thank yourself, always be grateful and cherish the present, although there are losses, but also gains. "

No matter how long the winter is, the flowers will bloom, and even the faintest light symbolizes the dawn.