Less control, less talking, less thinking is a blessing.

Less control, less talking, less thinking is a blessing.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

A philosopher once said:

I think so deeply.

all my life, white clouds and green dogs, many pipes lead to many enemies, many mouths lead to disasters, and many thoughts lead to annoyance.

and those who are blessed in life often have these three characteristics.


mind your own business. Less control, in order to leave each other blank, to their own splendor.

the rarest accomplishment of a person is to mind his own business.

some time ago, Sister Zhang, my neighbor, suddenly posted a circle of friends:

I asked her what was wrong.

she told me that she felt aggrieved. She obviously meant well, but in the end she didn't please both sides.

hearing this, I understood a little in an instant.

Sister Zhang is a famous "warm-hearted" and "restless" in the community. After she retired a few years ago, she always took care of some foreign affairs--

when she saw two couples quarreling, she always went to persuade them. When she heard that someone else had won the lottery, she also went to the door to inquire.

she likes to get involved and meddles, which is what everyone in the community thinks of her.

I just don't know, what's her business this time?

"some time ago, my second brother married his daughter and is going to marry my niece with a wedding house. Thinking that my nephew was not married, I suggested to my second brother that the house be left to him. After all, when a girl marries someone, she becomes an outsider. As a result, this remark made my second brother very angry. "

"later, I learned that it was my nephew's idea to marry him with this house. He has loved his sister since he was a child."

"now, my niece complains that I prefer sons over daughters, and my nephew thinks I mind my own business. I'm not flattering at both ends, and I'm not a person inside and outside."

finally she said to me with a wry smile, "it's not your own business in this life. Mind your own business!"

some people say:

Our beach wedding dresses are created by impeccable tailoring and everlasting elegance. Our collections will meet all your needs.

Yes, yellow cattle horn, buffalo horn, each tube horn; black dog hair, white dog hair, each hair.

as the French writer Mark Levy wrote in his book the Shadow Theft: "you can't interfere in other people's lives, even for their own good."

it is a kind of happiness to be with people who do not interfere in other people's lives.

and learning to be a person who cares less about other people's affairs is a compulsory course for a person's life.

there is such a joke on the Internet:

A little boy is sitting on a park bench eating chocolate. A man sat directly opposite him.

when the man watched the little boy eat six chocolates in one go, he said to the little boy, "eating too much chocolate is bad for your health."

the little boy replied, "my grandfather lived to be 105."

"does he eat a lot of chocolate, too?" The man asked.

"No," said the little boy, "he never mind his own business."

Blessed people never mind their own business.

things change, and life is like a dream. Instead of doing bad things with good intentions and thankless, it is better to "hang up high" and mind your own business.


speak less

Mr. Lin Yutang said, "if you want to speak skillfully, you must speak less; if you speak too much, you will lose; if you speak too much, you will lose."

I think so.

A person learns to speak for two years and to shut up for the rest of his life.

to keep your mouth shut is a lifelong practice.

some time ago, actress Zhang Meng apologized again. It turned out that she "said the wrong thing again"

maybe it was because the drama was too high. She complained about Lin you in "30" on Weibo. However, due to improper words, it hurt Zhang Yue, who played the role of Lin you.

so she apologized for the sixth time this year.

A netizen once summed up Zhang Meng's day like this-"talking and apologizing".

I appreciate this attitude of apologizing when you say something wrong, but I really doubt whether all the damage caused by saying the wrong thing can be erased with one apology.

after all, "words hurt more than knives and guns; knife wounds are easy to heal, but tongue wounds are difficult to heal".

just like the nail that made the scar, even if it is pulled out, it has left a scar on other people's hearts.

so instead of apologizing after saying the wrong thing, it's better to talk less in the first place.

as Zhang Meng warned herself: "be careful what you say and do."

like Zhang Meng, Yi Nengjing was scolded for talking too much.

in the variety show "mother-in-law and mother", Qin Hao's mother once said of Yi Nengjing, "actually, you are kind and strong." But you have one of your deadliest weaknesses, that is, you talk too much. "

to the point.

there is a saying in Daojing: "it is better to keep the middle than to speak too much and count the poor."

it is true. Illness comes from the mouth, and evil comes out from the mouth.

Don't let your mouth get in the way of your blessing.

there is such a story in the Jewish wisdom fable:

A priest told his servant, "go and buy back the most expensive thing on the market."

the priest thought the servant would buy some food such as chicken, duck, fish and meat, but in the end the servant bought the tongue.

two days later, the priest told the servant, "go and buy the cheapest thing in the market."

the priest thought the servant would buy some coarse food or something, but the servant bought his tongue.

the priest was puzzled and asked:

the servant replied:

when I was a child, when I watched A Dream of Red Mansions, I felt that Xue Baochai's character of "not caring about herself, shaking her head and not knowing" was really hypocritical. But when I stepped into society, I stumbled all the way.After walking through thousands of mountains and rivers, I found that this is clearly great wisdom!

as Zeng Guofan wrote in his letter to his younger brother Zeng Guoquan: "abstain from talking too much."

Yes, a good word warms you in three winters, but a bad word hurts you in June.

instead of talking too much to attract disasters, it is better to say less about Jufu.

to say less is the root of good fortune.


think less

there is a folk proverb:

some time ago, my friends came to talk to me: "things are not going well these days, so annoying."... "

I asked her what was wrong.

she told me: "I don't think my boyfriend loves me anymore. He doesn't even stay with me on weekends."

but as far as I know, her boyfriend recently moved to an accounting firm in order to save money to buy a house.

looking at her sad face, I said to her half jokingly and half seriously: "Yes, there is nothing in the world.

someone once wrote to Mr. Yang Jiang, wondering why he had no intention of making progress.

Mr. Yang Jiang said in her reply: your main problem is that you don't read much and think too much.

some people say: those who are willing to do so are tired; those who are unintentional do not care.

think less, it is a top attitude towards life.

and thinking too much will only bind your own happiness.

in the masterpiece "the wish of the hedgehog" written by the famous Dutch writer Dunde Reagan, there is a hedgehog who likes to think about things.

this hedgehog has no good friends because of its thorns.

one day, he had a whim: "it would be better to invite animals to my house." So he immediately picked up his pen to write the letter, but after the letter was finished, he began to feel uneasy:

if the elephant came, it would trample on the table;

if the badger came, it would not find a topic;

if the whale came, the spray would drown the forest;

the hedgehog thought and thought, after a while, the frightening images of more than 30 kinds of animals visiting were repeated in his mind.

then the squirrel knocked on the door of the hedgehog's house-and then they spent a wonderful afternoon together.

Mudd said:

indeed, to think too much is to torture yourself.

after all, "most of the time, you make yourself tired, you pester yourself, and then you can't get rid of your other self."

so, think less is a person's greatest blessing.


there are three treasures in a happy life: less control, less talking, and less thinking.

Life is life, Baiyun Cang Dog, in the twinkling of an eye, is life.

instead of clinging to a life of excess, the more the better, it is better to live a happy life less.

the second half of life, less control, less talking, less thinking.

that's fine.