Let people spend their lives by three feet!

Let people spend their lives by three feet!

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there is a saying in Cai Gentan: "it is a blessing to let one step be high in life and to be lenient to others."

people who are really smart know how to give in when things happen.

to give people three feet is to leave room for future progress.

give way, you can get the opportunity first, give way to ensure peace, and let interests gather people.


give way, enough is enough

at present, everyone has selfishness.

people who are really smart often know how to make a profit.

as the ancients said, "interests can be shared but not alone."

money is not exclusive, it must be shared with others.

Let the interest gather the crowd, and the crowd can get things done.

the mutual benefit of cooperation with others will benefit everyone, and the benefits will last longer.

throughout history, the pattern of those who know how to make a profit is much larger than that of those who do nothing.

Guan Zi said, "if Dendrobium is full, it will be human, and if people are full, it will be natural."

if you don't take the initiative to give up, God will borrow the hands of others to balance you.

Li Ka-shing knows this very well. He once laid down a rule at home: "when the Li family cooperates with others, they should get seven points of profit and only six points."

giving a share of profit to others is not only convenient for others, but also a good relationship for future generations.

be modest when your personal interests conflict with those of others.

to transfer the benefits to others, although there will be some losses, it will win more room for development.

when the benefits are at their peak, it is more necessary to stop.


give way, advance and retreat freely

there is a saying in the Historical Records: "A bird is exhausted, a good bow is hidden; a cunning rabbit dies and a running dog cooks."

most of the heroes in ancient times will inevitably end up like this.

Zhang Liang gave advice and advice to Liu Bang, the great ancestor of the Han Dynasty.

Liu Bang once praised Zhang Liang: "my husband is planning to win thousands of miles away."

in the process of fighting Jiangshan, Zhang Liang has always been regarded as "the master of the emperor" by Liu Bang.

after the establishment of the Han Dynasty, Liu Bang began to divide all the heroes.

Liu Bang planned to seal Zhang Liang's high position, but Zhang Liang did not accept it and only made a reservation.

and gradually retreated from "the emperor who is the teacher" to the status of "the emperor and the guest".

ceded the titles of senior officials and knights to the later Nengchen.

this way of abdicating and giving way to meritocracy has won Liu Bang's trust.

makes Zhang Liangcheng one of the few who can save himself.

Zeng Guofan said: "when you are in good times, you often think about bad times, and when you go on the court, when you read off."

profits cannot be taken up, blessings cannot be enjoyed, the situation cannot be exhausted, and reason cannot be taken away.

Don't talk too hard and don't do too much.

people go to high places and let three points be given to others, so that they can advance and retreat freely.


first, it came naturally

Zeng Guofan and Zuo Zongtang were important officials in the late Qing Dynasty.

Zeng Guofan is older than Zuo Zongtang and has promoted Zuo Zongtang;

but Zuo Zongtang competed to be strong and never paid attention to Zeng Guofan.

one day, Zuo Zongtang complained to a friend: "Why is it that the world is called 'Zeng Zuo' instead of 'Zuo Zeng'?"

my friend boldly said: "there is often Zuo Gong in Zeng Gong's eyes, but Zeng Gong has no Zeng Gong in his eyes."

in just one sentence, Zuo Zongtang was thoroughly awakened.

Life is not a 100-meter race, but a marathon.

the order of time does not determine the final result.

the Book of morality says, "I dare not be the first in the world."

fight for the first time and destroy the work of a lifetime.

people who strive to be first everywhere are bound to be too impetuous and make mistakes in the process of doing things, so as to affect the overall situation.

instead of scrambling for the lead, it is better to get out of the way.

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settle down and concentrate on doing your own thing.

you can't do things by being impatient, but by keeping your feet on the ground.

Life is like water, you just need to flow slowly and save your strength bit by bit.

everything should be patient, don't fight, don't fight, and it will happen naturally.