Life can be busy, but mind should be leisurely.

Life can be busy, but mind should be leisurely.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Buddha said: he who is gentle is naturally kind. Those who are magnanimous are naturally detached. Those who are far-reaching are naturally open. Those who have tolerance will naturally rejoice.

Yes! Living in this broad world and leisurely life, you need a quiet, broad-minded and full heart to enjoy the five tastes of the world.

as long as you have a relaxed and leisurely state of mind to feel the beauty of complicated and trivial days, then life will be full of joy everywhere.

people are busy all their lives in order to achieve beauty. Only to sit still and often think about yourself, gossip, turn all trivial grudges into light wind and light clouds, do not expect, do not complain, let all the stumbling become a kind of experience;

let yourself learn to be relieved in the ups and downs, calmly face the bitterness and sweetness of the world, and be at ease with the circumstances.

to be a man, you should keep your heart warm, so that your heart will be soft; only with goodness can you build a bridge of communication between people and be recognized and respected by everyone.

in life, mindset determines life. Only by having a good state of mind can we remain optimistic in the face of difficulties and overcome suffering. It can be said: what kind of mental mentality you have, what kind of quality of life you will dominate. Therefore, the person who can learn to control the vitality of his life is the smartest person.

know that life is short, and everyone has his own ideal goal, and he has to work hard for it. You can be busy with your life, but you must have a good state of mind to support it.

only learn to relax, let life relax, combine work and rest, and not blindly pursue impractical things, such days will be leisurely and comfortable.

as someone said: leisure is a state of life, and to enjoy leisure is to enjoy a natural state of being at ease, unspoiled and unspoiled. If you want to have a leisurely state of mind, you need inner peace, with a happy and broad-minded concept and a mind to appreciate nature, to face the ups and downs of life, so that the heart in a simple, tranquil, happy and relaxed.

because simplicity is great enlightenment and the ultimate state of life. If you can learn to be a simple and clear person, life will naturally give you sunshine and warmth, and our days will naturally be happy.

as long as you live your life with a kind and simple attitude, you can do everything without discouragement, idleness, and peace of mind, then life will naturally be wonderful and continuous.

to be a man, no one is perfect, but you must be sincere and contented; do everything in detail, but spare no effort. If everyone can make sure that they don't waste their brains not fighting for fame and fortune, don't worry about trifles, ignore all success or failure, honor or disgrace and right and wrong, and keep their hearts in a leisurely state all the time, then you will really find the true meaning of life.

because a leisurely life is a kind of peace of mind at peace with the world, abiding by the peace of mind of my heart, a kind of intellectual detachment, being able to be a humble and leisurely person, it will do you a lot of good but no harm.

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May each of us always have a warm and happy mood and a calm and calm state of mind, and live a leisurely life!

even if the road is covered with mud, you should be grateful and write a quiet and fulfilling journey into your life!

in this way, our life will be clear and sunny; our days will be pleasant and warm, and we will win more beautiful scenery for life!