Life is a passer-by, why a thousand knots?

Life is a passer-by, why a thousand knots?

Good morning, accompany you to read.

most of the time, we will worry about all kinds of things, the past and the future

but in fact, life is a passer-by, so there is no need to be too persistent

take it easy and follow your heart.


Let bygones be bygones

former British Prime Minister Lloyd George has a habit of closing the door behind him.

once he was walking in the yard with his friends. he also passed a door, so he closed the door

his friend asked him, "do you think it is necessary to close these doors?"

Prime Minister Lloyd George said: "of course it is necessary, because it is also a lifetime thing to do." When you close the door, leave the past behind, whether it's a good achievement or an annoying mistake, and then you can start all over again.

throw away troubles, throw away extra sundries, and disconnect from unnecessary people

my friend Xiao Lin once experienced a heart-wrenching relationship. She had already recognized him after talking to her boyfriend for five years, but found that she was so depressed during the

period that she could not pick up the spirit to do anything.

but then after she figured it out, she cheered up and worked hard and lived a serious life. She bought a house and lived the life she wanted.

in a work project, she met her current boyfriend, talented and motivated, and was considerate and attentive to her

she said, "if he hadn't left me, my life might not have been as wonderful as it is now." and I wouldn't have met a better person.

recently, when she heard that her ex-boyfriend was going to get married, she silently blessed him in her heart

the passers-by were wonderful, leaving behind

many persistent things. Looking back after the past, it is just "fleeting clouds and clouds"

, so there will be no worries in the heart. If you see through, the world will be simple

Let go of the past and move forward, and it will be more beautiful

. Only when you lose your self-confidence and imagination for the future can you really be tortured by the cycle of the sun and the moon.

Prosperity will eventually come to an end, and going back to basics is beauty.


cherish the present and love yourself

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there is an aunt in the neighbor who divorced her husband more than ten years ago and raised the children on her own. Now that the children have grown up and seldom go home

to live alone, in the eyes of outsiders, she is very lonely, but she doesn't think that she plays everywhere every day, and those close to home take the bus. When I travel far away, I invite several sisters to go out together

usually go to the mall and buy some beautiful clothes to dress myself up. After dinner, I went for a walk in the nearby park, blowing the evening breeze

sometimes I would invite my sisters to play mahjong at home and cook together when I was tired of playing mahjong. These days, it is very comfortable for her

someone asked her, "Don't you feel bored and lonely by yourself?"

she said: "No, my life is for myself. I enjoy it every day, be happy, do whatever I want, and don't feel bad about spending money."

finding something happy to do and simplifying things will make life interesting.

cherish the present, love yourself

to enjoy life, to embrace the present, give yourself some time to relax

there is a poem in Wang Wei's "Farewell to the South": "go to the water poverty, sometimes sit and watch the rising clouds change."

there are too many troubles in the world, only the most important now

the rest of my life is long, don't panic, the future life is hidden in every day of our present, this is the future

happy and simple life, it is worth us to realize that

life is long, happy or unhappy is a lifetime, why not make yourself happy?

leave the unpleasant ones to the past and put the sunny ones into the present.

not to disturb the past, but to laugh


for the rest of my life.

Mr. Inamori

Mr. Inamori said: "facing difficulties and adversity with optimism is the iron rule of success in life."

I have heard a story in which a man was troubled by the pressure of life and wanted to find a solution, so he found a wise man who did not answer his question directly and gave him a basket. Let him pick up the stones on the road

the man picked up all kinds of stones as he walked.

but as he walked, the stone on his body became heavier and heavier, making it difficult for him to move and finally fell to the ground tired.

the wise man told him, "in fact, as long as you pour the pebbles out of the basket, you can carry them lightly."

Life is the same. If you take everything to heart and struggle with everything, then life will overwhelm you

if you know how to break up and let go of unimportant people and things, life will become easier and easier

the troubles encountered

may you sum up and digest, and there will be no more troubles in the days to come

Xi Xi was exhausted by all kinds of things in her life for a period of time. The newcomer went wrong with the simplest things.

her colleagues secretly set her up.

the children in the family are disobedient and often go home

and have to repay the mortgage car loan. She is bewildered by all kinds of trifles

For example, where do you think you are not doing well, why is your life so hard, why do you always have to face all kinds of trifles, and so on.

she began to adjust herself, giving herself a day off, going for a walk in the suburbs, feeling the power of nature, toLooking at the paintings in the pavilion, then sitting on the park bench in a daze, blowing the wind

slowly, she felt that time was slowing down, and her life became less painful and troublesome

Ten deadly sins said: "there are only three reasons: I can't see through it, I can't think about it, I can't let it go."

in fact, there are no fewer things in life, but the mentality of facing things has changed

as long as you calm down and solve things the same way, the most difficult things will be in the past

. May you not cling to the past, simply follow your heart, worry-free

do not entangle your old friends, clean up the past, love and hate at will

do not mess in the present, simplify complexity, and love life.