Life is like a bowl (classic article)

Life is like a bowl (classic article)

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Life is like a bowl, broken bowls are useless, people go for nothing.

three meals a day are inseparable from the bowl, which is closely connected with us.

if you think about it, there are too many similarities between a person's life and a bowl.

We should learn how to survive from the bowl with an open mind.


Life is like a bowl, which can be filled with delicacies, wild vegetables, wine and cold water.

the bowl tastes sweet, sweet, bitter and salty before we know the difference of all kinds of flavors in the world.

Life is like a bowl, taste the joys and sorrows of life, experience the warmth of human feelings.

joys and sorrows are the taste of life and we need to savor them carefully.

Cao Xueqin, a book of Red Mansions, is known all over the world, and the joys and sorrows in the book are also a true portrayal of his life.

he was born into a distinguished family in Jiangning and lived a rich and romantic life in his early years.

I was spoiled by my grandmother at home. I spent every day with my sister's servant girls, reading books, writing, playing the piano, playing chess, reciting poems and paintings, fighting grass hairpin flowers, and living a leisurely and contented life of honey without knowing the sufferings of the world.

the first half of life has no worries about food and clothing, but the situation of the second half of life has taken a sharp turn, to the point where they have to sell their land for a living.

after his home was copied, Cao Xueqin began to shoulder the heavy burden of the family, running around for life, working hard for the revival of the family, studying hard and visiting teachers to find friends.

but it is because of this experience that Cao Xueqin has a deeper experience of life.

he wrote the masterpiece A Dream of Red Mansions after ten years of reading and adding and deleting five times.

enjoy both happiness and bitterness, adding some flavor to the originally insipid life.

Eason Chan sings in balsam pear:

you don't know what sweet is until you are bitter. With the bitter taste, you won't feel that sweetness is too light.


Life is like a bowl with a square

since ancient times, most bowls are mainly round, no matter how the shape changes, its structure is close to the circle.

someone has done such an experiment:

take two pieces of mud of the same size, one to make a square bowl and the other to make a round bowl. We fill the round bowl with water, and then pour it into the square bowl and it will overflow. The round bowl holds more.

moreover, when storing bowls, square bowls are not easy to store and easy to bump, while round bowls can be stacked together and easy to store.

because of the lack of edges and corners, the bowl has more capacity and less collision with other bowls.

the same is true of people. We should know that there is a limit to the square, and we should not be too reckless and emotional.

in his early years, because Zeng Guofan showed his edge too much and did not know how to restrain, he offended many people, which made him encounter a lot of resistance in his official career.

after that, he began to reflect, learned to put aside his edge, humbly listen to other people's opinions, and found other people's strong points. While adhering to his arrogance, he was humble to get along with others, which made him feel like a fish in water in officialdom.

when dealing with people, we should properly remove some edges and corners, keep them square and square, accommodate more things, and know how to get along with others.

the true maturity of a person is to know the world rather than the world, and to be sleek and naive.


Life is like a bowl, the bottom is thick and durable

A durable bowl has these two characteristics:

one is that the bottom is slightly thicker than the edge, and the foundation is better, so that it can hold more food on top.

second, most bowls are gradually widened from the bottom up, from less to more, increasing one by one, so that they are more stable.

the same is true of people. Only by laying a good foundation can we walk more steadily, and only by accumulating bit by bit will the road behind us be better.

throughout history, people who achieve great things need to accumulate slowly over time.

Zhuge Liang of the three Kingdoms reads more books every day and goes out more to understand the human feelings of the world before he can sit in the hut and talk freely with Liu Bei.

Sima Qian of the Western Han Dynasty read thousands of history books and became "the last song of historians" after 13 years of painstaking polishing.

Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty visited Baichuan and traveled thousands of miles. After 27 years, he encountered great obstacles and constructed a great work of classical medicine.

so there is a "thick product" before you can have "thin hair".

only by constantly increasing the thickness of life, can we take the lead in the fierce competition and stand out in the trend of survival of the fittest.

there is a saying in Xunzi:

if you want to go far, you should first take every step under your feet.

take deep roots in the wind and rain of life, and then they can flourish and stand erect between heaven and earth without fear of wind and rain.

being a man is like a bowl. only by beating the base well can you stand the years and be strong and durable.


Life is like a bowl, honed

how does a pile of loose soil become a strong bowl?

the craftsmen first add water to turn the soil into mud, and then use the mud to fabricate a model of the bowl. the most important step is to put the bowl embryo in the furnace, bake it at high temperature, and finally grind it again before it can become a useful bowl.

if the temperature is not enough, or the edges are not polished, then the bowl will become defective and abandoned.

the same is true of people, who cannot become talents without training, and without a chilling experience, they can smell the fragrance of plum blossoms.

Wang Yangming's life is difficult, difficult, and dangerous, but in himself, he is magnanimous, bright, and free and easy.

this is because he can always accept the ordeal calmly, reflect on it, and constantly improve his state of mind.

in the cold winter of his 35-year-old, he was imprisoned for remonstrating and offending dignitaries. There was not only punishment but also an irresistible cold, and he could not sleep.He began to write poetry.

instead of giving up on himself and his pursuit of Confucianism because of the changes in his life, he soon made other friends in prison and continued to preach.

later, he was relegated to the remote Longchang as a post-magistrate in Longchang, Guizhou. Despite the harsh environment, different languages and deep adversity, he was able to go with the circumstances and continue his Confucian way.

Life has a long way to go and a lot of tribulations. Only by treating tribulations as inner things like Wang Yangming can we develop a strong heart.

sail smoothly without being blocked by rapids on the dangerous shoals of life.


Life is like a bowl. If you fill more, it will overflow

you fill the bowl with water of about the same volume as the bowl. Keep the bowl, but if it is over the mouth, you will not want it.

Bowls are not greedy, and so should people.

as the old saying goes, "greed cannot be chewed off", "greed is the source of all evil", "do not be greedy, greed is doomed".

through the ages, how many people have been telling us with their own experience that greed does not come to a good end, and contented people are always happy.

the greed for money is tiredness.

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everyone loves money, but a gentleman loves to take it wisely. Money is good as long as it is enough, but it is useless if there is more.

he has amassed a lifetime of wealth, once copied the family, all cleared, bearing the name of corrupt officials, was reviled thousands of times by the rest of the world.

greed for color is color injury.

everyone has a love of beauty, but we can't lust for beauty. through the ages, many heroes have lost heart for life because they are addicted to beauty.

Lv Bu coveted Diao Chan's beauty, killed Dong Zhuo, lost his integrity, and finally became a "family slave with three surnames", which was laughed at by the world.

people should control their desires. Don't pick up sesame seeds and lose watermelons. The loss outweighs the gain.

there is a saying in Cai Gentan:

there are so many troubles in the world. If you want to be at ease, you should stop "greed".


Life is like a bowl, the bowl will inevitably stumble, there will inevitably be cracks, people will inevitably stumble, not so smooth.

but only those bowls that can withstand bumping are not fragile, can they stand the polishing of time, and last a long time.

the same is true of people who don't stumble all the way.

Su Shi, a great writer in the Song Dynasty, is a favorite poet of many people. People are not only impressed by his poems, but also admire his personality.

speaking of Su Shi's life, it is quite tortuous.

when teenagers study hard and are full of lofty aspirations for the future, they go to Beijing to take exams, enlist their teachers, have a smooth journey and enter the court hall, prepare for meritorious deeds and make great achievements, but they are repeatedly relegated.

first Hangzhou, then to Mizhou, Xuzhou, Huzhou, and finally to the desolate Huangzhou because of the involvement of the Wutai Poetry case.

it seems that I have been wandering around in different places in the first half of my life. I just know one place and want to go to another place. I have been drifting without fixed abode.

he has had ups and downs in his life and has been relegated several times, but he has always been magnanimous in the world.

Su Shi never complained. He regarded these changes as the normality of his life and made fun in his bitterness.

in Hangzhou, he built a Su embankment in the West Lake for the benefit of the people; in Huangzhou, he opened up wasteland and planted land, built his own shelter on the slopes, and jokingly called himself a "dongpo resident".

No matter what kind of realm he is in, he always makes life interesting and writes suffering into poems. He says, "A misty rain can lead a lifetime".

these experiences make Su Shi extraordinary and provide nutrition for his poems, ci and writings.

there are ups and downs, there are stories, and stories are called life.

Life is like a bowl, filled with a bowl of joys and sorrows, taste the bitterness and sweetness of the world;

Life is like a bowl, saving a lifetime experience, understanding the cold and warm of human feelings;

Life is like a bowl, practicing one's skills, precipitated by years;

Life is like a bowl, growing in training, feeling this life in stumbling and stumbling, and cherishing life in accumulation.