Life is like a lotus (every sentence is classic, every word goes into the heart)

Life is like a lotus (every sentence is classic, every word goes into the heart)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Last year, the "resurrection" of the ancient lotus, which Old Summer Palace had been sleeping for a hundred years, was in full bloom, making people admire the miracle of life one after another.

Lian has been a darling since ancient times, no matter ordinary people, literati, or Buddhist disciples have a special fondness for lotus.

the heart of lotus, do not fight for national color, do not fight for spring, Zhongtong is straight without dust, and the roll is open and naive.

in fact, when people live to the extreme, they repair a lotus heart.

only when we do not contend, do not compare, do not bend, do not worry, do not fear, can we achieve peace and joy.


the lotus heart does not fight, it is wise not to fight, it is not better than not tired

husband, there is no struggle with it in the world.

there is a plot in the TV series Yongzheng Dynasty:

Wu Sidao told the fourth master a story in which an old man gave birth to many sons and had a large family fortune, but there was only one key to inherit the family business.

so, the sons quarreled bitterly, but one son did not fight for the key. He just silently helped the old man and took care of the family business.

finally the old man figured it out and gave the key to the indisputable son.

dispute is no dispute, no dispute is dispute. Not to argue is not confused, but a kind of wisdom.

there is a good saying: do not chase a horse, use the time to chase a horse to recommend, when the spring blossoms, there will be a number of horses for you to choose.

the tiredness of life, the tiredness of the heart, the tiredness of the heart, half from survival, half from comparison.

Chinese people's whole lives seem to be compared, and children are compared with "other people's children" from an early age.

compare the score, the number of awards, and the quality of admission to the school.

when the children graduate and come out to work, they begin to compare whether the job is good or not, whether the salary is high, and whether there are many benefits.

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then if you get married, you have to be better than the one you marry.

when it comes to comparison, it can be traced back to the "face culture" of the Chinese people. Chinese people especially like to save face, but also very good at grievances.

for us Chinese, "face" is equal to dignity and sense of existence.

there used to be a Spring Festival Gala sketch called "speak for you". Guo Donglin is a small clerk who has nothing to do with it.

but in order to make others think he is capable, he queued up in the middle of the night and even posted money to buy tickets.

after he bought the ticket, he told others that he got the ticket through a relationship, and that he was rewarded with only a lot of scrapped toothbrushes.

this kind of face makes Li Zi sad, and it is also very common in life.

Chinese people's comparison is a kind of "primitive jealousy", but it is full of contradiction of the golden mean.

people all want to be "people who are envied". They like to compare with people at the same level, but they don't want to go beyond too much for fear of resentment.

ordinary people certainly don't want to be compared with Ma Yunbi all day long, but most want to be a "winner" in a small circle.

in fact, the more people like to keep up with the comparisons, the more tired they live.

what people pursue is happiness itself, not the happiness of others.


the lotus heart is upright, not crooked is virtue, and not qu is a product

Jiayou for eight years. Zhou Dunyi, the founder of Confucian Neo-Confucianism, was an official in Nankang County. He often visited the beautiful scenery with his friends and poetry friends, and everyone wrote essays when they were interested.

Zhou Dunyi wrote a 119-word prose, which is the famous "Ailian Shuo".

just like Lian, Wen is just like him, and he is honest, honest and diligent all his life.

unlike Tao Yuanming's chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum is an escapist, while lotus is different.

regardless of whether the external environment is "silt" or "Qinglian", the lotus can maintain "Zhongtong external straight" and stick to itself.

in this world of complicated material desires, the temptation around people is also increasing day by day, but we should always stick to our inner moral bottom line and code of conduct.

A person's character is like a spiritual skeleton, supporting a running body one by one, but all kinds of people are dressed in very different cloaks, which makes it difficult to distinguish them at once.

some people look majestic and upright, but find them short and creepy in spirit after getting along for a long time.

some people look inconspicuous, but they are convincing in mediocrity, which is the charm of invisible personality.

A man should be like a lotus, pure in morality and noble in character.

not crooked or crooked is the boxy, skimming and suppressing capital word "human".


the lotus heart is natural, worry-free, fearless

when people reach middle age, many people live like a Journey to the West.

the pressure of Wukong, the figure of Bajie, the hairstyle of Sha Wujing, the nagging of Tang monk.

and it is getting closer and closer to the western sky. Young people do not know the taste of sorrow, to the middle and old age, all tasted.

in an impetuous society, how can we be less worried and fearless?

in fact, in the end, all people ask for is peace of mind.

worthy of parents, lovers, children, friends, etc., and even more worthy of heart, we can stand calmly between heaven and earth, like lotus-like pavilions.

Family does not need to be too close, just care; friends do not need too many, sincere is good;

Wealth does not need too much, enough flowers is good; the house does not need to be too big, warm is good; cars do not need luxury, peace is good.

people are born in nature, belong to nature, and live naturally in the middle.

Buddhists use lotus as a metaphor for Bodhisattva to practice ten good dharma:

one is defiled; two is not with evil; three precepts are full of incense; four bodies are pure; five faces are soft and soft;

six are soft and not astringent; all seven see good luck; eight open compress is sufficient; 90% mature Qing DynastyJing; ten students have thought about it.

Life is like a lotus, peace of mind means lotus blossoms, flowers bloom, see Buddha, step by step lotus.

the confusion of life can be solved by the lotus heart. The bitterness of the world, the lotus heart can be light. Happy Zen, the lotus heart can be referenced. Rolling in the world of mortals, a lotus heart washes out the dust and washes away nature.

May you be like a lotus and get a lotus heart!