Life is like water: the most stable, the most tolerant, the most just

Life is like water: the most stable, the most tolerant, the most just

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there is a saying in Daojing: "the supreme goodness is like water, and water is good for all things without dispute."

Water is good at nourishing all things, but it never competes with all things. It is the wisest, most tolerant and tenacious existence in nature.

can fly high and advance bravely, but also can retreat bravely by torrent;

can cover everything because its heart is as wide as the sea;

although it is invisible, it can carry all things.

be human, too.


the depth of water does not speak, and people do not speak.

as the saying goes, "there are many words of impetuous people, but good people have few words."

those who are impatient talk much, but those who are wise talk less.

speaking carefully, it best reflects a person's sense of size.

once, when the famous philosopher Yixuan Bei Yuan was on a long trip by boat, there was a student who kept boasting about his knowledge.

Bei Yuan Yixuan listened quietly, without interrupting the students from beginning to end, and nodded approval from time to time.

after the ship landed, everyone said goodbye to each other's names, and the student realized that he was facing the famous Yixuan Bei Yuan, but he was embarrassed for a moment.

Bei Yuan Yixuan stepped forward, patted the student on the shoulder and said, "study hard, your knowledge will certainly be higher than mine in the future."

cleverly resolved the embarrassment of the students.

speaking can best reveal a person's self-cultivation and pattern.

A philosopher said: "it is better to say nothing than to say what is right and wrong to others; it is better to say nothing than to say something hypocritical; it is better to say nothing than to follow others; and it is better to say nothing without keeping one's word."

people who are really powerful have a ruler of speech, do not speak casually, and do not show the truth.

see through, know how to safeguard the dignity of others, know the power of silence.

during the Spring and Autumn period, in the early days of the reign of King Chuzhuang, he did not issue a government order or govern within three years, and some ministers advised him.

King of Chu Zhuang replied, "if you don't fly, you will grow wings; if you don't sing, you will observe." If the bird does not fly, it will soar into the sky; if it does not sing, it will be a blockbuster. "

sure enough, half a year later, King Zhuang of Chu began to deal with the imperial government, and the State of Chu rose rapidly and became one of the five hegemons in the Spring and Autumn period.

there is a saying in the Human training of Huainan Zi: "it is better to be silent than to say everything."

Silence can keep people away from the hustle and bustle, see clearly the nature of things, not be disturbed by external voices, and not be troubled by internal impulses.

being a man is like water, the depth of the water is silent, and the person is stable and silent. It is better to be speechless than to talk too much.

people who are really cultured are slow in words and sensitive in deeds, which is a kind of dormant wisdom.

think quietly and thoughtfully, quietly accumulate strength, and trigger when the time is ripe.


being a man like the sea, Picasso is the first of the 10 greatest painters in the 20th century. His works are sought after by the world, and some bad people take advantage of the opportunity to impersonate his paintings for profit.

but Picasso never cared about the fake paintings and blotted out the forged signatures at most.

others do not understand and think that he should go to the forger for an explanation.

Picasso said with a smile:

A person's rarest mercy is to forgive those who are disadvantageous to him.

it is the greatest favor to others to be more understanding and tolerant in everything.

like a sentence very much: "learn to be tolerant, the world will become broader; leave it alone, life will be happy forever."

to be tolerant and magnanimous to others is to free your own heart.

one day, the former Dublin Air Force Club in East Germany held a banquet for air combat heroes.

A soldier got up and poured wine and accidentally spilled it on General Wudai's bald head.

all of a sudden, there was silence, and the soldiers were frightened, waiting for a storm to come.

unexpectedly, the general patted the soldier on the shoulder and said, "Brother, do you think this treatment will work?"

before the voice fell, the whole audience burst into loud laughter, and the soldiers cheered for the general's tolerance and humor.

there is a saying: "Mount Tai does not reject fine soil, so it can become its high; rivers and seas do not choose fine streams, so it can become its depth."

tolerance is not only a kind of breadth of mind, but also an invincible force.

it can dissolve the suspicion between people, eliminate the friction between each other, and connect the hearts of each other closely.

be like water, the sea accepts all rivers, the tolerance is big, the heart is an inch wide, the road is one foot wide.

take a step back and make everyone happy.

if you are more tolerant to others, you will have more stretch and blessing in your life.


be like water, strong and soft

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Zhihu saw a question: "is it better to be tough or gentle?"

one of the highly praised answers won my heart: "tough in stand and moderate in attitude."

too rigid, it is inevitable to appear stubborn and impersonal, making it difficult for people to approach; too soft, it is inevitable to appear weak and lack of self-confidence, which makes people uneasy.

the best way is to distinguish between right and wrong and abide by your own principles, but even if you are no longer satisfied with others, you should calmly convince him.

such a thing happened to entrepreneur Matsushita Konosuke.

once, his subordinate Goto made a big mistake. Panasonic was furious and severely lectured him while hitting the floor with a fire stick.

later, Panasonic saw that the fire stick was somewhat bent and said to Goto, "you see, I scolded so excitedly that I bent the fire stick. Can you straighten it?"

wait for Goto to restore the fire stick to its original state, and Panasonic's face blossoms immediatelySmiling and praising Goto's dexterity.

Goto's mood is also much calmer.

what surprised him more was that as soon as he got home, he found that his wife had prepared a lot of food and wine.


Mrs.  said, "Mr. Panasonic called and said that you might be in a bad mood today. Let me prepare some delicious food to relieve your boredom."

Goto was so moved that the grievances disappeared all at once.

he worked harder and harder and gradually became Panasonic's right-hand man.

do things hard and speak softly.

Mr. Panasonic's resolute way of doing things and humble attitude towards others is really a sign of high EQ.

there is a saying: "when there is softness, it cannot be broken, and without softness, it is not strong."

nothing is as soft as water.

Water can flow quietly or strike violently, which not only can withstand it, but also has strong explosive power.

being a man should be like water, dripping water and stone, combining strength and softness, being flexible, flexible, flexible and flexible.

Don't forget to take care of each other's emotions and feelings while keeping a low profile and doing things with a high profile and guarding a corner of your heart.

in this way, we can get twice the result with half the effort.


the best way to deal with it is to be calm and calm, don't worry about it, and move according to the situation.

being a man should be like water, responding to changes with constancy and meeting difficulties with changes.

in this way, you can withstand rough waves and trickles; you can boil or freeze, but you can be pure and not afraid of dirt.

know how to precipitate yourself, have a compassionate heart, and achieve the practice that no desire is firm, and that you can do whatever you want.

for the rest of my life, take water as the mirror.

the eyes are as clear as water, the heart as transparent, the direction as clear as water, and the realm as far-reaching as water.