Life is like water.

Life is like water.

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Guan Zhong said in Guanzi Water Land: "what is water?" The origin of all things is also the patriarchal clan of all living things. "

Water, colorless and tasteless, is the source of all things.

it conforms to nature and takes different forms:

Water freezes, and the colder the environment, the more you can feel its firmness and cohesion;

Water becomes gas, seemingly invisible, but it can gather into force and power incomparable;

Water gathers into rain and nourishes all things in its own form;

and when hydration becomes a cloud, it can float between heaven and earth.

it is soft, clear, inclusive and surging. It can be round as it goes, or it can change with time or with potential.

someone once sighed: "the gentlest in the world, the most rigid in the world, is not water."

Water is ever-changing, and so are people.

from birth to death, people are like water at different stages of life.


Juvenile Ruxi

the stream is so winding that even a heavy rain can change the way it flows and slow it down into the river.

as the ancients said, "the elder of wood must strengthen its roots; those who want to flow far away, dredge their springs."

stabilize the root and dredge the source.

only in this way can the trees flourish and the flow of water will never stop.

teenagers, like streams, need to constantly absorb springs before they can converge into a big river and rush to the sea.

A Buddhist monk once asked the Zen master, "Master, with my talents, how long will it take to be enlightened?"

the Zen master said, "Ten years."

the monk asked, "what if I do penance hard?"

the Zen master said, "Twenty years."

the monk was very confused, so he asked

"if I don't sleep, just for meditation, how long will it take?"

the Zen master said, "in that case, you will never be enlightened."

the monk asked in surprise, "Why?"

the Zen master said:

"if you only care about the results of meditation, how can you have time to focus on yourself?"

if you don't accumulate steps, you can't reach thousands of miles; if you don't accumulate small streams, you can't become a river.

if you want to succeed, you must move forward step by step.

because in the final analysis, life depends on instant accumulation.

all the efforts of those teenagers, like streams, will eventually become the best cornerstone of their own success.


Young people such as River

Li Bai once described young people as "it is difficult to travel": "I believe that one day we will be able to ride the long wind to break through thousands of miles of waves and raise cloud sails high to forge ahead in the sea."

A teenager grows up, and his life grows from a small stream to a turbulent stream, moving forward bravely and bravely.

in his youth, he lost his desire and began to be curious about the world.

they know themselves while they know the world.

Young people break the rules and dare to challenge, even if they make mistakes, they will have enough time to correct them.

they are full of curiosity about everything, and their speech and behavior reveal the innocence of this age, stumbling but brave and persistent all the way forward.

maybe the road ahead is full of thorns and challenges, but every challenge is an experience, and every experience is a step towards success.

I remember Mr. Qian Zhongshu once said such a sentence:

he said so, and he did so.

at the age of 19, he took part in the college entrance examination and entered Tsinghua University with nearly full marks in Chinese and English and 15 in math.

many teachers think that he is so serious that he should not be admitted.

but Luo Jialun, the headmaster at that time, overcame public opinion and admitted him on the grounds of "excellent Chinese and full marks in English".

after entering Tsinghua University, Qian Zhongshu not only did not restrain himself, but became more arrogant.

he never takes notes in class, only takes an idle book.

the teacher was in class at the podium, so he flipped through the books he had brought under the stage.

even so, you can always get the first place in every exam.

upon graduation, the foreign language professor hoped that Qian Zhongshu could stay in school to continue his research, but he did not hesitate on the grounds that "there is not a single professor in Tsinghua University who is qualified to be someone's mentor."

Qian Zhongshu, in his youth, gave full play to the word "crazy".

Life grows up to be a young man, just like a wanton river, dare to fight and forge ahead all the way.

cherish ideals, pursue dreams and meet the future with longing and enthusiasm for the world.

as Mr. Lu Xun said:

the force of youth is unstoppable, and they ride the wind and waves like bamboo.

persistent, resolute, brave and pursuing, young people use their blood to create their own world.

like a river that wants to flow into a lake, the torrent advances bravely and never flinches.


Middle-aged people such as Lake

when they reach middle age, the spirit of publicity gradually fades and begins to be calm and heavy.

with insight into the world, people become quieter, and they no longer show their emotions to the public easily.

Middle age is like a lake, mature and stable, with everything in mind.

just like the lake is deep and wide, it coincides with the middle-aged people at this stage, who are not confused by the world, look at things, and have their own unique imagination.

have experienced the ups and downs of life.They are no longer innocent, they know how to hide their edge, and people become deep-seated.

some people say that when people reach middle age, they will be "introverted" a lot and "wooden" a lot.

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it is true that although middle-aged people at this stage do not have the youthful vitality of teenagers, they are not like the old age.

with his independent charm, he shows the beautiful posture he should have at this age.

during the three Kingdoms period, Xunyou was the most trusted counselor around Cao Cao.

Xun you is resourceful and has no last resort, but in the eyes of outsiders, he is a very kind and dull man.

in the Battle of Guandu, Xun you, as general staff, offered many tricks for Cao Cao.

after being able to fight, he immediately returned to being an honest man.

whether in court or in daily life, Xunyou never oppresses others by plotting, and always looks simple and honest.

it is for this reason that he is able to stand in the dark tide of the court.

is not only trusted by Cao Cao, but also won the respect of his colleagues.

Cao Cao once praised Xunyou:

the Book of changes once said, "A gentleman hides utensils in his body and waits for time to move."

Middle-aged people are not afraid of things. They not only have the determination to carry things, but also have the ability to solve problems.

just like a calm lake, under the calm surface, it absorbs all things and turns into its own scenery.

when there is an occasional breeze, the waves can always be resolved and the original calm can be restored.

when people reach middle age, such as a lake, hiding their edge and showing their simplicity and honesty is the real way to deal with the world.


Old age

accepts all rivers.

both streams and rivers wind their way through twists and turns, and finally form rivers that flow into the sea.

have seen the joys and sorrows of the world, experienced all the vicissitudes of life, when people reach old age, they are as broad-minded as the sea, and they are magnanimous and tolerant to the people and things around them.

entering the stage of old age, life enters a new chapter, and people become more broad and tolerant.

in Zhuangzi, a man named Shi Chengqi, who admired Laozi, traveled thousands of miles to visit.

when I saw myself, I found that Laozi was not only ugly, but also very messy at home, a far cry from the ideal person in his mind.

Shi Chengyi asked angrily:

after hearing what he said, I was neither angry nor excused, but bowed my head and went on with my own business.

A few days later, Shi Chengqi calmed down and felt that he had done something wrong, so he went to Laozi to apologize.

after hearing this, Laozi was not delighted, but replied faintly:

Shi Chengqi's words made Shi Chengqi very ashamed and left in a hurry.

Laozi said: "the upper good is like water, and water is good for all things without dispute."

people who are good should, like water, benefit all things and at the same time not compete with them.

in old age, people no longer care about things, but can hold the stars and the sea, and there is room for thousands of worlds.

Life is more peaceful and calm. if you have experienced hardships, you will no longer complain about the impermanence of the world; if you have experienced joys and sorrows, you will no longer worry about misfortune and misfortune.

I have experienced ups and downs, have a new understanding of life, and are more tolerant of the world and generous to others.

the hearts of old people are like the sea, they know how to understand, and they also have a mind and bearing to tolerate others and all things in heaven and earth.

there are no static trees in the mountains, and there is no stop in Sichuan.

May everyone's different stages be as clear, brave, magnanimous and calm as water.

Youth, like a stream, is clear and clean, and rises abruptly based on accumulated strength; in youth, it is like a river, fearless of hardships and dangers, and moves forward bravely;

in middle age, the mind is like a lake, mature and stable, convergent and low-key; into old age, life is like the sea, indifferent, tolerant and polite.

Life is long, and still water runs deep.

May life be like running water, and every day and night spent can be free and free from the shackles of the world.

in youth, dare to do; in youth, invincible; in middle age, steady and powerful; in old age, leisurely.