Life of wind and rain, hold your own umbrella! (depth)

Life of wind and rain, hold your own umbrella! (depth)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

people, if you prepare umbrellas and dry food, you will not be afraid of being drenched or starving.

when we need it, it is our duty to have someone to help us, not our duty. Don't hold a grudge just because others refuse to help you.

when people reach a certain age, do their own eaves, the most sense of security!


do not rely on yourself, who do you rely on? Who can be your safe haven for life?

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our parents raise us young, but they can't always be young and strong, and their parents are old and need us to take care of them. What a pity it would be if we didn't have enough strength to go to the hospital at that time!

A lover can give us money because he loves you, but doesn't love you anymore? Would he be willing to pay for you to squander it? If one day, where should you go?

Don't always think about who to rely on. No one can accompany each other for a lifetime.

people, save some money, have some capital, don't ask for help everywhere when you need it, and don't make things difficult when you don't have help. That's what matters in life!

Life has its ups and downs, who can be sure that it will always be plain sailing?

the weather will not always be fine, the years will not always be quiet, and there will always be sudden waves that will hit you.

therefore, holding umbrellas and being the eaves of our families is our greatest success!


in our lifetime, it is enough to do one thing well, that is: run our own business!

the learning stage is the stage when we read books. Only when we sum up experience and learn knowledge from books, learn to be a human being, and put knowledge into our brains, can we have sense of security.

stepping into society is the stage for us to work hard, from books to reality, to sum up lessons from experience, to constantly improve our professionalism, and to learn from successful experiences. at this time, the harder we work, the more confident we are. The more confident you are, the more sense of security you have.

the road of life is not in vain; those who have suffered are not free; those who have been tired are not in vain; those who have been fooled are not in vain.

the true maturity is not the glory to the peak, but the unyielding to the hardship.

what is success in life? Rich and expensive? to live an extravagant life?

neither, but the feeling of fullness and sweating every time we go through the road!

what does it mean to plan in advance? Is that you have to be prepared, always manage yourself, is the best preparation!

manage your own body, exercise more, illness will stay away from you; manage your own feelings, more tolerance, contradictions will be far away from you; manage your own work, work hard, good luck will wait for you!

Life, you have to learn to manage. After working hard, we are not afraid to lose!

I hope that each of us will know how to manage ourselves, our eyes will be more and more determined, our attitude will be more and more optimistic, and the future will be more and more beautiful!