Life, you have to cross by yourself!

Life, you have to cross by yourself!

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Life is always bumpy, life always has its ups and downs, and no one's life is plain sailing.

instead of waiting for help, be your own ferryman.

as the Buddhist sutra says, "everything suffers, but you have to cross it by yourself."

Life is like a boat, where the fate is going, after all, you have to rely on yourself.


as the saying goes, "Happiness is like drinking water, cold and warm."

you can only taste the bitterness and bitterness of life; you can only understand the variety of life. You don't have to tell everyone about the pain in your heart, and you don't have to show your scars all the time. If you suffer, learn to swallow by yourself; if you hurt, learn to heal by yourself.

only when you have experienced ups and downs can you know what it tastes like; only when you have experienced difficulties and obstacles can you touch happiness.

Life is always intertwined with prosperity and adversity, so persevere even if the road ahead is confused.

believe that if you stick to the past, you will see willows and flowers.

as Tagore said:


Mencius said, "if you can't do it, you can't do it."

instead of counting on others, it is better to rely on yourself. The most important person in life is yourself.

there is such a story:

one day, Su Dongpo saw the Buddha worshiping Guanyin and saw the Guanyin Bodhisattva with a string of rosary beads in his hand.

then he asked:

Buddha Yin replied, "it's Guanyin!"

Su Dongpo wondered, "Why does the Quan Yin Bodhisattva want to read himself?"

Buddha Yin said, "because the Quan Yin Bodhisattva knows better than us, it is better to ask for help than to ask for yourself!"

as the saying goes: relying on mountains will fall, rely on everyone can run, only rely on their own is the most reliable!

everyone's life needs to be written by themselves, and they have to live a world on their own.


as the old saying goes:

Rain Water, which falls from the sky, cannot nourish rootless grass, although it covers all things in the world.

although Buddha is universal to all sentient beings, whether he can achieve it or not ultimately depends on the individual.

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Life, no matter when and where, you must cross by yourself. if you give up on yourself, who can save you?

A believer asked the Dharma Master, "what on earth is Buddha?"

the mage replied, "I don't want to tell you this answer, because you won't believe it."

the believer said, "you are the Master. How can I not believe what you say?"

the Dharma Master said, "the Buddha is yourself!"

the believer said with a smile, "are you kidding me, Master? how can I be a Buddha?"

the Dharma Master said slowly, "because you dare not undertake it. If you dare to undertake it, how can you not be a Buddha?"

if a person dares to undertake, he is not only his own savior, but also can become a Buddha and help others.

in life, the only one who can save you and cross you is yourself, and you are your own Buddha!


when people are alive, they all cross by themselves.

crossing is not only a kind of pattern, a kind of wisdom, but also a kind of spiritual practice.

those who cross others can win the hearts of the people, those who cross their hearts can have peace of mind, and those who cross their own lives can have a happy life.