Light (incisive)

Light (incisive)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Zhuge Liang said:

in life, things are impermanent, and there are always ups and downs.

he who goes with the tide and his heart changes with the situation is not a wise man; he who is not happy with things and not sad with himself is a superior man.

learn to deal with the world with calmness and keep your heart with serenity.

calmness is not only the wisdom of entering the WTO, but also the practice of being born.


calmness is a kind of wisdom

as the ancient poem says, "it is better to hate people than water."

there is still a moment of calm in the sea, and it is often the hearts of the people who have no wind and waves.

one's mood is sometimes more cloudy and uncertain than the weather.

there is no room for trifles, and you have to haggle over sesame and mung beans.

I can't afford a big deal. When it comes to the moment, I'm in a mess.

both gains and losses can be dealt with calmly, and the wind will be light in a lifetime.

there is a way to advance and retreat, and there is a degree of relaxation, so it is naturally humiliating and humiliating.

Zhuangzi said:

the most important thing in life is to be calm, and your heart is like a mirror, so that you can have an insight into the world and master human feelings.

the past can not be kept, the future can not be guessed, do not miss the rainbow because of the wind and rain.

when things go well, there is no need to be complacent, but to be extremely happy, but to be sad.

Don't feel sorry for yourself when you are down. If you hit rock bottom, you will hit bottom and rebound.

being calm, neither sad nor happy, is the highest wisdom in life.


learn to be calm, that is, to practice

the ancients said, "the law has been based on reason, and people are forgiven with emotion."

to be a man, you should restrain yourself with reason and forgive others with common sense.

if you are magnanimous to others, you will not be dissatisfied, and if you are strict with yourself, you will not be emotional.

to learn to be calm is to cultivate your heart.

No one is born with peace of mind, step by step.

Confucius said: "the benevolent do not worry, the wise are not confused, and the brave are not afraid."

being able to be free from worry, confusion and fear is the real calm.

being misunderstood, there is no need to quarrel and fight.

deal with it calmly, those who are naturally clear are self-clear, and those who are turbid are self-turbid.

when you encounter difficult things, you don't have to be distracted and confused.

calm down and believe that there must be a way to the front of the mountain, and the boat will be straight when it comes to the bridge.

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if you have a sense of calm in your heart, your life will be comfortable.

calm down, it is the best practice in life.

du Fu's poem says: "the flow of water is not quiet, but the cloud is late."

the world of mortals is rolling, the trouble is endless, the desire for profit is easy to smoke the heart, calmness is the pure land.

calmness is not only the wisdom of rectifying leisure, but also the practice of healing the soul.

May you never be impatient and calm for the rest of your life.