Make deep friends with these three kinds of people: health, mind, and health.

Make deep friends with these three kinds of people: health, mind, and health.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

some people say: making a good friend is like reading a good book.

some are comforting, some are interesting, some are down-to-earth.

if you associate with different people, you will have a different physical and mental state.

choose to associate with the right people and support others as well as yourself.


with people who are comfortable, keeping in good health

is comfortable and warm without words. Life is expensive, and you have to live comfortably every moment.

I have seen a conversation and benefited a lot:

someone asked: "apart from paying attention to diet and rest, what is the most healthy thing to do?"

below there is a high praise answer, he said: "the best way to maintain good health is not as good as being with comfortable people."

I think so.

the best way to maintain good health is not to be a good tonic, but to be with someone who makes you comfortable.

when you are with them, you don't have to be careful, you don't have to talk, and you feel happy all the time.

as long as you are in a good mood, everything will go away and everything will be all right.

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writer Su Cen also said:

when you are comfortable with each other, you will be happy and happy.

if you don't get along well with each other, you will only be on pins and needles and feel like a pain in your throat.

interacting with people is like wearing shoes, you must fit your feet in order to walk comfortably, otherwise, it will be impossible to move a step further.

it is written in Huangdi's Internal Classic: people have five internal organs and change five qi to give birth to joy, anger, sorrow, sorrow, worry and fear.

the best way to keep fit in the world is to be in a good mood.

when you are with someone who is comfortable, you get rid of your breath, leave your happiness, and then win over the health care products in the world.


with interesting people, raise people

good-looking skin is the same, interesting soul is one in a million.

with interesting people, people will become more and more active, and life will become more and more interesting.

Su Dongbo, a talented scholar through the ages, is notoriously interesting.

once, Su Dongbo went to visit his friend.

as soon as he entered the door, the smell of fish came to his nostrils, but he saw nothing.

he thought, "Foyin must have hidden the fish."

so he had an idea and sent a couplet to the Buddha: "Xiangyang Gate is always there in the first spring."

without thinking, Foyin made the following couplet: "the family of accumulating goodness is more than celebrating."

Su Dongpo laughed and said, "Oh, there is fish (surplus) in the chime. Take it out."

it was only then that Foyin realized that he had been "trapped" and brought out a big fish, and the two began to enjoy the delicacy and talk.

is only a simple couplet, which not only adjusts the atmosphere, but also defuses the embarrassment of Buddha's seal hiding fish.

socializing with interesting people is like getting a treasure, which can surprise you from time to time.

Mr. Liang Qichao is also famous for being an interesting person. He once wrote in "living in fun":

with interesting people, even if there is a strong wind and torrential rain one second, the sky will be clear the next.

with interesting people, even if life is monotonous, it can still be interesting.

choose to make yourself interesting, nurture well-intentioned, boring life can also blossom.

when you try to be interesting, you will find that everything can end with joy.


with reliable people, the highest charm of a person is reliability.

what is reliable?

you can answer in 15 words: "there is an explanation for everything, a reason for everything, and an answer for everything."

more directly, it means that a person is reliable, very trustworthy and trustworthy.

at home, they are down-to-earth, steady and give enough sense of security to their partner;

at work, they are not impatient, have reason, and seldom make mistakes;

in dealing with the world, they are humble, honest, kind-hearted, and never short of dignitaries.

A reliable person is like a lamp that glows wherever he goes.

if you deal with them, you tend to go farther and have better luck.

I often hear the older generation say: if you want to get things done, you must be with reliable people.

some people ask, "isn't it easier to do things with smart people?"

in fact, it is not, but fast, find smart people; seek safe, find reliable people.

Smart is only a person's gift, and reliability is what makes you invincible.

on the road of life, the heart is unfathomable.

A smart person can help you for a while, but a reliable person can help you for a lifetime.

often spend time with reliable people, see yourself clearly, practice yourself, and change yourself.

it is the luck and blessing of a lifetime to be with reliable people.


Liu Xiang of the Western Han Dynasty wrote:

different friends bring us different changes.

the rest of my life is not long. Love yourself and cherish making friends.