Make happiness a habit (classic wonderful article)

Make happiness a habit (classic wonderful article)

Good morning, accompany you to read.

A middle-aged man lived a very tired life. In order to extricate himself, he went to the Zen master for advice.

the Zen master said nothing but asked him to carry the basket and put the stones along the way into the basket.

Middle-aged people follow suit.

after walking a long way, there were more and more stones in the basket, and his shoulders became heavier and heavier.

he couldn't bear it, so he had to put the basket down.

when the Zen master asked him how he felt, he replied: "very tired, very heavy."

the Zen master told him: "when people come to this world, the baskets they carry are empty at first." With the gradual increase in the number of people and experiences, all the marks engraved, like those pebbles, remain in my heart. "

everyone's bearing capacity is limited. When you worry too much and worry too much, you will be overwhelmed.

Life is really hard. If you are happy, life is like honey, if you carry a heavy load, life is like chewing wax.

it's better to give yourself a reason to be happy every day, whether it's a happy word, a new thing, a new skill, a smile, a good book.

Life will be better as long as you stick to it.


if something happens, you will come and be happy.

I have heard such a story:

the grass of the Zen monk was withered and yellow. The young monk saw it in his eyes and said to the master, "Master, sprinkle some grass seeds, this grass is too ugly."

Master said, "Don't worry. When I'm free, I'll buy some grass seeds." You can spill it at any time. What's the rush? At any time! "

during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Master bought the grass seeds, gave them to the young monk and said to him, "go and scatter the grass seeds on the ground."

the wind is blowing, and the young monk sprinkles while the grass seeds float.

"No, many grass seeds have been blown away!"

Master said, "it doesn't matter, most of what is blown away is empty, and it won't sprout even if you sow it." What are you worried about? Be casual! "

as the saying goes, "sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time."

there are many things in this world that we cannot predict.

money, fame and fortune, if life does not bring death with you, troubles and worries will eventually become a thing of the past, and in the end you will just laugh it off.

who doesn't come alone and walk alone? why should he deliberately force himself to please himself in his limited life during this period?

there is a destiny in life.

when there is more pain, there is less comfort; with more anxiety, happiness is nowhere to be found.

as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon says, "when you clench your fist and there is nothing in your hand, you loosen your fingers, but you can have the whole world."


look for happiness

after the rain, a spider struggled to climb to the broken web on the wall. because the wall was wet, it climbed to a certain height and fell off.

it climbs up and falls again and again.

the first person saw it, sighed and said, "isn't my life like this spider?" Be busy and get nothing. "

so he is getting depressed.

the second person saw it, but he was moved by the spirit of the spider's repeated failures and battles.

so he cheered up and was in a happy mood.

there is a good Western proverb: "he who sings merrily will scare away misfortune and misfortune."

when you are upset, as long as you change your way of thinking, the result will be completely different.

some small feelings, don't worry about, worry about will be annoying; some trifles, don't worry about, care about will be tired;

open-minded life, broad-minded, forgive mistakes, live calmly.

learn to think from a different point of view in order to gain more happiness and make happiness a habit.


pass on happiness

once upon a time there was a Jewish elder who was obsessed with golf.

on a Sabbath, he feels itchy and wants to hit two strokes, but Judaism stipulates that Sabbath believers must rest and cannot do anything.

the elder couldn't help it. He wanted everyone to rest at home on the Sabbath. I only played nine holes and would not be found, so he secretly went to the stadium.

then the angel found out and ran to tell God that God would punish the elder well.

the elder, who made a hole in one almost every time, made a perfect result, and he was very excited.

on the seventh hole, the angel went to God again and said, "God, aren't you going to punish him?" Why don't you see punishment? "

God said," I'm already punishing him. "

until the ninth hole is played, the elder makes a hole in one.

because he played so well, the elder decided to play nine more holes.

then the angel went to God and said, "where is your punishment?"

God smiles but does not answer.

after playing eighteen holes, he scored better than any other world-class golfer, and the elder was so happy.

the angel asked God, "is this your punishment for the elders?"

God said, "exactly, if you think about it, he has such amazing achievements and excitement, but he can't tell anyone, isn't that the best punishment?"

when people come to this world, everyone is a lonely individual, longing for such a person in life to understand their own joys and sorrows, their own joys and sorrows.

if happiness cannot be shared, it is a kind of pain.


Happiness is actually very simple

give way to yourself.If you are happy

when you greet a friend, give him a humorous answer, which can often make you and the other person smile, make life "turn decay into magic" and add several times the joy.

try something new

change is the spice of life.

try to do something you've never done before every day, even if it's simple enough to smile at your neighbor, and you may get a lot of surprises.

give others a little help

when a person has a positive impact on other people's lives, his or her own state of mind will be more positive. Remember, the more selfless a person is, the less he or she suffers.

try some new skills

A healthy and active life requires self-reliance and being a "generalist" of life.

you can learn to cook new dishes, learn to swim, learn a musical instrument, etc., don't let life stay the same.

to be a "teacher" for others

there is an order of experience, and he specializes in surgery.

everyone has a distinctive advantage and can help the people around them.

discover your characteristics, such as playing a variety of musical instruments, writing good handwriting, etc., and will grow up together in sharing with others.

there is a saying: "Let yourself be a little sun, be warm, then carry a beam of light, and then warm others."

the journey is long and tortuous, making happiness a habit. You have to learn to make yourself happy before life will make you happy.

May we all reap happiness and spare no effort to move forward during this period of wind and rain.

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