Manage yourself (this article is priceless)

Manage yourself (this article is priceless)

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entrepreneur Feng Lun said a very intriguing saying:

it is true that people's life is actually a game between themselves and themselves.

at any time, do not give up the requirements of yourself, manage yourself well, is a person's greatest ability.


Management Image

some people say that middle age is a watershed, and if you don't pay attention, you will live an awkward life.

I wonder if you have noticed that as you get older, people around you are slowly divided into two groups:

A group of middle-aged "greasy" people who have been ravaged by the years;

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the other group, however, seems to have eaten preservatives and let it run out of time.

in the lives of ordinary people, who doesn't have the pressure of firewood, rice, oil and salt, and the triviality of chicken feathers?

in the very different images, there are different attitudes towards life and the true age of a person's heart.

the older you get these years, the more you agree with the sentence:

No one can compete with time, but a person's image can be built by himself.

you don't need to pursue any abdominal waistcoat line, it's enough to keep your mouth shut and open your legs;

you don't have to pursue any brand price, but at least you must be clean and decent.

you know, a person's real aging is never an increase in age.

but lost the love of beauty and the demand for self.

whenever, don't throw in the towel with life, don't bow to the years.

the best care product in the world will always be your self-discipline and dismissal.


Managing the body

not long ago, a rather regrettable piece of news appeared on the hot search.

A chairman of a real estate in Zhuzhou was found to have myocardial ischemia when he went to the hospital because of long-term fatigue and discomfort.

the doctor asked him to stay in hospital for observation immediately, but he didn't take it to heart and complained in his moments.

who ever thought that he died suddenly just five days after refusing to be hospitalized.

overnight, the famous school education and wealth career that he was proud of came to naught.

only the young daughter is left, and the young wife is alone in the world.

apart from sighing, this is also a wake-up call for each of us.

as one netizen said: "Health is 1, everything else is 0. Once there is no 1, no more 0 makes sense."

all overdrawn health has to be repaid a hundredfold afterwards.

Managing the body is the most important investment in the world.

every time you go to bed and get up early and eat on time, you are accumulating energy for tomorrow.

every drop of sweat you shed is investing in your health.

Children around the knee, good rivers and mountains, strong physique, is always the basis of happiness.

the strength to cope with life is to have an old man above, a child at the bottom, and a healthy body.


manage emotions

I have heard a very reasonable saying:

when I am in trouble, I begin to explode my mind, and as a result, I turn a very simple thing into a mess.

I quarrel with my lover about a trivial matter, and as soon as I get hot, I start to turn over old accounts.

watching children learn unconsciously, angry and anxious, they opened their mouth and said hurtful words.

We have all been engulfed by sudden emotions at some point because of something.

and many regrets and regrets in life are often out of this.

Byte founder Zhang Yiming has always been known for being grumpy in the industry, and even his subordinates have never seen him angry.

in fact, during the two years when the business situation of the company was constant, he was also anxious and irritable.

but he digests those negative emotions quickly every time and never brings them to the people around him.

people will inevitably encounter unpleasant things and disagreeable people when they are alive.

but as the old saying goes, you can be angry, but you can't express it angrily.

people who are really mature know how to manage their emotions.

they never lose their temper when they shouldn't be in a hurry.

Don't be distracted by anger, and never use bad emotions to influence others.


manage words and deeds

A writer once told a story in a book.

in the middle of the night, her roommate was crackling her things in the living room, so that she couldn't sleep.

the next day she was baking bread in the kitchen. As soon as the girl came in, she accused her of putting dirty dishes in the disinfection cabinet.

she quarreled with each other angrily and said a lot of nasty things on the way.

finally learned from another roommate that the girl's father had passed away last month.

when she recalled it later, she felt deeply:

in this world, no one can really know another person.

there may be unknown injuries behind people who seem to be domineering, and people with bright smiles today may have burst into tears last night.

sometimes a word you inadvertently say can be an injury to others.

as the old saying goes, "those who are benevolent are not responsible, and those who are good do not judge."

at any time, don't say hurtful words and do less impulsive things.

only by managing your words and deeds can you fix your heart.


management circle

circle of friends, life circle, workplace circle, people can not live without the word "circle".

after dealing with all kinds of people, you will gradually understand:

the relationship between friends, quality is much more important than quantity.

multiple friends do not necessarily have multiple paths, and there may be a lot of burden and trouble.

just messing around with drinks and dinners, you will ignore those who really treat you.

has always agreed with the saying

"manage your relationships, not let your relationships manage you."

those who really understand life are those who remove unimportant people from the circle and concentrate on maintaining their real good friends. "

the worldly hypocritical circle should be cut off;

consumes your negative energy circle, should give up;

does not belong to your social circle, should leave.

in one person's world, why bother to invite too many people in?

it doesn't matter how many people you know. What's really valuable is who you are and how many people are sincere to you.

screening friends is to sort out life, and management circle is also the beginning of self-improvement.

when the circle is clean, the talent is at ease; when the relationship is comfortable, the talent is comfortable.

I like Wang Xiaobo's sentence

"I want to love and live, and treat the present life as if it were a hundred generations."

since I exist, I am responsible for myself anyway. "

when people are alive, they can be responsible to others only if they are responsible to themselves first.

self-management is the life-long practice of each of us.

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