May life be as calm as water!

May life be as calm as water!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


Water, transparent inside, no impurities.

people, think less and worry less, and there are no disputes.

May life be as calm as water, always empty yourself, and don't let yourself worry about gain and loss.

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you are as comfortable as you are clean.


Water runs all the way through obstacles without berthing, and finally enters the sea.

people, work hard, never give up all the year round, and finally reach the peak!

May life, calmly enter the water, face whatever comes, and the soldiers will cover the water.

give up in spite of ups and downs, and you will eventually get what you want.


Water becomes ice in case of ice and heats up in case of fire.

people, get together and disperse and be at ease with each other.

May life be as calm as water, cherish what stays for you, and ignore what you abandon.

in this life, each of us is the most expensive treasure, and no one is worth your humility.


Water, slow uphill, rapid downhill, know advance and retreat, never make public.

people, you are superior and I retreat, you lower me, you are in a hurry, and you are never overbearing.

May life be as calm as water and be a comfortable person.

Communication only wants to be sincere, to get along with each other only to have a good time, not to be influenced by money, not to be aggrieved by interests.


water, with depth, quiet and clear;

people, with depth, magnanimity and compassion.

May life be as calm as water, do not haggle with others, do not show off in front of others.

know what you want, break out in silence, and grow up alone!


Water, put in tea, is tea, put in grain, is wine.

people, put into happiness, will be happy, pretend to be sad, will be bitter.

May life be as calm as water, adding more sugar and less salt to yourself.

Control your emotions, starting with controlling your mindset.


Water can carry a boat, carry a load, and has the power to carry all things.

people are kind, tolerant and open-minded.

May life be as calm as water, be tolerant of disputes, forget about it, and let it go.

your life is as good as your heart is.

calm as water, face the world calmly, face the wind and rain tenaciously, go or stay with the fate.

take happiness into your own hands, your world doesn't need to be controlled by others, and you'd better pay for it on your own!

the main road is so simple that it is easier to know than to do!

to be a man, you should be like water, moisturize all things, grow yourself, do not compete with others, and have a generous heart!