"Mom, I failed the exam again." The mother's answer won countless applause.

"Mom, I failed the exam again." The mother's answer won countless applause.

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"Mom, will you always love me?"


"what if I don't do well in the exam?"

"you got a full score, I love you, you get a zero, and I love you, too. My love for you has no conditions. "


"Mom, I'm sorry, I. I. "

as soon as I got off work, I saw my son hesitating, his eyes red and wet, and he knew he had just cried.

actually, I know what my son has to say.

the result of the midterm exam was released a few days ago, and my son is still at the bottom of the class.

when the teacher first sent me the grade, I was so angry that I almost wanted to smash my phone.

looking at the group of mothers, each of them played the culture of Versailles in the mid-term exam, showing off energetically, I couldn't help but lose my heart.

so, when I saw my son standing in front of me embarrassed and trying to "confess", unknown anger rushed to my brain.

I chose to sit on the sidelines and let him stand there.

finally, he even made sarcastic remarks:

"me, me!"

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"Don't think I don't know!"

"how did I give birth to a stupid son like you?"

however, I regretted it only a few seconds after I said it.

while crying, my son suddenly apologized to me: "I'm sorry, Mom, I failed the exam again."

A small face tightened, his fingers kept fiddling with the corners of his clothes, and his head was buried lower.

tears rolled down my cheeks.

I was suddenly surprised by the entanglement and embarrassment in the child's heart.

in the past two months, I can see the children's efforts.

however, as a mother, when a child fails in the exam, the first thing I give is not encouragement and encouragement.

but take the opportunity to vent your inner anger.

remember an online saying: "No matter whether your child does well in the exam or not, please remember to hug him."

the child who failed the exam most hoped that his mother would think and do so.


"I'm so happy to be your mother."

my best friend once complained to me about one thing.

she and her husband grew up as a primary school bully. Along the way, they graduated from key middle schools, key universities, and master's degrees.

she wrote a good article.

husband, even more so, he has been regarded as a "mathematical genius" since childhood.

husband and wife, this combination can be described as "both arts and science".

to have a son, you don't want to be extremely smart, but at least you should be a little bit modest.

however, my 10-year-old son happens to be a low achiever, and he doesn't speak English very well.

what is more sad is that my son has worked hard. He takes classes and does homework carefully every day, and goes to cram school on weekends.

the husband beat his chest and complained countless times:

"Why did two master's graduates high achiever give birth to a low achiever son?"

by comparison, best friends are much calmer.

one of her words has impressed me so far:

"A fight between mother and son, we don't have much time.

he is sensible, warm-hearted, filial, and knows how to take care of me when I am ill.

I am very happy to be his mother. "

I can't help feeling sad when I taste it over and over again.

as there is a saying on the Internet:

"Don't despise the child and lose face. Don't complain that raising a child is tiring. He may not be with you in a few years."

it is not the sins of the previous life that led to the existence of a son of low achiever.

but it took you several lifetimes to meet in this life. "

3 years old, he went to kindergarten for the first time, ignorant, and cried as soon as you left.

7 years old, he went to primary school, had his own friends, and his parents were no longer the only ones.

13 years old, he is in junior high school and has so much on his mind that he will no longer share his secrets with you.

at the age of 16, he began to live on campus, and the familiar bedroom has become his hotel.


count. There are still a few years left.

there will be no more little people in the study, the bed is empty and the lamp is dusty. Every night, it's dark.

do you miss the chubby figure sitting there, writing, playing with a pen, raising your head and shouting "Mom".

do you miss the day when you wake your son up every morning?

at that time, will you still care about the 10 points and 20 points of the junior exam?

the greatest happiness in this life is for parents and children to be able to get along day and night.


"son, I know you are here to return the favor."

in the variety show "after School", the girl Wu Huanrui once confided her sad experience.

my mother works as a worker in a printing factory with a meagre income, so she can hardly make a difference in her life.

but she didn't give up, and all her wishes that she couldn't realize were on her daughter's body.

from time to time, she painstakingly "moral kidnapping" Wu Huanrui: