"Mom, why can't I play games?" The mother's answer won countless applause.

"Mom, why can't I play games?" The mother's answer won countless applause.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Dear son, we had some conflicts last night.

when you finished your homework and said you wanted to use your phone to surf the Internet for a while, I gave it to you in the original intention of letting you relax.

as a result, I came to urge you before I went to bed, only to find you squatting on the bed and playing games excitedly.

I was so angry that I confiscated your phone and ruthlessly uninstalled your game.

you are like a crazy little lion, asking me angrily: "Why can all the other students in the class play, but I can't?"

I was silent because I didn't figure out how to answer you.

after thinking for a long time, my mother decided to talk to you from the bottom of my heart.


time is your current largest capital

child, do you know? Games, short videos and other entertainment software occupy a large number of user fragmentation time, seemingly inconspicuous, but it is an invisible time killer.

take your favorite game, Arena of Valor, which has already exceeded 100 million daily active users.

behind this huge number, there are countless primary and secondary school students who have chosen to indulge and indulge like you.

these children squander a lot of time wantonly, and even stay up late and play truant in order to play games, betting on their youth.

maybe they get a short period of fulfillment and happiness from it, but endless emptiness and depravity follow.

my child, adolescence is the beginning of life, like the rising sun, it is the golden period for you to absorb knowledge and grow rapidly.

time, which is the most abundant and precious thing you have at the moment, is the greatest capital you have right now.

Huawei has launched a project to recruit talented teenagers from all over the world since 2019, with a minimum annual salary of 896000 yuan and a maximum of 2.01 million yuan.

Zuo Pengfei, a doctoral graduate from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, is one of the "young geniuses" and won the highest annual salary of 2 million as soon as he graduated.

Zuo Pengfei

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he said in an interview, "how can there be any genius?" I just spend other people's time playing games in the lab. "

Children, the most precious wealth is the use of time, and the greatest waste is wasting time.

everyone has only one life, and my mother doesn't want you to spend your precious youth at will, but to invest in learning and more valuable things.

so that when you look back on the past in the future, you won't regret wasting your time.


Youth is not for play

is for fighting

Children. I know that you are young and active now. Keeping you in the house every day does make you feel depressed all the time.

when my mother was your age, she also liked to play. At that time, there were no mobile games. I would secretly read novels in my self-study class every day and wander outside after school.

as a result, my mother's grades were so-so that she was only admitted to an ordinary vocational high school in the end.

but my mother's best friend took classes and did her homework every day, and finally was admitted to a good university. the gap between us is becoming more and more obvious.

until now, this has always been a deep regret in my mother's heart.

so today my mother wants to tell you that the world is crueler than you think.

Zhihu has such a question:

among them, the most popular answer is: it is a pity that in China, most families do not have the freedom of train tickets.

some people leave their hometown to work as welders for 14 years at the age of 16, getting up to work every day before dawn, covered with scalded scars.

some people earn about 100 yuan a day, eat 5 yuan a bowl of clear soup noodles, and hang out in the underground casinos of Internet cafes every day.

but, ah, there are also people who just graduate with an annual salary of 2 million for Huawei, just like Zuo Pengfei we just mentioned.

what kind of life you will live in the future depends entirely on every choice you make now.

son, you will have plenty of time to go crazy and live a colorful life in the future.

but not now. Your youth is not for fun, but for struggle.

there will always be people who can memorize books you can't memorize, and there will always be people who can work out problems you can't do. If you are willing to put it off until tomorrow, there will always be people who will try to finish it today.

so sorry, you can only go to the school you want to go to, and the life you want to live can only be lived by someone else.

in the distance, you can only afford a hard seat on the train.

if you choose to indulge and slack off at the best time, the future must leave you with endless sighs and tears.



is the extracurricular time

child. Remember you complained to me before:

Why you and Yingzi next door are in the same class every day and go home to do the same homework, but you are always inferior to her in every exam?

I used to comfort you with a smile, but later I accidentally discussed it with Yingzi's mother and found out the real answer:

because after coming home from school every day, Yingzi works harder and works harder than you in places you don't see.

do you remember the elder brother Cheng Zejie of high achiever we saw on the news two days ago?

he comes from Northwestern Polytechnic University and ranks first in his grade for three years in a row. he has won 15 major awards at home and abroad. Under the heavy burden of the president of the student union, he has led a team to Huawei and other enterprises many times to participate in research.

but after reading his daily schedule, youYou will understand high achiever's secret:

this dense schedule is full of plans, including taking notes, doing projects, doing experiments, and promoting school activities in addition to class every day.

his day is divided into thirteen parts, each of which is fully scheduled, sometimes even until the wee hours of the morning.

in fact, there is no natural excellence, just working hard anytime and anywhere.

son, the fairest thing in the world is time.

God will treat those who have a sense of urgency, who cherish every minute the most, and who are the most diligent.

everyone has 24 hours a day, and everyone takes the same class at school and spends the same day.

what opens the gap between you and others is not what you do when you are together, but what you do with your time after class.

you are browsing Douyin and playing games, others are doing exercises; you are watching cartoons and other children are still reciting English.

maybe you can't see anything in one or two days, and over time, there will be an insurmountable gap between you and others.

Today's indulgence and laziness are the difference between tomorrow.


whatever makes you feel good

will eventually make you miserable

child, in fact, the mother can understand you, playing games is really relaxed and happy. But today I want to tell you seriously:

there is a weakness in human nature, which is to rely on things that make us feel "good" mentally and physically.

anything that makes you feel good right now will inevitably be addictive and eventually go downhill.

not long ago, there was a 20-year-old sister who almost lost her sight due to retinal detachment caused by staying up late playing games and playing mobile phones.

there was another brother, known as Kao Ba's Liebel.

he was admitted to Zhejiang University twice with excellent grades, but he was dropped out twice.

after entering college for the first time, the free environment made him addicted to games, absenteeism every day for no reason, and spent 12 hours a day on games.

after he was dropped out of school, he could only do some tired and hard physical work, so he decided to take the college entrance examination again.

after being admitted to Zhejiang University for the second time, he was expelled again for playing video games.

he is obviously gifted and holds a good hand, but because of his lack of self-control, he wasted several years of his youth and lost countless opportunities to counterattack.

Neil Bozman said:

what destroys us is not what we hate, but what we love.

anything that makes you feel good will make you miserable, while what makes you miserable right now will make you grow like a tear.

doing homework is painful, but it can help you consolidate your knowledge;

memorizing words is painful, but it can make you speak fluent English in the future;

running is painful, but it can help you gain good health and benefit for a lifetime.

Children, sweet is not known until it is bitter.

Mom hopes that you can cut through the difficulties and waves, and someday in the future you will no longer lament the bitterness of life, but that the world is worth it.


loneliness and self-discipline

is the only way to freedom

son. Finally, I want to talk to you about what real freedom is.

Mom has a special idol-he is our Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

in fact, when Minister Wang Yi was an educated youth in Beidahuang when he was young, he was just an ordinary correspondent.

at that time, he was always a loner. He was memorizing words while others were playing cards, but he got up early to read English when others slept in.

even if the leader talks to him, he still walks alone, earnestly studies knowledge, and insists on it for eight years.

after the resumption of the college entrance examination in 1977, he was admitted to Beijing second Foreign Studies University with excellent results, and later became foreign minister by virtue of his unremitting efforts.

from Minister Wang Yi, we can see a truth:

loneliness and self-discipline is the only way for a person to become strong.

I know that many of the students in your class are playing games. You have recently started playing games because you want to try to have a common topic with them and integrate into everyone's circle.

but what are the consequences of your efforts to fit in?

seems to have gained circles and friendship, but in fact, you have wasted too much free time after class. Your favorite football and Romance of the three Kingdoms have been shelved by you.

not to mention reviewing today's content and previewing tomorrow's lessons.

is this really the life you want to lose yourself, drift with the current, and waste your time?

son, remember when you told me that you liked the sea, the rain in the south, the study of history, and longed to travel all over the country?

Mom forces you to work hard today, hoping that you can be a self-disciplined person, not for anything else, but so that you can freely choose your favorite career tomorrow, go to the place you like, and live a truly free life.

instead of being forced to earn a living, support a family and muddle through life.

Mom hopes you can survive today's pain and loneliness in exchange for freedom and happiness in the future.


son, have you ever heard such a sentence?

son, the scenery depends on where you stand. I hope you can go up high and see a more beautiful scenery one day.

Dear son, I hope you can understand my good intentions and cherish the present.Spend every minute and every second of your time and energy on something more worthwhile.

I hope you can control your life so that you can stand in the world you love and shine in the future.

Child, don't blame your mother for being too cruel. For the sake of your broader freedom in the future, I'd rather you hate me now.

for you to be an eagle soaring in the future, I'd rather you are unhappy now.

son, I believe that when you get through the long night and loneliness, you will welcome a really wonderful life.