Never judge a person easily.

Never judge a person easily.

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"if you look at your moments, you will know that you have never seen the world."

some time ago, a high school classmate returned from studying abroad and contacted me and said he wanted to get together with several old classmates in Beijing.

so, just last weekend, I gladly kept my appointment.

I haven't seen my old classmate for many years, so it's natural to push the cup for a change and recall the green days.

during the chat, we mentioned another high school classmate who was also in Beijing and said that we would ask her to come together next time.

I didn't expect that one of the girls' face changed slightly:

"Don't call her. Have you seen her circle of friends? obviously you haven't seen much of the world."

she turned out the girl's circle of friends and pointed it out to us:

"you see, this bag is obviously a bargain, but does it come out?"

"also, do you have to post three moments in a row when you go to Beidaihe?"

"and the following one, you even have to retweet the XX."

I suddenly felt very uncomfortable, and the joy of reunion with my old classmates was swept away.

the girl they are talking about is very close to me personally. Although her parents are both ordinary vegetable vendors, she has always been humble, low-key and excellent.

what they don't know is that this girl went to Taiwan for exchanges on behalf of the school when she was in college, followed her tutor to Germany for half a year to study, and went to many places in Europe early.

during the Spring Festival this year, she also bought an expensive massage chair for her parents with her year-end bonus.

that's all, she never sent it.

when I got home, I silently blocked the classmate.

in real life, too many people rely on the so-called sense of superiority to maliciously speculate and evaluate other people's lives.

this girl wears so little that she doesn't look like a serious girl.

my girlfriend gave me a box of chocolates for her birthday. The boy is too stingy.

often post famous brands and luxury goods in moments, which at first glance is vanity.

just based on the words and fragments I saw, I jumped to conclusions about others, but never thought about what kind of malice and harm this is to those who are being commented on.


there is no real empathy in the world

some time ago, a post sharing interview experience was very popular:

the most liked answer came from the marketing director of a company, who said you could know by looking at her backpack.

if a female job seeker comes over for an interview and talks for more than half an hour, her bag is still on her back, which means she does not have sense of security, and her integration and adaptability are poor.

Women with more than 8000 yuan are adaptable and put their bags down as soon as they sit down.

will you carry your bag with you when you get home? It's time to go to the bathroom, never carry a bag.

many people, including me, feel very uncomfortable after reading it.

Why, you can see so much from the backpack posture?

then, by analogy, are you sure you have something in mind when you hit some melon seeds and cross your legs?

this kind of self-righteous so-called experience really makes people feel out of pattern and self-cultivation.

before there was a test, the program team invited 20 passers-by to put on masks to comment on the three guests.

one of the girls said, "I am 28 years old, single, sleeping during the day and working at night."

so passers-by gave their judgment based on her description and what she was wearing.

the girl turned around, looked at the big screen, bit her lips and tried to hold back tears. It turned out that the screen was full of attacks on her life: "witty, indecent, sociable, seducing men."

in fact, this little sister is a night nurse, but usually likes to dress up.

before the test, she thought she could handle it. However, when she faced those attacks, she found that the abuse and slander were like a sharp knife, poking people in the bottom of their hearts.

in reality, how many people, like the protagonists in this test, are suffering from outside voices?

because of some different hobbies, clothes, and even sexual orientation, they are pointed out wherever they go;

is overinterpreted because of an inadvertent remark and is subjected to cyber violence.

there is a saying in the movie "the Devil Child of Naha":

the prejudice in people's hearts is a mountain, and you can't move it no matter how hard you try.

Yes, once the world recognizes a thing, it will form an inherent mode of thinking, wanton evaluation and definition of other people's lives.

who are you to blame others?


some time ago, an old friend who had not been in touch for a long time suddenly started a WeChat business in moments and sold peaches.

it's really annoying to brush three or four times a day. I can't help but want to block her, but after hesitation, I talk in private and ask about the situation.

she replied me quickly:

my uncle's house stocked up a lot of peaches, just as he broke his leg a while ago, and my cousin was going to high school and was in urgent need of money. I didn't have enough manpower to help me find a way to sell as much as I could.

I'm sorry to bother you. Why don't you block me first?

I can imagine her being careful across the screen.

at that moment I suddenly felt guilty for being narrow-minded.

I have read such a passage:

Bring out a sense of dignity with our vintage tea length wedding dresses . Our collections will surely cater for all kinds of tastes.

Please don't judge me rashly. You only know my name, but you don't know my story.You just hear what I've done, but you don't know what I've been through. "

most of the time, what you see is just the tip of a person's iceberg.

Noodle shop owners with tattoos on their arms and fleshy faces privately give free orders to old people who come to eat noodles.

female employees who are promoted by the boss after six months on the job actually work overtime until 2 o'clock in the morning.

so don't tell others what to do about their lives, let alone become an accomplice to prejudice.

those inadvertent attacks and tags pull people away from the scope of normal people and leave a gory hole in their hearts.

those bloody wounds may heal and form scabs over time, but they are always hidden in the bottom of my heart and will not be forgotten.

the duty of walking in the world is to sit still and think about your own mistakes, and to gossip about what others are wrong.


the German philosopher Leibniz said: "there are no two identical leaves in the world."

similarly, in this world, everyone has their own way of life, everyone has their own life.

about what kind of people have really seen the world, Zhihu has a high praise:

"people who have really seen the world have always been gentle, knowing that the world is not only tall and short, not an one-dimensional line, but an infinite three-dimensional world.

this is true.

the world needs different colors and attitudes to make it more colorful.

this is not only a pattern and kindness, but also a self-cultivation born as a human being.

May you and I respect others more, not judge anyone easily, and be more fair and gentle to the world.

after all, the main theme of life is never pride and prejudice, but love.