Never "sleep" with these things, the consequences are very serious!

Never "sleep" with these things, the consequences are very serious!

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it is not easy to accumulate blessings, but misfortunes are done in an instant.

someone asked the Zen master, "what is spiritual practice?"

the Zen master replied, "come to eat hungry and sleepy to sleep."

Yes, walking, walking, sitting, lying and sleeping are all spiritual practices.

although eating and sleeping seem simple, there are always people who don't know the taste and some people who can't sleep well. In this way, how can we do other things well?

therefore, the Buddha told us that if we want to get a good night's sleep, we must not sleep with these things, otherwise, the consequences will be very serious!


Don't go to sleep angrily

the Mahayana Theory of five elements tells us: "what is anger? It is said that love music is harmful to sex. "

if anger is not resolved in time, it will turn into resentment, hurt and sad.

I have seen such a story:

once there was a woman who had had a nightmare for a long time. There was a dark house in the dream, and there was a shrill scream from the house. Under such a constant nightmare, over time, she developed chest tightness, although she went to many doctors, but there was nothing she could do about it.

by chance, she met a Zen master. After hearing what happened to her, the Zen master took out a key and said, "when you dream again, when you see the iron lock on the door, use this key to open the door and let out the people inside."

when she had this nightmare again, she walked to the door with the key, and then she found that the people inside were all people she hated. So she gave up opening the door, and she wanted to make such a man suffer.

in this way, half a year passed, the iron lock in the dream gradually rusty, and the woman's condition became more and more serious.

when the Zen master saw this, he shook his head and said, "the lock is rusty. You only have one last chance. If you don't open it, you can only be so miserable forever."

the woman finally made up her mind and opened the door, and the people inside poured out. At last, she found a thin woman standing in the corner. When she looked closer, it was herself. At this moment, the house collapsed and she finally recovered from her illness.

it turns out that it was none other than herself who was imprisoned in this black house. When she resents others with anger, it is herself who suffers the most.

Scientific research shows that the memory of negative emotions is more difficult to reverse after spending the night.

the Buddhist sutra also says: "the disease of the world is better than the strong wind, the sign of resentment resumes in that place, and all Tathagata, King Kong Heaven and Wutong Immortals cannot be saved."

the thought of resentment is faster than the fierce wind, and even the Tathagata King Kong has no time to save him.

the Buddha said that when a person is angry, seven bad things will happen: first, ugly; second, pain; third, mistaking good intentions for good guys, resulting in pain and injury; fourth, the loss of hard-earned money; fifth, the loss of prestige; sixth, relatives and friends are strangers to you; seventh, reincarnation.

it can be seen that a person who is angry before going to bed and allows his anger to control himself will not only affect your body and mind, but also your destiny!

people, you must think clearly before you go to bed. The world is changeable, and the twinkling of an eye is the end. The rest of the day is getting less and less, and there won't be many more days to toss about. Instead of taking the time to be angry, be smart and happy.

put it down and feel at ease. To let go of your emotions and go to sleep is a spiritual practice.


do not go to sleep with regret

Classics: "Life and death are big, impermanence is quick."

Life is not in the day and night, only in the breath. When impermanence suddenly comes, leaving unwilling to give up, can not let go of the regret, can only be led by the pain, suffering in the sea of suffering.

when you are alive, don't go to sleep with regret.

there is such a story: an old man is thrifty. When she gets a box of pears, she always picks the rotten ones first. As a result, there are pears that will rot one after another, and the old people always eat rotten pears.

A good box of pears can only be eaten rotten in the end.

in life, how many people have had such a similar experience:

expensive clothes always want to be saved for important occasions, so keeping them is out of date;

exquisite food, always want to eat at the end, so leave it out of date.

people who care about always think about the long future, so they wait for it to break up.

how much time has not come and treated well, leaving regrets?

it is mentioned in the Book of impermanence: "the earth and the sun and moon have come to an end, and there has never been a thing that will not be swallowed by impermanence."

all kinds of things in the world change in an instant. Live this second, don't wait for the next.

Life grows old in the blink of an eye. Seize every moment of the moment and don't leave regrets before you go to bed. After all, time cannot afford to be wasted.

Don't wait for winter to miss the colorful spring; don't wait for the twilight to regret wasting your youth!

for the rest of your life, this is the most beautiful moment of your life. Cherish the people in front of you and leave no regrets until tomorrow!


Don't go to sleep with troubles

. Life will only get harder and harder.

the Shurangama Sutra tells us: "troubles are all guests, causing them to worry about dust."

all the troubles in the world are because you are willing to keep it. If you don't keep it, it will go away. If you don't put it down, it will follow you all the time.

there is such an official case in the Buddhist sutras:

there was a man who was very upset in the past, so he went to consult the Zen master.

he told the Zen master about his misfortunes and hoped that the Zen master would change his fate for himself.

the Zen master asked him, "what kind of life do you aspire to? Is it like a bird flying in the sky or a fish swimming in the water? "

without waiting for his answer, the Zen master went on to say, "all creatures in the world have their own mission." What you see is the freedom of birds and fish, but you don't see the misfortune that they can be prey at any time. "

New trendy arrivals are on hot sale now!

after a while, the Zen master said, "every man has his own difficulties, and life is like this." When you learn to let go of your troubles and forgive everything before you go to bed, then every tomorrow will be reborn. "

after hearing this, the man was thoughtful. From then on, no matter what troubles you encounter, you will put it down before you go to bed. Over time, his heart became more and more joyful, and his life became more and more smooth.

A lot of ups and downs in life are the only way to go, but we can't worry and feel sorry for ourselves just because we are happy for a moment. When you begin to accept everything that is not going well, everything will be different.

there is a saying in the Dharma Sutra: "thousands of people are the enemy, and one man wins, not if he wins himself, he is in the middle of the battle."

means that even if you defeat thousands of enemies, it is not as good as overcoming your inner troubles.

in fact, who in the world doesn't have troubles? The only difference is that some people figure it out, while others don't.

if you can't figure it out, you will have a bad day; if you think about it, you will have a good day. How you live your life depends on what you think. Think clearly before going to bed, wake up without trouble!


the Buddha said, "bitterness is not bitterness, and pleasure is not pleasure. It is just a momentary obsession."

Heart is the root of everything. All stress and pain are in it; all sufferings and setbacks are ashram, and every day of life is spiritual practice.

when you sleep, you practice; when you practice, you practice the mind. When people are alive, isn't it time to eat without thinking; when it's time to sleep, don't care much about it?

when you have peace of mind to eat and sleep, there is no need for God and Buddha to cross you, you are crossing by yourself!