Ninety percent of the parents believed the four biggest educational lies of the worst children.

Ninety percent of the parents believed the four biggest educational lies of the worst children.

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writer Tonghua says that a person's life is a process of constant giving and harvesting.

in this process, two kinds of people will gradually form:

one will succeed because of hard work, and the other will fail because of idleness.

if you want your child to be successful as a result of hard work, don't let your child go, but force him to do it!

how many parents believe the following four laissez-faire educational lies?


Children want a happy education? That's a lie!

in recent years, the word "happy education" has become popular among parents.

many people think that the happiness of their children is more important, so they begin to let their children grow up freely.

Children are interested in dancing and painting, so they sign up for class without saying a word.

after a while, the child becomes impatient and wants to give up, and parents immediately respect their child's decision.

such behavior, which seems to respect the child's wishes, is actually extremely irresponsible to the child.

you know, learning is never an easy thing, it's the same all over the world.

the biggest problem with happy education is that it can only be applied to the family, not to the society.

We can respect children and let them have a happy childhood, but society will not accommodate incompetent adults.

if you look at the people around us, you will find that anyone who has made a little achievement has to make a certain effort.

things that fall into the sky will not happen to anyone.

only by constantly persevering and delving into it can we succeed.

on the way of growing up, most children struggle through exams all the way.

everyone has been through a lot of homework, and they will be criticized for not doing well.

Don't think that foreign education is happy. For those excellent children abroad, they also have to make great efforts to get the best grades.

actually, learning can also be happy.

the joy of satisfaction is the most real and lasting when children make achievements and rewards through hard work.

has not experienced a boring and painful learning process, even if they get good grades, their children will get much less happiness.


can you get good grades by playing? Stop joking!

everyone wants applause and flowers, but three minutes on the stage and three years of work off the stage.

Children are naturally playful, and if they don't realize that learning is hard work early, they will come to a standstill and stay where they are.

they can get good grades just by playing. How can they study hard in the future?

A child who can get good grades is doing his homework while others are playing games and memorizing words while others are watching movies.

those children who are among the best, in addition to their talents, are more likely to make efforts.

do you still remember Fang Zhongyong, who is very famous in Chinese textbooks?

he used to be brilliant and talented, but his parents were short-sighted and narrow-minded. When their children should study hard, they let him play around, and in a few years he became an ordinary person.

when children are young, if they do not study hard, have no goals and are unwilling to pay, they only care about eating, drinking and playing.

when he grows up in his work, he is bound to refuse to pay, work hard and work hard.

such a child, it is difficult to achieve great success in life.

to cultivate children's ability to learn independently and to cultivate their fighting spirit is to enable them to have a positive heart, a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission from an early age.

these excellent qualities can only be acquired in the process of studying hard.

any road to success is always accompanied by twists and turns and full of hardships.

Please tell children that if they want to have good grades, they must make efforts, which is their responsibility to learn.


can you study hard just by interest? He he!

interest is the best teacher, which we have heard for many years.

as we all know, to educate children, we should respect their interests.

however, a promising child can never get good grades on the basis of interest alone.

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starting from the interests of children, supervision behind parents is also essential.

the following scenes have been encountered by many parents:

the child said that he liked playing the piano, and after only a few days of learning, he began to complain that he had worn out his hands by practicing every day.

the child says he likes painting, and you sign him up for a class. a few days later, he said that sketching is so difficult and practicing every day is boring.

this kind of scene of trying to give up halfway is all too common.

interest is the key to learning, but sometimes interest is the least reliable thing.

grown-ups should be able to feel the same way.

when you complain about hard work, you will find an excuse to say that this is not my favorite job.

in fact, even your favorite job makes you do it 365 days a year.

most of the time, people are not interested in what they are doing, but do not have the ability to do it well.

No one likes to do what they can't do well.

it is one's nature to avoid one's own shortcomings.

just like people who can't sing well, they don't like to sing with their friends, and people who are bad at playing cards don't even want to put their feet together, child.The same is true of sub-learning.

Let the child take the initiative to learn, not only from the interest, but also to supervise him to do it well. Only when he has made achievements, this interest will continue.

A lot of things, if you do more, you will naturally be good at it.

if you are good at it, you will naturally do better than others.

if you do better than others, your interest will be stronger, and then you will prefer to do it, thus forming a virtuous circle.


Foreign education is easy? Don't be fooled!

in the eyes of many people, foreign education is like this:

have a holiday every three to five, finish school at three o'clock in the afternoon, play games in class, and teachers like to encourage.

it seems that as long as the child accomplishes one thing, he can be strongly affirmed by the teacher.

everyone thinks that studying abroad is too easy, too easy.

however, the reality is exactly the opposite of what people think.

in the United States, primary school ends at three o'clock in the afternoon, very few children go home immediately, and more children go to various tutoring classes with schoolbags and musical instruments.

the competition of famous schools in the United States is not worse than that of our country. If children do not attend tutoring classes, do not tutor their talents, and do not participate in social activities to enrich their resumes, then the possibility of children entering elite schools is almost zero.

for those seemingly happy primary and secondary schools, children really do not have to bear any pressure.

but this group of children are happy for only a few years, and they are confused when they leave school.

some will go to community college for a few years, others directly find manual labor at the bottom to make ends meet, or get unemployment benefits and hang out on the streets every day, wasting their time.

A child's ability to work hard must be cultivated from an early age.

only by solidifying the positive qualities of children will they be transformed into social actions when they grow up.


Jay Chou said: "if my mother hadn't been forced to learn the piano with a cane, she wouldn't be what she is today."

he is very grateful to his mother for her "persecution", so that he can live proudly now!

most of the children's non-persistence stems from the laissez-faire of their parents.

remember, if you push your child a little longer, he will be better than you think.

so, for the good of their children, parents should be ruthless. Proper coercion is better than laissez-faire.

even if children complain about themselves now, at least in the future, children will understand their parents' good intentions.