On the way of education, the biggest misfortune is that parents are offside

On the way of education, the biggest misfortune is that parents are offside

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the offside of parents in their children's education is the greatest harm to their children;

teachers' abdication in students' education, which is the greatest tragedy of education;

students' dislocation in their learning and career is digging a deep hole for the future.

on the way of education, parents, teachers and students should take their own responsibilities, put themselves in their own places, and play their own roles.

only when parents are like parents, teachers are like teachers, and students are like students, education is successful!


parents are offside, do everything

the child's future will not be far

someone once said:

from the moment the child was born, his life was poured into the endless love and expectations of his parents.

there is nothing wrong with parents loving their children, but not all parents know how to educate their children correctly.

in real life, too many parents often like to "offside" and take good care of their children in order to have a better future for their children.

but such careful and painstaking love is often counterproductive.

13-year-old "Hunan prodigy" Wei Yongkang was admitted to the Physics Department of Xiangtan University with a total score of 602, becoming the youngest college student in Hunan Province at that time. At the age of 17, he was admitted to the master's degree program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

in theory, his future was bright, but he was persuaded to quit by the Chinese Academy of Sciences at the age of 20. The reason is that life can't take care of itself.

it turns out that Wei Yongkang's mother thought that her child would be successful only if she studied wholeheartedly, so she did everything and never let her child be independent.

wash the clothes, serve the meal, wash the face for the child, and even feed the child himself in order not to delay reading while eating.

from primary school to college, Wei Yongkang's life has always been handled by his mother.

however, after leaving his mother, Wei Yongkang can hardly take care of his own life. He can't wash clothes and lead a sloppy life. In the middle of winter, he often hangs out in slippers and a single coat.

after being expelled from school, Wei Yongkang nearly collapsed, and his mother was very remorseful that she should not have let him do anything and did not let her child be independent.

parents like to be offside and don't let their children be independent. The direct result is that children can't do anything and don't think they should do it on their own.

over time, the child has poor independence, can not withstand any storm, and has become a giant baby.

if the process of raising a child is wrong, the result must be wrong.

parents should be far-reaching when they love their children.

in his letter to his mother, Zhang Yaqin said:

there is a kind of love called Flying. My mother's love for me belongs to this kind.

she won't hold me in the palm of her hand. I always do a lot of things myself, and she says: only by learning to be independent can we let go.

Thank you, Mother, thank you! In the course of more than 40 years of life, it was you who taught me to learn, to be independent, to be confident, and to strengthen myself.

it was you who taught me how to be a man; you taught me how to fight the storm during the voyage; it was you who let me let go and let me fly high again and again. "

therefore, in the process of raising their children, parents should guide them correctly from an early age, never be "offside", do everything, and let their children go their own way.

only in this way can children fly high and far.


the teacher gives way and dares not discipline

what loses is the child's future

in the history of Chinese education, the ruler has always been in the hands of the teacher.

but now, not only is the ruler gone, but so is the teacher's right to discipline his students.

Today's education is that teachers want to control it, but they can't manage it.

A teacher once told his own story:

there was a naughty student in his class who taught him several times, but the students did not listen.

finally, under the condition that he could not bear it, he fined the students for 15 minutes.

as a result, the student complained to his parents when he got home that the teacher had beaten him.

parents indiscriminately came to the school to trouble the teacher, and even sued the Education Bureau.

although the truth finally came out and the teacher was not punished, he learned his lesson and never took care of his students again, because one more thing is better than one less thing.

the teacher said:

it is often sad that teachers discipline their students.

A teacher in Hunan was directly locked up in the police station for seven hours by his parents for punishing students who were late.

A teacher in Shandong was suspended and punished for punishing students who played truant and was blacklisted.

A teacher in Anhui was punished, apologized, compensated and finally committed suicide.

Today, students can fool around, but teachers must not touch students.

conscientious teachers bear unlimited responsibilities, but they often fail to get the understanding and cooperation of parents and the respect and trust of students.

the strict teacher has thus become the culprit. How can the teacher be in charge? How dare you manage it?

as Bai Yansong once said in Newsweek:

"do teachers have the right to punish students?" If you ask the older generation, the answer must be a must, a strict apprentice! But if you ask the current teacher, the answer must be no. How dare you! "

students say no punishment, no scolding, and teachers can only grovel and be submissive.

Education is affectionate, but when a teacher has toIf we give up the feelings of education, the vicious circle of education is inevitable.

in the child's growth stage, the teacher undoubtedly undertakes the heavy responsibility, if does not educate well at this stage, will destroy the child's life.

there is a good saying:

so please let the teacher return to his position and let the teacher dare to discipline the students.

only when parents support teachers and teachers support children, children can grow up healthily.


students are misplaced and complain about learning

lazy now will pay a price in the future

I do not know when, the theory of useless reading has become popular in the society.

"I lost my job after graduating from college. Why read so many books?"

"what if you graduate from a bachelor's degree? you still work for a boss who only graduated from primary school."

under such circumstances, children who are already under great pressure to study do not want to read and study hard. They want to watch TV and play games.

even want to give up their studies and urgently want to enter the society. In

Little Joy, Tong Wenjie said a very classic saying:

Reading is the easiest shortcut and the only turning point to change fate.

one step is wrong, now the child is unwilling to suffer the hardships of study, then he will have to suffer the bitterness of life in the future.

Xu Mengnan, a student who handed in his zero score in the college entrance examination.

over the past 10 years, he has worked countless jobs and suffered a lot, only to find that he will hit a brick wall wherever he goes with only a high school degree.

it was not until then that he realized that the theory that reading is useless is a lie.

the hardship of learning is really nothing compared to the heavy and rough life.

there is a good saying:

A migrant worker in Henan Province wrote such a message on the blackboard during the summer construction of Henan Experimental Middle School:

this is the reality. It is full of sorrow that an experienced person "I could have".

the biggest regret in the world is that I could have, but I couldn't do my best.

as parents and teachers, we must let our children know that they have different missions at different stages of life.

in the student stage, the ability to learn and master knowledge and achieve success later in life is the most important mission at this stage.

for this mission, he must study hard and work hard.

as Jack Ma said in his speech "Don't bear hardships, Why do you want Youth?"

tell your children that when you are a teenager, you choose to be lazy when you are most able to learn, and when you are most able to endure hardships, you choose comfort when you are young, but when you are young, when you are no longer a teenager.

tell your child not to let your future regret and don't let your future pay for the present.

tell your child that what you have accumulated today will eventually become beyond the reach of others.

tell children to study hard, live up to time and live up to themselves.


the best education is

parents are attentive, students are attentive, and family-school co-education

Mo Yan once said:

indeed, every excellent child cannot be separated from the parents' hard lifting.

however, children's every step of growth can not be separated from the hard work of teachers, but also from their own efforts.

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this world has never been born without reason, and all education needs to work together.

therefore, parents, teachers, and children should work together:

parents educate attentively:

Education should not blindly follow the stream, but is suitable for children;

love their children but not dote on them, learn to let go;

care more about their children's learning and find problems in time;

respect and trust teachers, support teacher education;

discipline children ruthlessly, do not indulge and do not be lazy.

Teachers exercise strict discipline:

pay close attention to students, find problems in time, and discuss countermeasures with parents;

improve classroom efficiency, guide students to think, let students understand and learn;

teach learning methods, guide students to study, make students more focused;

harmonize the relationship between teachers and students, care for students, and properly criticize discipline.

build home-school co-education, promote the growth of children, and move forward hand in hand with parents.

Children concentrate on their studies:

do a good job in students' duties, keep in mind their duties and missions, and never forget their beginnings in learning.