One word is enough to change a person.

One word is enough to change a person.

Good morning, accompany you to read.

in life, everyone can talk, but not everyone can "talk".

it is easy to speak, but difficult to speak.

as the saying goes, if you say it, you spill water.

language is a double-edged sword, so be careful what you say. If you open your mouth, it is easy to hurt others and yourself.


less blame, more comfort

as the ancients said, "kind words are warmer than cloth, hurtful words are deeper than spears."

saying nice things to others gives people a feeling that it is warmer than putting on cloth;

but if bad words hurt people, it can be more serious than the sting of a long spear.

indeed, unmeasured accusations can undermine a person's self-confidence, while sincere encouragement and comfort can encourage people to make progress.

the great writer Sugett, his grades were not good when he was a child. Because he was suffering from polio, he could not move his right foot, which made him feel very inferior.

fortunately, at that time, a teacher knew that Sugett was very interested in reading, although he didn't like his homework.

instead of accusing him of poor academic performance, the teacher often gives him comfort and encouragement.

from then on, Sugett no longer felt that he was a stupid child, began to make a turning point in his life, and finally became a famous writer.

later, Sugett specially went back to his primary school, found the child with the worst grades at that time, and comforted him earnestly and sincerely:

"you are a good boy, and I used to be the same as you. Don't lose heart."

then he gave him a gold coin from his pocket to encourage him not to give up on himself.

language can be a warm winter sun or a sharp sword.

A hurtful word can destroy a person, but a comforting word may save a person.

therefore, in life, whether in front of relatives or strangers, you should talk well.

less blame and more comfort can not only shorten the distance between people, but may even change a person's fate.

A lot of times, one word is enough to change a person.

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less belittling and more praising

the famous psychologist Marshall Luxembourg once said:

"maybe we don't think that our way of talking is violent, but language does often cause pain for ourselves and others."

I think so.

We talk every day, but if we don't know how to speak properly, we may inadvertently say hurtful things without knowing it.

recently, reader Xiaoli left a message backstage saying that she had just broken up with an old friend.

Xiaoli is a little fat now because she needed oral hormones for her illness.

once, Xiaoli took a fancy to a dress on the Internet and liked it very much, so she happily sent it to her friend to ask her if it was good-looking. Who expected the friend replied:

"I mean you, ah, do not look at your own figure, this dress is only suitable for that kind of tall and thin girls, you just wear it, don't be embarrassed."

Xiaoli's mood suddenly hit rock bottom. When her friend saw that she had not answered, she added disapprovingly:

"I, you know, speak bluntly, joking, don't worry."

Xiaoli answered nothing and cut off contact with this friend directly.

there is a saying in Di Zi Gui: "if a man is short, do not reveal it."

A lot of times, an inadvertent joke, which seems to be insignificant, can actually disappoint and hurt people.

William Bernard said: "like hammering a nail in a fence, the injury will leave a permanent mark."

Yes, hurting a person is actually like a nail in a fence. Even if the nail is pulled out, the mark will always be there.

you never know how much harm a careless remark will do to others.

be a man, please be merciful, and don't say things that belittle others at will.