Others respect you, not because you are good, but because.

Others respect you, not because you are good, but because.

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what is respect?

respect is a kind of self-cultivation and a kind of virtue.

in this society, everyone wants to be respected by others.

as Dong Qing said:

therefore, it is very important to respect and be respected.


others respect you because they are excellent

Lu Xun said:

I think so deeply.

like a celebrity, he is loved by others and respected by everyone.

but in front of the robbers, it is just a bargaining chip.

so, others respect you, not because you are good, not because you want to please you, but because others are good.

once on TV series, I saw such a clip:

A primary school head teacher called a parent-teacher meeting in his class. At the

meeting, he found that there was a parent of a student in his class who was his classmate in high school.

that classmate got excellent grades when he was at school. He later got a doctorate and is now working in a university.

after the meeting, the doctoral classmate respected him very much and communicated with him about his children's studies.

the head teacher was happy and complacent for this all day.

when he got home, he said to his wife:

"Today was really fun, you see!" He is a big doctor, but he can't be respectful to me for the sake of his children. "

wife shook her head and said:

"do you think he is trying to curry favor with your head teacher?" When others respect you, it's because they know how to be a man, not how good you are. "

the head teacher was ashamed when he heard this.

most of the time, other people respect you, not afraid of you, not to please you, just their habits.

as the Book of Rites says, "A gentleman values others and despises himself, first others and then himself."

the better a person is, the more he knows how to respect others.

their virtues are excellent, and they know how to think of others, whether they get along with each other or work together.

treating people with courtesy is just their criterion of dealing with others.

when others respect you, don't be complacent and respond with respect.

in this way, if others are good, so will you.


people are not proud at the top, but not humble at the bottom

what is the highest state of respect?

I think it should be: not proud at the top, not humble at the bottom.

when you are in a high position, you don't treat others with arrogance;

respect others as well as yourself.

Panasonic, a famous Japanese entrepreneur, once fell ill and several friends came to see him.

when it's time for dinner, he goes to the restaurant with his friends.

he ordered a delicious steak for everyone, and everyone praised the steak.

at the end of the meal, everyone finished, and only he ate half of it himself.

the restaurant manager was so nervous that he thought the steak was not to his taste.

when checking out, Panasonic specially asked someone to invite the chef.

then said to him:

the chef was so moved that he made a deep bow to Panasonic.

the best way to respect others is to put yourself in other people's shoes.

think about other people's difficulties and solve other people's problems.

the world is rolling in the world.

there are many people who are stronger than us, and there are also many people who are weaker than us.

but no matter strong or weak, anyone deserves to be respected.

respect for the strong is appreciation and magnanimity; respect for the weak is compassion and kindness.

above people, treat others as people; below people, treat yourself as people.

as Xu Teli said, "it is not good to humble yourself and respect others, and it is not good to respect yourself and humble others."

the best respect should be respect for others when you are high, and respect for yourself when you are low.


respect others, be good for yourself

some people say that when you are rich, everyone will respect you, but who else do you want to respect when you have no money?

but this is not the case. Sometimes, what you get with money is not necessarily respect from the bottom of your heart.

people who really respect others will not be treated differently because of their status.

they treat people peacefully, behave and do things without hurting other people's self-esteem, and their EQ is very high.

I have heard such a story:

there was a president who took his grandson for a walk.

on the road, I came face to face with a beggar dressed in rags.

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when the beggar saw the president, he bowed to him immediately.

the president immediately stopped and made a deeper bow to the beggar.

the grandson on one side was puzzled: "he is just a beggar!" Why do you respect him so much! "

the President said:

"he bowed to me because he was cultured; I bowed to him, it was my self-cultivation.

as president, I will never allow myself to be less cultured than a beggar. "

A good person respects everyone because he knows that respect is a person's most basic courtesy.

in life, you can see that the more incompetent people are, the more they like to pick people's mistakes and hurt their self-esteem.

and excellent people are more likely to appreciate the strengths of others, tolerate their shortcomings, and safeguard the dignity of others.

this also makes the results of the two different.

people who do not know how to respect are often hostile to others, and everyone is afraid to stay away;

people who know how to respect are often polite to others, and everyone likes to be close.

respectOthers are the most basic principles of being a human being.

Tai Zaizhi said: "if you want the other person to respect yourself, of course you have to respect the other person first."

people are equal. Only if you respect others, others will respect you.

on the road of life, there will be a lot of people to give you respect.

but the respect is not how good you are, but that others will respect you.

so, at any time, don't treat the respect of others as cowardice.

as Mencius said, "those who love others will always love them; those who respect others will always respect them."

you respect me by a foot, I respect you by an inch.

you respect me, you are excellent; I respect you, I am excellent.