Parents must see the five rules for raising excellent children!

Parents must see the five rules for raising excellent children!

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in Zhuge Liang's Book of commandments, he earnestly teaches his son the way to be a man in the world:

parents must let their children learn to be a man before they can establish a career in the future, cultivate morality first, and make a long journey in life.

in a series of lectures on the Water margin, Professor Bao Pengshan talked about the character Gao Kui and said with emotion that Gao Yu was good at playing, singing, dancing, poetry, calligraphy and painting, and seemed to be a rare talent, but he eventually became a scum that brought calamity to the country and the people.

because the only thing Gao Li lacks is "benevolence, righteousness, courtesy and wisdom, faith and loyalty."

Professor Bao said:

"the quality of a person does not lie in whether he has many skills and the total amount of knowledge in his head, but whether he has right or wrong, shame, respect and resignation."

whether a child is excellent in the future should not be measured solely by his grades, but by his family environment in the first 15 years, whether his parents have made painstaking efforts, and whether they have put moral cultivation in the first place in educating their children.

French educator Helvetius once said:

if you want to cultivate really good children, parents must pay attention to these golden rules in life.


repeat teaching

in the western medical circle, there is a thunderous name-Arthur Gayton.

he is the author of Gaeton Physiology, which is known as the physiological Bible, and it is also a miracle in the field of education.

Gayton graduated Magna cum laude from Harvard when he was young. In the last month of doctor training, Gayton was paralyzed for life by accident.

he did not give up his beloved career, continued to pursue a career in medicine, made great achievements, and invented the world's first electric wheelchair in his spare time.

Gayton's 10 children have become well-known local doctors, eight of whom graduated from Harvard Medical School.

(the Gatons)

in the memory of the children, the father is always so aggressive and curious.

Father never complains at the dinner table, always trying to be self-sufficient and thinking about how to build a new machine. "the greatest gift our father gives us is to face the unknown without fear, face the challenge, and never give up."

We all say that parenting requires self-education first, and parents need to educate and manage themselves before trying to manage and educate their children.

Confucius said, "he is upright and acts without orders." Only when parents show strong spiritual strength to their children, can their children learn and change imperceptibly.

Education is not about talking on paper, and it is not about binding children with rules that you can't do. A practical demonstration education is worth ten thousand meaningless words.


refuse to indulge and become independent

now, the richer families are, the more they pay attention to making their children endure hardship.

they know how hard it is to make money, and they don't want their children to live in a comfortable environment, making it difficult for them to keep their basic business.

when Li Ka-shing's two sons were at school, their classmates were picked up by private cars, but Li Ka-shing asked them to ride trams to and from school.

the children have worked part-time at McDonald's and caddies on the golf course. Learning to taste the bitterness of the world is not easy, and they will donate the money they earn to poor children.

Li Ka-shing is very gratified. He believes that children should understand the hard-won nature of money and the meaning of giving and helping. It may be more valuable than giving them a golden hill.

Milan has a distant nephew with a rich family, but there is no atmosphere of extravagance and waste in the young man at all.

Flaunt your unique sense of richness with our formal dresses for a 14 year old. Benefit now from the utility and simplicity mixes.

during the summer vacation after graduating from junior high school, he went to work in his father's factory and earned thousands of yuan. He paid his own tuition, and his nephew felt a special sense of achievement and was very happy.

in the second year of high school, my nephew wanted a new mobile phone, and my father said, "your current mobile phone can still be used. If you want to use a better one, you can make money to buy it."

so my nephew went to work again during the summer vacation and earned more than 4000 yuan. he said he was reluctant to buy a good mobile phone, spent 2000 yuan on a new mobile phone, and gave red envelopes to his grandparents with the rest of the money.

Please give children some training and encouragement within an appropriate range, so that they can feel a point of giving, a point of return, and that only by paying sweat and hard work can they have a satisfactory harvest. We let the child bear hardships early and be independent, not to trouble the child, but to let him know the suffering of the world in advance, let him know that the pie will not fall in the sky, and understand that only by daring to assume responsibility and dare to challenge mechanical and boring repetition, can we reap extremely sweet fruits.

parents must let their children understand that life does not go in vain, and that every step is to pave the way for the future. Independence is the door for children to open their eyes and explore the world.


ordinary mind, not utilitarian

Mr. Lao she once laid down four "articles of association for teaching children", which are concise but thought-provoking:

2, you don't have to go to college;

4, you should have a strong physique.

Mr. Lao she said, "I have three children, and unless they want to, I will never force them to become writers, because I think it makes sense for them to be carpenters, bricklayers, or writers, and there is no distinction between high and low."

each child has his or her own unique talent potential, and in many cases, the shortcomings that parents think are precisely their most precious characteristics.

there is a sentence in the picture book "the Lonely patient" that takes it for granted:

Please accept and respect children's nature calmly, no matter what their character is, to tolerate, understand, appreciate, and encourage them to live their true selves.

teacher Yin Jianli once said, son.In the growth of life, children have a self-shaping, self-shaping expression potential, just like a seed with beautiful roots and flowers, as long as the conditions are right, it will bloom naturally.


more respect, less autocracy

I have seen an anecdote about Li Yapeng's daughter Li Yan:

when Li Yan was three or four years old, Li Yapeng took the medical team to remote areas to help. Before leaving, he discussed with his daughter, "Dad is going to Inner Mongolia tomorrow. You have so many toys. Do you have any toys you don't want to give Dad some?" Dad will bring it to the other children tomorrow. "

Li Yan said, "I don't want anything."

Li Yapeng did not force her to rest directly.

the next day, when he was ready to leave, Grandma gave him a big bag of toys and said Li Yan got up in the middle of the night to clean up.

Milan praises Li Yapeng very much. He knows how to adapt to his children's emotions and respect their feelings.

in fact, in many cases, parents do not need to say too much truth. Children are clear-sighted, have their own ideas and ideas, and need to be recognized and understood, rather than being forced to passively accept their parents' ideas.

this is true for everything from toys to human beings.

Cai Zhizhong, a famous cartoonist from an ordinary background, other friends want to be scientists and university professors when they grow up, but he only wants to "draw signboards."

when Cai Fu listened to his son's ambition, he did not scold him for being unambitious, but respected his choice. At the age of 15, a publishing house read Cai Zhizhong's works and thought that he was very clever and made an exception to admit him to work. Cai Fu calmly said, "do you have a job?" All right, you go! "

many years later, Cai Zhizhong has become an important task in the comic book industry. when interviewing his family, the reporter asked Cai Fu curiously, "more than 20 years ago, how did you rest assured that your children went to wander around?"

the old man smiled and said, "I always pay attention to my son's behavior and know his interests and talents, so I give him the fullest freedom within the appropriate range."

Don't treat children as robots and don't let them become "responders". I hope we can all respect children as independent people from an early age.

feel the child's soul with the soul and understand the child's joys and sorrows with love, so that the child can have enough confidence and courage to ride the wind and waves all the way.


the root of Albert's stuttering is revealed at the back of the film.

Albert's father is tough and very strict with his children.

when little Albert first began to practice his speech, because he was nervous and occasionally stuttered, his father would yell at him: come on! Just say it!

Albert is left-handed, but his father forced him to write with his right hand. when eating, he was always worried about letting his father blame, nervous, and got stomach trouble at an early age.

gradually, Albert became more and more lack of self-confidence, resulting in a more serious stutter, and later he could not even talk to people normally.

later, with the help of a drama director, Albert gradually regained his confidence and was finally able to make an impassioned speech in front of the crowd.

Taiwan scholar Fu Peirong once said: if people do not have a good family environment, it is very difficult to start a normal life.

A good family atmosphere is the warm soil that nourishes and nurtures children to grow up. Only by creating a stable and harmonious educational environment for children, can children grow up physically and mentally harmoniously, face setbacks and open up life with the brand of love and respect.

Don't often ask us how much we pay for our children, please reflect first: how much warmth and love have we given them?