People, don't be too idle!

People, don't be too idle!

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to be a man,

leisure is a blessing,

, and too much leisure is a disaster.

leisure, occasional recreation, is entertainment,

too idle, long-term idleness, is morbid.

people are too idle,

do nothing all day, and it is easy to get into bad habits.

is always delusional and prone to insomnia and anxiety.

so people should not be too idle.

too much idleness leads to trouble.


people are too idle and will think about

people. Once they have nothing to do,

will be paranoid.

all day long,

will worry about gain and loss.

things are always on my mind


the more you think about it, the more annoying and unhappy you think about it.

affect your life,

disturb your mood,

so people can't be too idle.

try to keep yourself busy.

when you're busy, you don't have the time and energy.

to think about things in a mess.

use busy to transfer emotion,

use busy to cure everything.


too idle can ruin a person's busy life

. Although it is exhausting,

it is rich and fulfilling.

A life of too much leisure, although comfortable and comfortable,

can ruin people's morale.

for a long time,

is used to being loose and comfortable,

is not willing to struggle and pay, and

becomes a useless person.

this is the case with people.

the busier you are, the more you progress, the more idle you are, and the more you are idle.

spare time is life and waste, and diligence leads to success.

A life that is too comfortable is only short.

not only will it not last long, but

will wear away people's will, and

will even lose everything they originally had.

so don't let yourself be too idle.

too much leisure will destroy the happiness you have.

busy can create more wealth.


people, not too idle

people, not too idle,

idle for a long time, give birth to inertia.

if you get used to it, you will get into bad habits.

the more idle, the more confused,

life is empty and boring,

life is boring and boring.

people only keep themselves busy,

will not go wrong, lazy out of inertia,

will not do nothing, like waste.

what you get from being busy is not only wealth, but also affirmation of your ability.

help yourself improve and improve.

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will make you better.

people in the world, is a journey,

experience life, busy.

it is understandable to allow yourself to be idle.

if you stay idle all the time, it will be a disaster.

especially in this competitive era,

the busier you are, the more stable you stand, and the more idle you are, the harder you fall.

We all hope that it is not easy for us to exercise self-discipline and introspection.

on the road of life,


have a limit of leisure,

meet better ourselves and have more happiness!